Thursday, October 5, 2017

Band of Bloggers: Volume 22, October 2017

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Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away, it was a dark and stormy night. So dark and stormy, in fact, the power had gone out, and you had naught but a handful of scented three-wick candles with which to light your way. As you crept down the darkened hallway of the cabin in the woods along the picturesque shores of Crystal Lake that you and your randy teenage friends rented from the eerily helpful maintenance man back at the abandoned service station with all the weird pelts hanging outside, you caught a glimpse of movement out of the corner of your eye. Whirling madly about, you brandished your glass jar of Pumpkin Cupcake Crunch, set to square off against any number of undead, masked killers with nothing but the three-wick in your hand and your own blazing moxie. Then, with a chuckle of embarrassed relief, you realized it was just your lucky Chucky Doll figurine - must have fallen off the shelf when that puzzle doodad covered in all the bizarre symbols you found in the basement behind the walled-up root cellar tipped over. Pressing a hand to your fluttering heart, you shook your head as you contemplated the massive, flammable waxcident that nearly was - heavens, THAT certainly could have been messy!
And then THAT'S when one of your friends came banging through the swinging door of the kitchen, catching you square in the back, throwing you forward and the candle up, and out, and then eventually down, where it exploded in a geyser of molten wax, covering everything in the livingroom with burnt orange pumpkin spice, including the creepy two-way mirror and the snarling wolf head affixed to the wall. Congratulations; now you're really in a horror movie!
Oh, we've all been there, and not just waxies, but anyone who enjoys a hobby that occasionally errs towards the messy and dangerous (jest not, glitter glue burns are a real thing!) So this month, in honour of Halloween, we're taking a look at our most monstrous pastime nightmares - the waxcidents and beauty blunders and crafting calamities that haunt our hobby dreams. What's the worst hobby hazard you've ever suffered? And do you have any magical tips for cleaning Pumpkin Cupcake Crunch out of carpet fibers (or wolf fur)?

Knock on wood... I have not had any terrible waxcidents that were more than a few drips on the counter tops as of yet. But we did have quite the learning curve when we went from linoleum to more unforgiving tile in the bathroom. I store my nail polishes in a niche there and husband somehow knocked a few over and they fell on the floor and shattered. Heartbreakingly, they were three of my discontinued Rescue Beauty Lounge shades, specifically from her Georgia O'Keeffe collection. It took a lot of acetone and wet paper towels to mop up the polish and the glass bits. He felt really bad about it, poor guy.

I have burned myself and cut myself literally dozens upon dozens of times in the kitchen doing my other favorite hobbies, cooking and baking. I am pretty graceless. Especially with a knife or mandoline slicer. Now that can be horrifying.

If you have a story to share about the worst hobby-related catastrophe you've ever suffered, please leave a cringe-worthy comment in the section below! And we hope you'll visit these Band of Bloggers blogs and help support the blogger community.
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  1. In the plus column, at least the nail polishtastrophe occurred on somewhat easily cleaned tile (although I'm thinking the grout might have been a jerk for you.) I once knocked over an entire bottle of Hard Candy nail polish - frosted purple, I think it might have been called Trailer Trash - allllll over the basement carpet. I threw myself on it along with every cleaner we had in the house and somehow, it came off (probably because I moved with such swiftness in cleaning it up; really didn't want my mom to find that one!)

    Ah, but cooking - right there with you with the cooking calamities. And aside from hurting myself (I once dumped an entire pot of boiling water on my stomach; should have gone to the ER, but didn't because I'm an idiot) I have had more than a couple of baking-induced breakdowns. Why is baking so infuriating?!

    1. Carpet nail polish spill definitely is a terror compared to my incident. But I think I would have rather had a Hard Candy combust rather than my RBLs. Glad it came out for you!! My mom would have not been happy either.

      Boiling water on the tummy sounds brutal, like some kinda medieval torture. I did burn my tummy the night before I went into labor when I was cooking spaghetti. My belly stuck out so far it brushed everything. Including the hot pan I was browning meat in.

      I hope you didn't scar or have any nerve damage. Baking can be a huge challenge for sure. But I love it. <3

  2. Yikes, nail polish spills suck. I still have some dark blue out on our back deck from when I was giving myself a pedicure a few summers ago, couldn't sand it out all of the crevices. You'd think I'd stop perching those bottles so precariously since I have the major clumsy gene myself, yet I still haven't learned.

    I can be dangerous in the kitchen too, I once cut myself badly just opening a can, lol. Mandolin slicer, yee-ouch, sounds guillotine-esque.

    1. They do suck. At least painting outside is a good idea. Better stains outside I suppose.

      Those can lid edges can be brutal. Yes the mandoline was rough. We teach our girls how to use knives too but for some reason Scarlette decided to try and use out mandoline slicer once night to cut up an apple and got her finger bad but never cried out or said anything. Savanna walks into the kitchen and sees Scarlette sitting on the floor with a paper towel soaked in blood and silently crying. She ran into our room and told us and we gave her first aid but she is scary when she is hurt. She keeps it to herself. Thankfully a cleaning and band-aid was all she needed that time. I also got rid of it but I actually need it for carrots and potatoes sometimes.