Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Sniff My Tarts: May Custom Order

She is here! My Sniff My Tarts custom order arrived last week. The TAT for SMT orders can run anywhere from a few weeks to half a year depending on where you are in line for orders. Last year I was Speedy Gonzalez and "arriba, arriba, andale, andale"'d myself to the first list of people. This time my TAT was about 4 months. So theoretically they only have about two more months and they should wrap up. Now, I do not mind waiting. I try not to make seasonal blends that I need and just make a motley blend of scents. In general, their wax holds up well for me so using it the next year is usually not a problem. Some of my blends were great and some were... not so much. But that is the risk of blending. Follow me this way on the tour of scented splendors...

Piped Hearts in single scents for $3.84. 

Fresh Picked Strawberry is kinda close to the oil Carol uses but this one is a touch more tart and candy sweet. I am not sure if this is where the wax formula makes a difference or if it is just a different fragrance oil, but it is close enough for me to like it and use it in future blends.

Flirtatious Cotton Candy is a no-go for me. Too much cherry bomb. There is a faint musk of perfume in the background but that cherry is stealing the show. I have a cherry loving friend who will appreciate this far more than I.

Fresh Raspberry is not bad. Sweet, candy-ish and berry-ish but it has a powdery tang surrounding it that keeps me from loving it. It may melt off but it may not.

Marshmallow Fireside turned out to be a rather nice dupe. I was on the fence when sniffed on cold but when melted it threw strong and smelled pretty good. A touch smoky, a touch rich vanilla and overall a delight.

Frosted sugar cookies allow for blending three scents for $5.12 and are a nice size to cut into quarters for melting.

Apple Cinnamon Dragon's Blood is a winner for me and my earthy, spicy love. The Dragon's Blood is strongest on cold but once melted that sweet spiced apple rolls out and pairs great with the earthy puff of Dragon's Blood. It has a medium-strong throw and I will be saving the last two pieces for winter time warming.

Dragon's Blood/Butterscotch Candy/Cinnamon Sticks is a touch sweeter and deeper with the butterscotch and I love it. Strange blend for most I am sure, but hey... that is just how I get my kicks. 

Brown Sugar Nutmeg/French Toast/Pumpkin Sugared Donuts makes my mouth water. Pumpkin bread thinly sliced and made into a rich French toast, liberally sprinkled with cinnamon and drizzled with homemade caramel syrup. Sign me up for more.

Marshmallow Fireside Sugared Spruce didn't quite work out how I wanted. I think it is the Sugared Spruce, it is camphorous and pine filled but there is a moldy fruit somewhere in the mix and it throws me off. I tried melting it to see if the funk melted away but it didn't. Ah well! That is how the blended cookie crumbles. (Dad jokes).

Sandalwood/Pink Noel/Marshmallow Noel is a gem. Creamy Pink Sugar with an extra crown of musky woods.

Marshmallow Fireside/Pink Sugar/Velvet Sugar mostly smells of Velvet Sugar which I love so I am happy to melt it.

Marshmallow Fireside/Flannel Sheets/Sugared Spruce/Peppermint came in Mini chunky muffins for $11.52. This was the dud of the order, that I melted once and just couldn't take. I may give it away to someone but I may not either. It just smells awful together. Marshmallow Fireside and Sugared Spruce were not good bedfellows to begin with by adding the rest just made it catastrophic. It smells like valerian gone bad and if you have ever smelled valerian when it is good you know how bad it is. But this is my fault. In no way does this reflect on Amy and Donna. I just hope they didn't pass out when blending it. Poor ladies.

I wanted to show you how the wax arrived bagged and labeled. I love the new color scheme, flowers and such. I notice the pour date is no longer on the label though. 

Peppermint/Barbershop 1920/Ocean in no-fuss chunks ($10.24) is a breath of fresh air. I could inhale it all day long. At first it is an arctic blast of freezing mint but then the freshness of the ocean and barber shop pull in at the edges. I want to fall asleep to this tonight.

Pink Sands/Creamy Coconut/Sandalwood is a lovely creamy sweet scent of the beach and designer sunscreens and coconut drinks by the shore. Looking forward to melting it next spring and summer.

This was one of my top favorites of the order next to the peppermint ocean... Marshmallow Fireside/Candy Corn/Sweet Pumpkin/Honey Gingerbread. That Honey Gingerbread is rich and intense but the Marshmallow Fireside and other goodies tossed in take it to witch's cottage level. I melted some in the kitchen and living area and got a medium-strong throw.

Vanilla Bean Noel/Blackberry/Sugared Violets exudes juicy plump sweetness and violet softness. This is a lovely spring and summer scent that will bring a smile to my face. A creamy fruity floral I am happy to have.

Sweet Lavender Marshmallow Cake/Sugared Violets/Sandalwood because every SMT order needs a SLMC blend for me. I was terribly worried when I smelled it, because it comes of as awfully light. I threw some in the warmers and it did give off at least a medium throw in the kitchen and living room. It is a pretty and soothing scent of mellow violets and spongy lavender cake backed by airy woods. A nice background scent.

A sheet cake in Peppermint/Peppermint Swizzle Sticks/Pink Sugar costs $20.00 and brings much happiness to my nostrils. There really is nothing like a classic pink peppermint blend to send me off to dreamland. 

