Monday, October 2, 2017

FuturePrimitive Soap Company: Autumn Part One

Now that summer has wrapped to a close and fall is upon us, it was time to retire my FuturePrimitive Strawberry Patch whipped soap and conditioner and pick up some more festive scents. Look at how lovely this package was tied? When I cut open a box and see something so pleasing to the eye I immediately stop and set it on a shelf so I can take photos when I am less rushed. This was definitely one of those moments. 

I should ask Tiggy if this old boot has any particular meaning for her. It is such a cool and seemingly random object to choose as a branding icon. Looks like a boot a mudlark would wear while trudging the shore of the Thames scouting treasures in the Victorian days. 

I changed it up this time. Normally I choose the same scent in both whipped soap and hair rinse as they are used as my shampoo and conditioner. I knew I needed some Owlett's End in my life but Pumpkin 'ead beckoned as well.

Pumpkin 'ead Three in One Whipped Cream Soap- Notes: Earthy sun warmed pumpkin flesh, dry cider apple and pear nectar finished with an Autumn spice syrup. (6.95 pounds for 80 grams)
This does work nicely as a soap but I am really and truly a bar soap gal so this gets use as shampoo. A little goes a long way despite its airy lightness. This could also make a great shaving cream. Pumpkin 'ead does strike a nice balance of earthy and gourmand. It smells comforting, that dry spice mingling with tumbling leaves and fat pumpkin gourds on first inhale but then it finishes with that sweet and crisp apple and pear combination. Wondering what has taken me so long to buy this scent? Delish.

Owlett's End Conditioning Hair Rinse- Notes: A barley field long past its cutting date, an empty old house, simmering black tea, clary sage and coriander leaves, nutmeg dust, cinnamon sticks, sticky dark orange oil, blackened cardamom pods and dried tears. (9.25 pounds for 250 ml)
I cannot praise Tiggy's conditioner formula enough for my hair. My thin, curly, unruly mane just loves it. And my nose loves this scent to no end. It is another spice queen, rich in that aged orange, blackened with tea tannins and decked out in a melange of spices. There is a soft earthiness to it that keeps it from being a pomander in a bottle and the sage also adds some dusty flora to the blend. Pure bliss.

Free sample soap slivers in Cordwainer and Owlett's End. 

Very grateful for the Owlett's End soap as I have a few too many soaps on hand to justify buying more but I really wanted to get this soap in my shower somehow and lookie here. (But of course I ended up picking up a Mama Didn't Listen So I  Told the Bees soap just a day or so ago- sometimes I just can't resist)

Cordwainer blends leather, vanilla, amber and patchouli and it is freaking gorgeous. The leather exudes refinement and plush softness, not overbearing or heavy handed, it melds naturally with the ambered vanilla. I am putting this one in the shower right away. 

Tiggy released a few more goodies on Friday so I picked up that Bees soap and a bag of bath tea in The Gloaming. I wanted to be really bad and get the wax sampler and a few more things but I needed to be prudent given my last couple of pottery scores which I will show here soon. Do you have any fall body care items finding their way into your home?


  1. Woo hoo, bring on the pottery!!! Speaking of which, I just sold the heirloom! LOL. I packed it and it was not difficult, thankfully. Are you thinking about blogging on the O&O score? (I am okay with that as it is not a unique design and the artist does not mind fair reselling.) I am obsessed lately, and like to see people's pics, I saw it in your IG stories once with Savanna's cast. ❤

    Wow, these samples sound perfect for you! My favorite fall soap has been the scuzzball from BG I showed you. It has ground up botanicals and is minty. BG accidentally sent me my order twice, I will share a slice with you in November. ☺

    1. Heck yes! I am sipping my tea for the first time from my new Pitch Pine Pottery piece and a few Hand to Earth goodies arrived and maybe something Elan Pottery???? WHO KNOWS?!?!? LOL! The heirloom! I still cannot believe it! Do you think she will ever release more cups? Would you buy from her again? You know I didn't even think about blogging the Ox&Otter... I just may do that. I have been using the heck out of it. Good to know I can. :-) I think I am even more happy with it knowing who sold it to me. I am probably silly but it was a bit of a fan girl moment.

      You are so sweet!! You can just hand it to me in person. :-D Over coffee. My treat. Tiggy really hooked me up with the perfect soap samples. Absolutely perfect. She is the best. Did you know I have a pottery mug from her partner who makes them? It is probably my most cherished mug I own. It is exquisite and perfectly balanced.

    2. Oh boy... :-)
      that's right, Matt the potter. I forgot that he is one too!

    3. Btw I just checked out Hand to Earth, I didn't recognize the name when you said it and then realized it was someone I had seen on Instagram before. Amazing! <3

      Until I hit the lottery, most likely I will only be window shopping at the shop the heirloom came from. ;) Lately I've been following other makers more closely. Also I like a little bit of "look of handmade" in my mugs and her pieces are almost too perfect looking, if you know what I'm trying to say. Even though her stuff is like little works of art, my taste is leaning towards things that are more casual right now.

    4. YES! I agree! So amazing! I want to eventually get one of her moth mugs but they FLY fast (Mom jokes). Seriously though I do. I was super thrilled with what I got but those moths...

      I understand what you are saying about almost too perfect. It takes some of the uniqueness out of the equation. The handcrafted blips and blobs that make it heartfelt. I think I am fine at this point not scoring any of her treasured heirlooms. I did grab another Pitch Pine mug today. I have a teacup but I wanted a mug too. Adam is going to freak because I have a ton of coffee mugs as it is. But now I toss a cheapie mass produced one out each time I add a handmade one so hopefully that helps.