Saturday, June 24, 2017

Book Scents: Outlander Clamshells

It has been a few years since I have placed a Book Scents order. A recent sale had me trundling over to the website to pick up two clamshells. Book Scents features fragrances based off of popular books and offers candles and tarts. I am a fan of the Outlander offerings. 

Snow and Embers-  Notes: Fresh mint, cool pine needles with a smoky undertone.

Smoky pine and cool ozone waft about this giant clamshell, smelling like chilled evergreen filled mountain air. Half of a cube threw medium-strong in the kitchen. 

The Gathering- Notes: Woods, leather, rich amber and smoky musk. 

This is one of my very favorite Book Scents fragrances. It is freaking incredible if you are a smoked woods fan. This is a true ember scent, not acrid, sour or harsh. It smells like a campfire in a forest clearing with leather horse saddles and Jamie Fraser lounging in his woolen kilt beside you. Strong throwing and fantasy inducing.

Now as I alluded, these clamshells are hulk sized. They hold 6 ounces of wax, so each cube is one ounce and they run $8.50 each.

If blind buying that much wax worries you, there is also a 4 scent shot sampler you can buy for $6.00 and try out additional scents. 

Book Scent candles are nice too. I had a Jamie Fraser one before and quite enjoyed it. Here is the post and it also highlights many other Outlander scents. Some names have changed due to copyright but they are still there. 

Do you like geekish, bookish themed scents? I must say, Book Scents did a great job of matching up the scent with the actual books and characters. 


  1. I do like geeky fandom themed scents when thought actually goes into them. I'm glad to hear these match what they're meant to be. I hate when vendors just throw a popular character/title on something and it has nothing to do with it whatsoever. Made up example would be to call a scent Mordor but have it smell like cotton candy. Huh? lol


    1. Same! LOL! Mordor cotton candy would be candy floss made of sulphur and brimstone and black licorice with a taint of blood from thine enemies.

      I really forgot how much I enjoy these. I may need to get a candle next time again. I am almost out of candles! I only have a handful left. Whoa.