Look at those layers!!! This bad boy came in the World's Largest wax tart bag ever! It was wrapped in bubble wrap and arrived in beautiful condition. I went a head and chopped it up and bagged it in single servings for ease of melting. 

Free samples, I love SMT free samples, they are always something blended up by someone else and are usually in blends I would not have thought to try.

Tangerine/Sticky Marshmallow/Cuppy Cake is super bright and citrusy with just a tiny hint of vanilla.

Fresh Picked Strawberry/Georgia Peach/Whipped Cream is the bee's knees. Whomever blended up this creation is getting the juiciest dessert treat ever. Very realistic and very tasty.

I am happy with most of my blends and the throw I am getting, a nice Sniff My Tart experience as usual. I look forward to the next opening as always. Do you have any blending bombs? Are you waiting on a SMT order?


  1. Ah, thar she be! What a nice, big order. I guess the one thing I can say about the extended turnaround time (I thought I got mine in quite early this time, too, but still no dice for me) is that by the time it gets to you, your order is quite the surprise - like, did I buy that? I guess I did, sweet! Your frosted cookies came in such great colours this time - I love those Fall-y reds and purples.

    Ha, and I love that you owned up to your bummy blend. Eh, sometimes these things happen and they stink, but when it works out, it's always such a delight, you've got to try something weird every now and then in case it works out. I've always wondered how the vendors do it, though, when they look down and go, "Oh no, this one's gonna hurt..."

    1. "Oh no, this one's gonna hurt..."
      That's so good. I imagined this and thought, I'd love to see video of these ladies blending customs Hocus Pocus style, like, toad's breath? you asked for it, ah ha ha ha.

    2. We should do a "Create the Grossest Blend" competition. Here, I'll start - Tangerine Junior Mint Raisin! Minty Pomegranate Turtle Pie! Kiwi Sweater Weather Toasted Marshmallow! (My big SMT "uh oh, this sucks" last time was Pomegranate, Mango Sorbet and Celtic Moon Spice. I know what I was *aiming* towards (this fruity, juicy, spicy cocktail I really like) but yikes, was it bad.)

    3. A surprise indeed! Thanks! I agree, my cookies look pretty sweet. And I am loving the scent combos on those for the most part. And yes, sometimes you just gotta try some blends that might not work. Sometimes it would be nice to run blends by a vendor first to see what they think but I think that might take some of the fun out of it. I bet those days when the blends are awful make for nauseous work experiences. I would probably be one of those vendors who wouldn't even offer a zucchini scent. I think LPL was like that... she didn't like mint? Never offered it.

      LOL @ Jay- Yes! LOVE IT!

      You win with Tangerine Junior Mint Raisin. Mine would be a banana chocolate zucchini pineapple tart. Ugh.

    4. I'm actually with you there, Julie, right up until the pineapple. I've yet to find a vendor that carries a decent pineapple - they're all quite phony-smelling. I'm all right with zucchini bread scents for the most part, but anything yeasty is a nightmare. Ooh, there's another one for the Wax Blending Glitch List - Passionfruit Campfire and Fresh Baked Bread! Hot Cocoa Marzipan and Earth! I could go all day... :)

  2. These look delightful. Not all worked, but I think some of your riskier ones may have. Those Dragon Blood and Sandalwood blends sound like stunners, even that deeply sweet Butterscotch got my attention. I'm already making a review request, if and when you do fall asleep to the Barbershop Ocean blend. I have enjoyed most of my SMT so far, but I noticed the mints are most powerful. If Ocean stands up to it, let me know. The Salty Sea Air I received got lost in the scent shuffle.
    P.S. I just melted the Butterfly Lane you sent me of Spearmint Spruce to try to combat this brutal head cold and it was so soothing (from what I could detect through my running faucet nose). Does BL sell RTS?

    1. I will be happy to review the ocean/mint/barbershop one. The mint is strong but I am partial to that. It bums me out when it is light. I don't know if it is my nose but for me, mint is either nonexistent or in my face and I will take in my face. I will let you know if the ocean or barbershop peek through.

      Butterfly Lane does customs and RTS intermittently. She is one that uses her Facebook group a lot to announce sales and deals. I just looked and she does have some RTS and customs open right now. <3 Her customs are super fast by the way. That is what the Spruce one was. A custom. Glad you liked it!

  3. Hahahaha! This post made me laugh. You are much more daring than me when you blend. I play it safe with my usual bakery. As usual, your pics are lovely. I can't wait until she reopens for customs again.

    1. :-) Poor wax vendors.... I am sure they smell so much stank day in and day out with customs. Your blends always look so delicious though. And you can't go wrong with that. I am looking forward to the reopening too. I feel like I always have something lurking in my brain. This time it is Pink Sugar Cinnamon Donuts. But that may pass. Not exciting but I am craving pink sugar bakery again.

  4. Girll.. Peppermint Ocean and Winter mermaid. You are a blending machine. Odd that your mini chunk muffins blend didn't work out because you wouldn't think that those would just be horrid together.
    Yes please review peppermint, barbershop, ocean! Lovely! Cant wait!

    1. I am a peppermint blending machine, right?! Yeah... I think it was the Sugared Spruce honestly but it could have been the Flannel too in the other one that didn't work. At first I thought it was the MF but I had that on its own and melted it and it was pure bliss.

      I will put that blend in my next basket and melt it for you! I will also send you a chunk.