Friday, October 27, 2017

Mermaid Treasures: Arrok Metal Studio

The third necklace in my Arrok collection arrived earlier this month and I am swooning over all the little details of this seemingly simple piece. Nicole debuted a breathtaking collection of vintage and replica scrimshaw pieces and I tried to nab a particular ring and necklace but they disappeared rather quickly. Nicole is really great about setting up payment plans and I took advantage of that for this 2nd in line necklace that I wished to wear.

This scrimshaw pendant is about the size of a silver dollar (ah my old numismatist days come in handy) the chain is about 30 inches long and looks like an anchor chain. I love it.

Nicole was up front about not knowing if it was vintage or replica scrimshaw, as she repurposes pieces she discovers in antique stores and whatnot, but that doesn't bother me one whit... it looks aged and has such a gorgeous feel. 

The setting features multi-textured silver borders and the back has a dreamy crescent moon. 

I wore it to the post office and the lady behind the counter had to lean over and hold it and told me what a unique and awesome piece it was and where ever did I find it?

Nicole has some great items in her Etsy store. You should check it out.

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