Thursday, June 8, 2017

Storybook Cosmetics: Wizardry and Witchcraft Eyeshadow Palette

Storybook Cosmetics gained popular momentum when they debuted their Harry Potter inspired wizarding wand makeup brushes. I saw back in February they were releasing a Wizardry and Witchcraft eyeshadow palette and I simply could not contain my strong desire to own it. Accio eyeshadow palette!! I pre-ordered this on February 24th for $52 plus $7 shipping. It arrived on May 27th in this box. They are still available in their webstore, linked above.

I will admit I got very nervous when I saw the bottom of the box looked like this... thankfully I think it was someone else's box that leaked on mine as there was no damage to be seen in my box. Or I would have gone all Reducto on the post office. 

The palette came tucked inside this soft suede textured bag and a hand dandy bookmark. I have since used said bookmark and it works charmingly. 

The eyeshadow palette book was also held within a sleeve that looks exactly like the cover of the book. You can tell by looking at the side, it looks like leather, but on the photo two below you can see the "pages."

Spine view. So much detail! Color me enchanted.

And now the actual book!

It opens to reveal the shadows and a good sized mirror. There is a hidden magnet embedded that keeps it closed. Or maybe it is a secret spell?

"Magic is believing in yourself, if you can do that, you can make anything happen."
- Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe (German author in the late 1700-early 1800's who wrote the poem "The Sorcerer's Apprentice")

Now for the meat and potatoes, the eyeshadows!

Left to Right, Top to Bottom:
Broomstick- A red toned matte sienna brown, excellent pigmentation.
Sorcerer- A shimmering brick red that has a pink and orange duochrome finish. Great pigmentation.
Cloak- A matte grey, almost mushroomy taupe with wonderful pigmentation. Velvety.
Potions- A deep evergreen shimmer with great pigmentation. No black undertones on this one when blended out. 
Prophecy- An ivory cream satin finish with good pigmentation.
Salem- Looks like a deep chocolate shimmer but wears as a purple leaning brown with a golden duochrome sheen. Excellent pigmentation.
Merlin- A TARDIS blue shimmer that blends out to a fine periwinkle if wanted or holds its deep navy heart when applied densely. Great pigmentation.
Bewitched- An ultra soft, ultra metallic apricot gold with insane pigmentation.
Cauldron- A black shimmer with silvery grey highlights. Great pigmentation. I will probably use this as an eyeliner.
Spellbound- A deep reddish purple sable brown with a satin finish. Awesome pigmentation.
Charms- An apricot putty shade that is a satin matte finish. Great pigmentation.
Jinx- A hyper metallic taupe leaning silver, almost a light pewter. Brilliant pigmentation.

Each shade is 0.043 oz, compared to Urban Decay's Naked palettes at 0.05 oz for reference. Both palettes have 12 shades, as previously mentioned this one runs $52 while the Urban Decay one is $54. So pretty much on par with each other as far as cost. I will say this one has the packaging and branding game on point with the wizard-foolery. Although the extreme bookish coolness does make it bulky and not ideal for travel or storage. 

Below are swatches on my skin in natural light and very little editing, in the order they were listed above. 

I am very happy with this palette. It has been ages since I splurged on a nice palette and the variety of colors is nice to have on hand. I think Salem, Jinx and Bewitched are my favorite shades at the moment.

Do you have any eyeshadow palette holy grails? Would you/have you bought fandom inspired makeup? And how about those wand brushes? I kinda want them but I imagine they won't do well in my makeup brush cup. 


  1. Wow! That may be the most beautiful eye shadow palette I've ever seen. I'm generally too cheap to purchase luxurious palettes, but at least you get your money's worth with this one. The book packaging looks beautiful and so do the colors. Enjoy!

    1. Thanks! Nice to know I am not the only one who can look at this with starry eyes. I do feel like it is a nice value for the quality of the shadows and the packaging. But it hovers just on that tip of being too expensive. If it was $10 more I would have passed.

  2. This is a company I have been eyeing.. especially after I saw the wizard wand brushes. *swoons* Though I wouldn't mind having the rose brushes either!
    I am such a sucker for anything themed and geeky.
    Hate that about your package though I am happy nothing was damaged. Darn pumpkin juice went everywhere! ;)

    1. The wand brushes! I want to have them but I also want to see them in all their glory and not crammed into my brush holder. The arrows are cool too.

      I am in the same geek boat. Make a fandom out of it and I am throwing my money at it. LOL!

      Pumpkin juice!!!! That stuff is so good.

  3. That is SO stinkin' cute! I love the book jacket detailing, it's wonderful. :)

    There is an indie nail polish maker called Dollish Polish that does lots of fandom-inspired shades. I bought quite a few mini polishes at one time for all my favourites (Beetlejuice, Shaun of the Dead, The Walking Dead, etc.) and with only one or two exceptions, they were of really poor quality. I think the fact that they were minis contributed to their demise - they were all quite glittery, and there didn't seem to be enough "liquid" in the bottle to keep them from going all goopy and drying out quickly. I ended up binning most of them. Cute ideas totally undone by the fact that the product was unusable. I like that this item seems to have a bit of quality to go along with its attractive appearance!

    1. The details sold me too. I am happy they knocked it out of the park.

      Dollish! I think they did an Expecto Patronum? I had the mini in it and it was goopy too :-( I love the idea of minis, since I rarely use up a whole bottle, but between the brush and the goop, they often don't work out.

      Definitely more quality in this situation though. Because if the shadows sucked I would be ticked at this price point.