Friday, August 31, 2018

Ebb & Flow: August 2018

The highs and lows of the month.

Sonoma Scent Studio Incense Pure

Perfume Oil:
Nocturne Alchemy Egyptian Gold Vanilla & Sandalwood

Body Oil:
Aftelier Ancient Resins

Paintbox Soap Works Waking the Witch

Blooddrop Bath Froth 

Lip Balm:
Burt's Beeswax

Skin Care:
Ghoulish Delights Bath Apparition Toner

Bath & Body Works Palo Santo

Sniff My Tarts Blue Sugar/Marshmallow Fireside/Campfire Marshmallow

Marta Oms Small Punk Studs

Black Mission figs

club soda with lime

Greenglass House by Kate Milford

Endless episodes of Charmed, currently on season 3.

Enya. Can't get enough of her lately. She just seems to feel right no matter what.

Blood Moon Botanica's Digestive tea. It was a part of an order I received and it cleared up some nausea I was suffering from recently. Britton is super talented.

Barbara Kingsolver's Flight Behavior. I tried getting into it but the main character just fell flat for me. I think I am going to end up passing it on. It is a shame because normally I thoroughly enjoy her books. 

A few plans in September. I am taking the girls to the Harry P. Leu gardens in Orlando for a fairy door event and my sister and I are going to try and take Savanna to MegaCon in Tampa. I think those will be fun. I am also looking forward to some rainy days, hopefully sans hurricane this year. 

Trying not to dread too much at the moment but I am seriously not looking forward to nighttime these days... the mosquitoes are horrendous. I went outside a couple days ago to peek at the full moon and got chased back inside in 10 seconds flat.

August was a tough month. Battled some blues but slowly getting back my equilibrium. Starting back to school and changed routines and new responsibilities were hard to juggle but I am becoming acclimated again.

The girls being extra helpful around the house, cleaning and cooking dinner once in a while voluntarily. Hearing Savanna practice guitar. Watching Scarlette climb to the top of the rope in gymnastics (seriously, that rope goes about 20 or 25 feet in the air!). Picking from my small patch of wildflowers and bringing them inside to put in tiny vases.

How has your August been? What are you looking forward to in September?


  1. August has been a bugger for me too. :( Mood is low, anxiety is high, confusion and frustration ruling my days. Fingers crossed that September is better!!!

    What am I looking forward to in September? Hmm, well regular season football starts so hopefully that will be fun. Looking forward to seeing the signs of fall, like colors starting to change and weather cooling off. Hoping to blog more, try to find my old routine in that. What am I looking forward to in September? OCTOBER! lol


    1. Hoping September will be better for both of us too. I did happily finish packing your box tonight. I just need to write a letter and seal and address it to send out tomorrow after work.

      Football!! Hoping the Vikings do well for you guys. We had a nice cool breeze today and it made me breathe a sigh of relief. I did get the decorations out today after cleaning the house up a bit. It is nice to sit here watching Harry Potter while all the pumpkins and ghosts and candles are aglow.

  2. How funny you're watching Charmed. I was completely addicted to that show and blew through all the seasons on DVD about 10 years ago. Lately I found it's on tv in the morning so I switch over to watch when the news is particularly hard to bear.

    Looking forward to photos from the fairy door event!

    1. I had watched snippets of it when I was younger but I had never really watched it in completion and I am loving it. Cheesy good fun. The girls get a kick out of it too. I can see how it can help pull you out of a bad news funk.

      I am really excited about that. I have not been to a botanical garden in years and years. Hoping a bit of whimsy will be just the ticket for the girls and me. <3

  3. The blues (back to school or cyclical) seem to be ubiquitous and expected but they still suck. Hoping for better brighter days for you and no hurricanes!
    Ah Britton's tea, I should maybe join her Patreon to see what's what, bc it sounds interesting and a little mysterious.
    I have been watching the 3rd season of Outlander but it paled to seasons 1 + 2, reading is chugging along with listening to the Historian, sorry Flight Behavior was a bust, I bought the audio book from the library and was considering it for the book w/birds prompt. I usually love BK's writing too:/

    1. They do suck. Thankfully I am emerging on the other side of it, so that is good. Thank you for the well wishes. All these hurricanes forming off the coast of Africa are concerning. Today is the one year anniversary of Irma.

      Britton crafts some truly beautiful things to drink and wear and self-care with.

      Poops to hear that Outlander is falling off. I watched the first episode and it was interesting but messed with my personal vision of Jamie and Claire way too much so I am leaving it to my imagination. I would be interested to hear if you end up loving Flight Behavior, maybe you can tell it redeems itself. Poisonwood Bible and Lacuna were ones I enjoyed. And then the one with the lady park ranger... hmmm I already forgot the titles. I had a few from her I read.