Sunday, October 22, 2017

Pitch Pine Pottery

After eyeing Pitch Pine Pottery via IG for quite some time, paired with Jay's Pitch Pine Pottery hauls over at her blog... the time was ripe for the Pitch Pine plucking. 

The first piece I purchased (seriously... the alliteration cannot be avoided here so let us all just embrace it <3) was this vibrant hued tea mug. You might have noticed my predilection for all things turquoise, aqua or teal. I love this color and the semi-satiny sheen of the glaze and the rougher texture of the midnight mountain scene below. It hold one cuppa tea nestled in its handmade heart like a dream.

Once I had the tea mug in hand I knew a coffee mug just had to join it. Thankfully, Pitch Pine keeps a nice stock on hand so lovely pieces are pretty much always available for purchase. No mad dash or alarm setting here. I particularly enjoy the moonlit landscape and  sculpted mountains. Jean taught me the proper term is sgraffito for this style of carving.

Drip, drip, drop, my soul scrunches in pleasure at this bit and the wee shooting star just beneath it. Do you see it?

I spy another shooting star!

The makers mark on the bottom is a rustic stamp. Love. 

You may think two mugs would be enough. That my Pitch Pine collection is sufficient. I must warn you... there are planters, juicers, candle holders and a plethora of handy and practical yet pleasing to the eye objects to be had in their Etsy store. Thus my work is not done. A hanging planter would be brilliant. 

What colors do you gravitate towards? What does your favorite coffee or tea much look like?


  1. While browsing their Etsy shop I noticed they have a small blacksmith section so of course I was drawn to that. Then I was calling hubby in to look because his friend wants to get into smithing stuff out their in the barn. LOL - I left the site and then was like oh wait, I never even looked at the pottery!


    1. Yes! I love that Tara crafts the pottery while her husband Matt does the blacksmithing and iron work. The planter uses a hook he crafted so it is a nice mixture of both of their trades. <3

  2. Great mug and your photos look awesome! When you retire from education will you become a photographer. 📷 A ways away, of course..

    I am liking the deep jewel tone colors right now, like that Pitch Pine indigo glaze is talking to me. 💜. I am going to try my darnedest to limit my pottery scores for the rest of the year. 🙏

    1. Thank you!!! I think that would be both creatively filling and a challenge as well. I would dig it.

      That indigo is something special for sure. Like a deep night sky.

  3. "the alliteration cannot be avoided here so let us all just embrace it." Fully embracing, I seriously amuse myself by running away with alliteration when I can, I don't even care;)

    As you know, Pitch Pine's style and art speaks to me, I'm trying to avoid their site because those candle sticks and incense burners have me craving another purchase. I'm holding myself back, as of now, we'll see. Yes!! I got a shooting star on my second mug and never posted it-look for that on IG soon, I wonder if making a wish on it whenever I use it counts as a wish granting opportunity?
    Enjoy your lovely cups and cuppas, happy I had some small bit in influencing you with the pretties, I owe you much<3<3<3

    1. Lol!! I enjoy it too. It just sounds so pleasing to my ears.

      I ended up doing a custom hanging planter. But those bear incense burners are so dang cute I might have to try for one of those too. But I need to behave. Holidays and all.