Friday, October 20, 2017

Beezy Tarts: July Pre-Order

Beeeeeeezzzzzyyyyyyyy!!! It has been a long time. I melted my last Apple Clove Butter a while back and have been Beezy-less ever since. He opened up for pre-orders in July and I knew I wanted to have some more Apple Clove Butter in my home for the holidays. I tacked on a few more that I love as well as some new ones. He exclusively sells in scent shot form and they run $1.85 each and shipping was $10.28. He does not combine shipping so when shopping Beezy make sure you get all you want in one shot. His pre-orders do come with a lengthy TAT but then once those ship out he does an RTS sale much like Lasting Scent Candles. I don't mind the wait so I went for the pre-order.

Lavender Pound Cake is a pleasant bedtime fragrance. The lavender is sweet and mellow with a hint of vanilla. Not herbal, not detergent but maybe a touch fabric softener. It is nice nonetheless with the added pound cake goodness. 

Mrs. Claus' Cookies smells like a classic sugar cookie decorated by your kiddos and set out as Santa's treat. Iced with the hues of Christmas in royal icing and sprinkles. 

Pink Sugar Cookies I grab whenever I see it. Nothing fancy but a crumbly bready sugar cookie blended with Pink Sugar. 

Sugar Cookie Royale houses a rich chewy cookie with a hint of vanilla and butterscotch to tickle the senses. I love this fragrance oil.

Coffee Cake & Spice bakes up warm and fragrant with the classic coffee cake and crumbles aroma topped with cinnamon and extra vanilla drizzle. It almost reminds me of cinnamon rolls or French toast but more cake. Love. 

Country Bumpkin mixes up all the most delicious things of the season... candied yams, apples, brown sugar, marshmallows and heaps of spices. Deb turned me on to this scent years ago and anytime I run across it, I add it to my bag. The yams really do add that almost rooty rich note to an otherwise familiar blend of apples, spice and vanilla. I love it. 

Pumpkin Caramel Swirl oozes with caramel goodness and pumpkin richness. Very little spice. 

Apple Fritter is a new one to me. It almost reminds me of CFTKR's Baked Apple. Very similar. Excellent.

Pumpkin Sugar Donut hints at a nicely spiced banana bread with pumpkin puree added. I think I want to bake that now. I am on a Pumpkin Sugar Donut kick this year. Loving it. Beezy's is sweeter and more caramelized. 

Apple Clove Butter, the classic. Applesauce and spice. So very very good.

Peppermint Meringue fluffs up with airy vanilla and melty peppermint sticks. I am really loving this peppermint blend.

Pink Peppermint sends me off to dreamland and Beezy's is quite nice. Heavier on the Pink Sugar than the peppermint but very nice all around. 

Cider Lane was missing from my collection this year so I wanted to grab one for tradition's sake. Why do I forget how much I enjoy this scent? Creamy caramel and apples with a touch of fall leaves in the air. 

Sugared Spruce came along for the ride. Sweet Christmas trees. Simple yet wonderful. 

Crackling Birch fills the nose with a smooth suede like woodsy blend of bergamot, patchouli and vetiver. There are other notes in abundance but those three stand out to me the most. I have had this scent before from other vendors but I am quite happy with this one too. 

Marshmallow Fireside quickly jumped in my cart because I know Beezy won't do a dupe unless it is darn good. This Marshmallow Fireside is everything. If I close my eyes and smell it, I would swear to you I am inhaling an actual Bath & Body Works candle of Marshmallow Fireside. Why did I only get two???

Frosted Pinecone is another new one for me from Beezy. It smells of evergreens, softwood and needles, meshed with vanilla fondant. 

Free samples:

Homemade Cookies is incredibly good. Rich vanilla cookies with a dash of rum extract and maybe a drop of almond extract in the buttercream frosting. Buttery and sweet. 

Crunch Berries smells exactly like the Captain Crunch cereal with an extra does of sweet and tart berries. I can almost feel the cuts on the roof of my mouth when I smell this. 

My only regret? Not getting more Marshmallow Fireside. Rest assured. I won't be making that mistake again. Did you order Beezy? Doesn't his wax have the best texture ever? I actually split his tarts sometimes and I rarely ever do that with a vendor. My only gripe? His lids often split on me. But bagging is no trouble if it means I have Beezy on hand. 


  1. Country Bumpkin...
    Peppermint Meringue...
    Well, your holiday is complete now! I think I need to place another SF order for some minty Christmas scents.


    1. I am pretty set!! Between these Beezy scents and the CFTKR tarts that arrived a couple days ago I am golden for Christmas. Yay! SF!! The mints are so nice. I picked up a Mint and Cypress scent I am dying over from Carol. Do you think you might want to try it? I do have a birthday box to send you here pretty soon. Can you believe how fast October is spinning by?

    2. I don't know if I've ever had cypress anything. Hmmm. Is earthy or woody or resin-y? Ha, I walked into the bathroom at work the other day and -WHAM!- faceful of sandalwood. Someone had a sandalwood-vanilla lotion or perfume and it. was. strong.

      I know! I can't believe how fast October is flying by and how we're close enough to get excited for the holidays already! I'll have to get a birthday box together too. I have one idea already... *sneaking giggle*


    3. More like a fresh peppermint woods. I really dig it. I will send you one to try. Oh no!! My heaven is your hell when it comes to Sandalwood.

      Tomorrow is Halloween. And we don’t even have plans yet. Yikes.

  2. I'm a newb when it comes to this vendor. I haven't tried even a piece but I think the next time I see a RTS or preorder I may just go on and order and see what the fuss is all about.
    Shockingly enough I also haven't melted marshmallow fireside not once yet either! Wow, I'm totally off my game this year.
    Sounds like you got lots of goodies! I can't wait to hear some of your warmed reviews Christmas reviews on a few of these come Dec. If you do normally melt half. I've heard several people go even further than that and cut his into fourth so if be curious to hear what you thought.

    1. There certainly is a lot of Beezy fuss isn't there?? Some people swear up and down he is their top #1 vendor, which I can see, but he would be only about top 10 for me. I LOVE the texture and reliability of his wax for sure but there are a couple bug bears for me to rely on him alone... not many scents to choose from overall that fit my tastes and his lids crack and make storage no fun. A few nitpicky things. He does pick amazing scents in the ones that he does have though. Nice and clear and strong.

      No Marshmallow Fireside yet?!?! no pumpkins? We need to get you to a pumpkin patch and then bring it home to melt and burn some Marshmallow Fireside so your season can proceed with all the warm fuzzies. <3

      I usually melt the whole thing out of laziness but sometimes I do split them if it is either a super strong scent that I have had in the past or if I am trying to stretch out a scent to have some more for later. Cutting a scent shot... any scent shot.... into fourths will never happen with me. Not even in my tiny bathroom warmer. But to each their own! It just is not something I do.

  3. Wow, you got so many great scents, and I don't know why, but I find those little cups so charming. You had me at Lavender Poundcake - always love that scent, no matter who's doing it. Apple Clove Butter is another one that's super - I wonder if Rosegirls' is similar? Because I LOVE theirs - it and Vanilla Bean Noel blended together definitely compromise the Harvest Bake Sale Noel scent.

    1. They are charming. He has a simple bit sweet going on with his wax. Nothing complicated here but all very well done. I like lavender pound cake. I cut it in half and put it in the kitchen and it was strong and lovely.

      Good to know about Harvest Bake Sale. I do know they have an ABC scent they came out with recently. Yum!