Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Pottery Love: Swell Ceramics

I have enjoyed hand thrown pottery for a while but have really only picked up pieces here and there in travel. Recently, through the lens of IG, my eyes have spotted more and more fabulous pottery and ceramic arts. Swell Ceramics is one I follow on IG and has been the recipient of many longing gazes. This particular Mountains to Sea NC mug sent me over the edge of admiration to must actually drink my tea out of that. 

I scooped up the second to last one for $35, it holds 12 ounces of drink. Shipping was $9 and it arrived in perfect condition and swiftly too. Melanie was leaving for a trip and I did not expect to get it until after July 2nd, but she kindly squeezed me in at the last minute.

The texture on the mug is like a softly polished sandstone, a little porous and uneven on the fingers and I love it. The front portion with the mountain and wave scene is hand carved, then hand painted and drawn. The mug is dishwasher and microwave safe. 

I am eyeing her desert mugs with the teal glaze rims. So lovely. 

Another potter I tried to order from recently was Ox and Otter but alas, I was not swift enough. I thought wax Hunger Games were bad... this one was epically intense. Maybe next restock in July. 

Do you enjoy pottery? Mugs? Have any favorite potters or ceramic artists? Please share!


  1. That is lovely! I love matte glazes.

    I've been browsing on IG too, I came across SingleTooth on Etsy and IG, she is planning to open in July, her shop has been empty since I found her.

    My biggest splurge has been from Silver Lining Ceramics. $170. A sunset mug with gold clouds and handle. She is another one with sales that feel like shopping on Black Friday. Going forward I'm limiting myself to $100-ish for mugs.

    I saw this and thought of you...

    1. Matte glazes are nice! Great texture.

      I am going to book mark Single Tooth. Thank you!

      I need to see that mug!!! I got my butt kicked at that Ox and Otter sale. Holy cripes. $170 mug is now officially an heirloom. I bet it is stunning.

      And yes. I NEED that mermaid tail mug. If you ever catch an Ox and Otter in blue or pink with stars or moon I will pay you for it.

    2. Haha! This is the heirloom. Nice but not sure if $170 nice. ☺

      I had dibs on the Ox and Otter mug that came through our group and then thought I wouldn't like the handle and removed my comment. Derp, dumb move. I will keep an eye out for you, just in case I have a lucky computer. I know you are fast and will snag something. Luckily we found her while she is in her mid-twenties with lots of making in her future.

    3. Yes ma'am it IS heirloom material! Beautiful!!

      Thanks for keeping a weather eye out for me, friend! xoxo