Monday, October 16, 2017

The Bathing Garden: Halloween Order

I kept my Halloween Bathing Garden order modest this year, two scrubs, four clamshells and that calls it a day. Evernight (A Lush Twilight dupe of musky sugared lavender and lilacs) is a forever favorite so I picked up a clamshell and scrub in that scent. Scrubs are generally $9 for 8 ounces unless they are specialty scrubs. Tarts went up from $3.75 to $3.95 but I don't remember the last time Shannon had a price raise so it is well overdue. I am glad she did that for herself. At the time of ordering everything was in stock so her new business model isn't the grab and dash I had feared so far. Whew.

How gorgeous is the Faded Opulence scrub? I just love how this rich spiced orange fizzy scent translated to the scrub. Vivid and energetic. 

Boozy Vlad- Notes: Shaved pumpkin, maple coconut sugar, buttery brown sugar, dark booze soaked nutmeg and a sprinkle of dried clove buds. 
The name and the notes completely sold me. And I am thrilled I picked it up. It smells a bit like a more smooth and creamy and softly spiced version of BBW's Pumpkin Coconut. I like that candle a lot but this one is even more yummy. I like the bit of bourbon and spice added. 

Faded Opulence- Notes: Clove, ginger, blood orange and bubbling cola.
Orange spiced ginger ale indeed. I don't know why I love it so very much but I do. I just want to squeeze that skully's zygomatic bones and then melt his face off so my home smells spooky good. 

Evernight- Notes: Lavender, lilac, eucalyptus, soft woods, white musk and sugary vanilla.
Shannon's Evernight/Ever Night/whatever night always tickles my fancy. I remember the overwhelming pleasure I felt as cracking open my very first Twilight shower gel about 5 or so years ago and this tart brings that feeling back every time I melt it. I generally get a nice throw from this one and I use it in my bedroom on the regular. Sweet musky lavender with just that small breath of lilacs and woods and a heaping helping of sugar. Mmmmm.... yezzzzz. 

White Magic- Notes: Shaved cinnamon, orange tea and hints of spicy patchouli.
This is the only new scent I sprang for in a clamshell this year. Mostly because I am a sucker for spiced oranges and patchouli and oranges and this merges both into a trifecta of coziness that will warm my deep winter nights. I am sure one of the girls will be prying that sparkling gemstone out soon for some type of art and craft project.

Three free samples this go 'round:
Bohemian Solstice tart, chilly fruits and musk.
The Winter Queen tart, marzipan and other things. Love that tree.

Mini scrub sample in Wolfsbane Bites, I like this one in the tart but not sure about in the scrub. Minty cookies. 

I love this order, though tiny it is full of yummy fragrances. Did you get anything from Shannon's Halloween collections? Are you thinking of placing a holiday order?


  1. "...and then melt his face off..."


    That little tree is darn adorable, and minty cookies, you say??


    1. I cannot wait to throw in Faded Opulence but then I know it will be gone. I think I will use him on our first chilly day... hoping that is sooooon!!!

      The tree is so very cute. I kinda wished she sold a few of those in a baggie in a scent. They are tiny and would be perfect for the bathroom or smaller tealights. I ended up using the whole Wolfsbane Bites scrub in the shower last night. It was pretty decent. I think there are some woods or musk in there with the minty cookies that keeps it from being warm and cozy and bakery like. Or a hint of menthol or something. I should go look up the notes.

      I am really happy the ordering is not as hard as I thought it would be but I went and looked to see if any Faded Opulence was in stock to pick up one more (wax tart) and they are out. Crossing fingers she restocks. Figures I want the one thing that is sold out.

  2. Lol, yeah Deb, I was cracking up about that part too!
    I decided that my pumpkin sampler was enough this year of hers to keep me satisfied (though if only Shannon would have included a sample of Faded Opulence, the one I was most curious in sampling, though probably for the best because I do not want to become addicted this late in the game especially if it is sold out and hard to get). To be honest I've barely had the time to melt from it though I shared a few with my mom and she has loved them!
    I'm slowly converting her to a waxie just you wait and see! Ha-ha.

    The question on a holiday order.. maybe. I'm already craving my mint, cranberry and pine scents something fierce. I placed my first Lush Christmas order to get my hands on that Santa's Christmas shower gel and my very first Twilight shower gel *angels sing* so we will see how that addiction goes and if I'll need them in bigger bottles. Can I justify 21.95 each for the bigger bottles if I do like them spending around $40 something on shower gel!? That's INSANE... or is it?����

    1. I am with you. I think the pumpkin sampler slacked a large part of my thirst for her Halloween goodies so I kept this order much smaller than I normally would have done. Yeah. I was bummed when I saw it was sold out. I guess I should be happy with my one clam. I love converting friends and family to wax. My mom and sisters enjoy it too.

      Craving mint and cranberry and pine too. I have some more pumpkins I need to melt but come November those cranberries will be coming out to play. Congrats on the Twilight!!! Lush prices do slay me... so expensive. They are treats for sure. Let me know how that Santa's Christmas smells. What are the notes?

  3. Well done on the small order. My sis ordered a bunch of scrubs for presents and she threw in a White Magic clam for me, can't wait! I've received some blood orange fizzy scents in samplers and don't like them enough to order any, so no FO for me. I also appreciate the ordering ease, thought my sis' order took almost 4 weeks, still a little sooner than old system. I'm content with my pumpkin sampler and almost forgot about it till I started thinking about pumpkin shaped melts to use for Sat's post. I haven't ordered wax since Sept 1st and it feels great!!! Oh except for that White Magic clam, lol.

    1. How sweet! I usually order Shannon's scrubs and tarts for Christmas gifts too each year but this one I won't since I think my relatives have had enough for now. Time to move on to a new idea, but her stuff makes great gifts. Very presentable and high quality.

      I bet it does feel nice to just enjoy the wax you do have and not feel the need to order. I am in my wax zone at this time of year. I love all the scents that come out and love melting and gifting and swapping them. I had a drier spell earlier in the year when I wasn't feeling the urge to order as much. But I cycle through those feelings. Enjoy your White Magic! I think I might save this one to melt in January or February while it is still cold but no holiday festivity on deck.