Saturday, October 14, 2017

Nocturne Alchemy: Santalum

Santalum by Nocturne Alchemy- Notes: Alexandria sandalwood, coconut husk, golden amber accords, golden sandalwood resin, deep fossilized amber, golden Himalayan cedarwood, gold patchouli and golden frankincense. ($27)

There is a reason why the adjective gold or golden is used to describe so many of these notes. This fragrance shines in just that manner. In the bottle my nose captures glints of wooden ambers and twiggy patchouli. Brushed into the skin, the cedarwood and fossilized amber rises like a shinning ruby and glowing gold phoenix, warm and then drifting down into ash. The scented phoenix settles into a nest of fresh cut sandalwood shards to doze. I love sandalwood and I love this scent. It is breathtaking on its own and, in addition, beautiful mixed with other oils and perfumes. 

This perfume is part of NAVA's studio limited collection.

I don't have a Fall Fun Series post today, as the craft my sisters and I will be doing this year is scheduled for next weekend. But I do have a post ready for then and I will come back to this prompt at a later date. Thank you for being patient with me this week. I am missing some posts. Life is in 5th gear. 

I signed up for my first college course since 2007, which was way back when I graduated with my Masters. I am a little nervous about adding school into an already busy life at the moment but I have to in order to get my teaching certificate renewed. In the classroom I am in the midst of our first big project of the year. At home we are dealing with Savanna having some type of painful itching rash in her cast so it has to be removed every few days, medicated and then a new one reapplied. And today we are headed an hour and a half away to try and trade-in my lemon of a Jeep for one that is not so sour. All hands on deck, Granger.

I am blaming the full moon. 

I do have some exciting (for me anyway) posts coming up very soon. A new perfume/candle company, a new soap/body care company, some more healthful wildcrafted goodies from Kings Road Apothecary and a pretty mug or two. My Beezy order and The Bathing Garden order landed and there are some stunning cake waxes from Candy Panda that made me swoon. Sadly, my Cosmic Cleanse order arrived very damaged but Heidi is a super star and will be sending some replacements soon and I will feature those as well. 

How is your October chugging along? Is the moon throwing any excitement your way? 


  1. Full plate indeed. I saw you mention on FB that you are taking Ag courses, is that related to the teaching certificate? I hope the Montessori school year is going well.

    I can (somewhat) relate to what you are going through, I have been busier lately, finding out my cat Gato is now sick also and taking him to a new vet last weekend, getting some interest from a neighbor in possibly purchasing my apartment, and starting to tackle smaller things that have been on my neglected list of personal to do's. I'm thinking about joining a gym as the seasons change, although I would rather be outside than in a noisy gym, for some reason I am more likely to get into the exercise habit if I belong to a gym.

    1. I am taking some education courses to satisfy my re-certification requirements from the state. I need 6 college hours and then the certificate is mine again since I passed the test. I just singed up for a teaching students with disabilities course for December. The Montessori school year is going well so far! Very very busy but well. I feel forgetful sometimes so I think I need to start taking some ginko or something.

      I am so sorry about your kitties... I had no idea until you posted something in the group. My heart goes out to you. Are you looking to move? Do you have something else in mind for living? I have never been a member of a gym but I understand how it is much easier to be more regimented if you do have a membership you are paying for. That reminds me I need to start walking in the evenings so I can be ready for NYC. Man does that place pull the steps out of you and the bulge the calf muscles and ache the feet.

  2. I've been meaning to ask you. I know you buy a lot of perfume oils. In terms of longevity, how do they compare to, say, Bath and Body Works sprays? I feel like the BBW ones only last like an hour on me so I've been thinking about looking into oils instead.

    1. I feel the same way you do about the BBW and VS body sprays. I never had any luck with the longevity with those even when using the matching shower gels and lotions on top. I love EDPs of some of the more niche perfume houses like Sonoma Scent Studio when I want an 8+ hour lingering fragrance but the perfume oils can be nice in the longevity department as well. I usually get around 5-6 hours out of most of my oils like Nocturne Alchemy, Arcana and Nui Cobalt Designs. I find Sixteen92 sometimes don't last as long on my skin depending on the scent... maybe around 4 hours give or take. I like that though for times when I want to wear something to start off the day but know I will want to wear something different in the afternoon. Solstice Scents EDPs last forever on me too and the oils run about average of 4-6 hours. My Serge Lutens EDPs last me about the half life of Plutonium... or a quarter of forever. :-)