Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Poesie Perfume: Thornfield Collection

Poesie Perfume starting coming to my attention more and more the past few months and a teaser about a Thornfield Collection that felt moody and autumnal, not to mention devilishly bookish, had me setting my phone alarm for the release date. That is when I know I am about to dive in. When the phone alarm gets set. With a five minute alert. The day came, the release commenced and a few fragrant offerings migrated to my dwelling.
 Shipping is free for domestic orders. The items arrived quickly and came wrapped in this lovely tissue paper and ribboned bundle. Full sized perfumes come in a frosted bottle with a roll-on applicator for $16 for 5ml, smaller 2 ml version are available in a tiny wee green bottle for $6.50. Orders come with free samples as well. 

Bewitched- Notes: Yellow apple, clove, apricot, black pepper, vetiver, anise and cauldron smoke.

Wet on the skin, a sharp edge of black pepper slices out to hook the senses yet the juicy crunch of a small wild apple echoes just behind. This witch sits at her small rough wooden kitchen table, dressed in a simple worn calico shift, one hand propping her chin the other indifferently cradling a half eaten apple as she contemplates the woodland scene outside her window and the woodland landscape within her heart. The tinctures and elixirs manifesting in tiny copper and iron pots on her stove begin to warm and bubble over the gas flames. The peppery spices settle and the gooey sweetness of apricots lift to fragrant her cozy kitchen. She opens the window and sets the remains of the apple on the windowsill for her forest friends to enjoy at their leisure while she turns her attention to the string of hanging herbs that dry along the wall. She plucks a thin bundle of sweetgrass, vetiver and alfalfa to smudge about her home, hearth and heart. Satisfied, she turns to the pots and simmering liquids that chatter and sputter, begging for her ministrations.

This one ends on a skin note that still whispers about the apple flesh. A lovely scent to experience. The sillage is low and close while the longevity is about 3-4 hours on my skin.

Thornfield- Notes: Burned wood and lingering smoke, new Vanille accord (sweet and non-foody), the barest hint of pumpkin pie spices.

Woodsmoke opens up this scent, heralding the arrival of fall and the ritual of burning piles of leaves and fallen twigs and branches, victims of those blustery days that hint at the winter woes to come. A wisp of wooden vanilla threads it way like a specter through the woodsmoke to sweeten and warm the air during the brisk stroll about the countryside. The pumpkin spices never tingle the nose or emerge as the traditional fiery spices but rather they deepen the scent and shade it with ligneous shadows. 

The sillage is moderate and the longevity about 4-6 hours.

Tiny Phantom- Notes: Innocent pink roses, marshmallow buttercream, pale white musk and antique mahogany. 

Ah! The roses... the delicate cabbage roses that tumble and cascade over and down stone garden walls, whose small and open faces blush with exquisite pink hues. These petals are plucked from the bush and carried home to be candied and drizzled with cream. Tiny Phantom dries down into soft pillows of creamy rose petals and airy clouds of musk. A pretty rose fragrance.

Free samples:

PNW (Pumpkin Nutmeg Woods)- Notes: Fresh pumpkin, spicy nutmeg, clean woods, creamy coconut candy and juicy red grapefruit.
Wet on the skin the grapefruit rises up tart and electric then drifts down in a pool of orange flavored macaroons. A unique beginning for a pumpkin spice woods scent. After some time the tartness vanishes and the oranges become the glow of the pumpkins in the sunset light. The nutmeg and woods blend into a seamless note and the creamy coconut stays for the duration. I need to wear this a bit more and outdoors to get a better feel for it.

A Thousand Warriors- Notes: Juicy ume plum, bitter yuzu, divine hinoki wood and fluffy vanilla.
The opening pulls a little candied violets on my skin, I think it is the transparent plum skin and the cypress that combine to make that accord. It is a delicate beauty that I enjoyed wearing. 

The was a lovely first introduction to Poesie Perfume and I will be back for more in the future. In fact, technically I have already revisited them as they did a collaboration with Indie Beautique recently and created some mermaid inspired bath salts with mini bath bombs tucked within that I simply had to try out. Those have since arrived and I plan on taking photos and getting those goodies in my bath tub here pretty quick like. 

My sister picked up a Thornfield sampler and she is cooing over some of her scents so I am excited to pop over to her place and experience those soon. Have you tried Poesie Perfume? How do you feel about bookish collections? Which of these sound like a scent you might enjoy?

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