Monday, October 23, 2017

Candy Panda Wax: Bundt Cakes

Stephanie and I did a swapsies of wax for photos after I shamelessly fell in love with Candy Panda's Wonderful Christmastime that my friend Abby gifted me. The bundts came in a two sizes, a smaller palm sized one that looked to be about in the ballpark of 4 ounces (so sorry about my lack of scale... I keep forgetting to pick a new one up!) and a much larger one that looks about 10 pounds. Just kidding! But seriously... it is huge and around 17 ounces I think she posted. This post is going to be one huge tease I don't have the exact weights or the prices on these bad boys but you know what? I'm still gonna send it. 

Stephanie will be listing these cakes in several scents in her next RTS restock on November 10th at noon EST.

Lavender Chamomile is redolent of herbs and greenery, lavender buds, soft florals and sprigs of living botanicals. That familiar chamomile scent is very present. My sister Lindsey scooped this one up because she said it reminded her of a cleaner like Fabuloso and she loves it. Now it is fragranting her brand new apartment.

Fruit Loops is one of those classic vendor wax scents that tends to throw well and feature that instantly nostalgic aroma of citrusy yet sugary and milky cereal goodness. This one was snapped up too by one of my sisters, Darby. She loves Candy Panda and loves the Fruit Loops scent so it was meant to be.

Don't Dream It's Over combines a sweet lavender with Candy Panda's infamous Marshmalloween (toasted marshmallows). It is a lovely bedtime blend of sweet lavender vanilla. The lavender does remind me a little of a cross between Bath & Body Works Lavender Vanilla and a sweet fabric softener. It is serene and pleasant.

This blue and green large bundt cakes houses the scent Winter Blanket (pine, sandalwood, vanilla, musk and citrus. It smells amazing. It reminds me strongly of Bath & Body Works Winter scent but a touch more smooth and woody rather than smoky and sharp. It rings all my chimes. 

A large bundt cake in Wonderful Christmastime (peppermint and marshmalloween) makes me giddy with delight. It is about 60-40 vanilla marshmallow to candy cane ratio. I love it and want to smell this in my nose the rest of my peppermint loving life with this earworm ringing in my brain: Simply having a wonderful Christmastime...

These cakes were packed in a ziptop bag and housed in a bakery box with a nice label on the front as seen in the first photo, there is a cute cut out window in the top of the box with a film covering like a real bakery box. I am not sure if this is how they will be mailed and shipped to customers but it worked and they came out looking splendid in all their carved cake glory. 

I have a feeling these will get snapped up fast come November. They would make brilliant holiday gifts for the home fragrance lover in your life. These bad boys are going to make my Christmas a little bit brighter by creating a festive atmosphere. 

What Candy Panda scent would you want in a bundt cake? 


  1. Wow, I’m blown away! They’re so beautiful. I have a feeling these will very successful just as all of CP’s other products have been. How fun that you got to test them out.

    1. Stephanie did a fabulous job creating them. Their wax holds up well to molds like this... not all wax formulas do. I bet they will sell well too... especially with people who love a certain scent and would like more of it in a greater quantity.

  2. Smart ladies, you and Stephanie. Good thing you have many sisters to dole these out to, that's a massive amount of wax. I've learned I have little need for so much, I rarely ever buy a loaf because I move on to other scents quickly. Lavender Chamomile and Winter Blanket sound nice.

    1. Yes, the bigger ones are a really nice weight and heft. I am particular about scents I buy in a big quantity too. I do love my peppermint and spicy bakery in big quantities but fruits and such I probably would never use all up. Winter Blanket is so very nice. Sometimes it reminds me of Balsam & Citrus. It is a changeling and hard to pin down completely. I love it.