Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Melting Basket 107: Hello October!

Tarts I would love to have in my home again include Southbound  Witching Hour and Dessa's Fall in the Country.

Glitterati- Monkey Bread
Vintage Chic Scents- Autumn in Salem
The Bathing Garden- Victorian Midway
Dessa's Homespun Scents- Campfire Marshmallow
Dessa's Homespun Scents- Warm Vanilla Nutmeg
Dessa's Homespun Scents- Scarecrow
Bohemienne Life- 3rd Eye
Bohemienne Life- Saturnus
CFTKR- Caramel Pumpkin Swirl
CFTKR- Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow
CFTKR- Merlin's Forest
CFTKR- Boysenberry Santal Spice
Better Homes & Gardens- Around the Campfire <3 gift

If you would like me to review any of these in depth, please let me know which ones in the comments section. 

Fall activities and family outings are starting to roll around in my pumpkin head. The Hunsader Farms Pumpkin Festival, the Lowry Park Zoo family fright night and a pumpkin patch to pick out our carving pumpkins all made the wishlist so far. I would love to hear of some October traditions you had as a child or do even to this day/ 

The photos were of the cutest little farmer's market and petting zoo in Tennessee called the Harvest Moon Pumpkin Patch. Can it get any better than that? I bet it is beautiful this time of year with the leaves changing color all over the mountainsides. One day, taking the girls up to see the leaves will be one of our fall activities. 


  1. Doh! We just watched that horrible '80s classic Pumpkinhead the other night and your second picture reminds me of that. LOL There was a poor family with an old truck and a little store just off the mountain road...

    Our color change is weird here again this year. Seem a lot of trees went from green to bare. My usual spots for getting pics are lacking.


    1. Oh my gosh!!! That is too funny!!!! I don't think I have ever seen that one. I will have to check it out now. Here I am gushing over how cute this place is and your skin is crawling with gooseflesh. HAHAHA!!! And yeah, I am thinking my editing made it look more spooky than vintage?? So I can get the creep factor.

      Oh no. That really stinks Deb. TFS should have her fall foliage color fix. :-(

    2. Nah, your pic is fine. If I hadn't just seen that movie I doubt I'd be seeing the pic as creepy. lol


    3. Ok, good! I I was going to moody fall nostalgic and didn't want to creep anyone out. So Pumpkinhead huh? I might need to check it out. Or not. I am a wimp about horror movies nowadays.