Monday, August 20, 2018

Riddles Tea Shoppe: The Auror Tea Society- Summer Manifest

Riddle's Tea Shoppe first became known to me via Jay at The Scented Library. She posted a couple times about the Deatheaters Tea Club quarterly boxes and I kept meaning to try them out. I finally got my stuff together and placed an order for the summer box. That is when I realized that Riddle's Tea Shoppe also had an Auror Tea Society box. I sprang for the Auror one while Jay snagged the Deatheater one. Check out what came in my box down below if you are curious about how the wizard cops take their tea and pop over to Jay's blog today to see what the wild evil baddies enjoy in their afternoon cuppa. Apparently the baddies have a yacht club too.

Jay's blog can be found here. Check out this amazing shot of her Deatheaters Tea Club box that she took.

These boxes release quarterly like I mentioned above. They are a one time pre-order purchase, but I did notice the Etsy store mentioned that changes are coming in August. Not sure what that will be about. The box was $37 plus $7 shipping. The box was said to include two novelty tea items, one large tea pouch, one enamel pin and four additional surprise items.

I quite appreciate the level of detail that went into the making of this box. All items were themed as if you were camping in a forbidden forest with your closest auror buddies. There were two cards, one to set the stage and another that listed the items, buried in the bottom of the box was a sticker that read "Magical Observer" and each item appeared just right to set the mood. It is obvious that this was curated by a true Potterhead.

All the items in the box were hits for me.

A stylish cork trimmed tote emerged from the bottom of the box. I will be using it to usher my planner, books, iPad and materials to and from school.

A colorful postcard with impressive art (I keep looking at the Forbidden Forest lettering thinking I should put on some 3-D glasses to get a full effect) which will soon be hanging on my desk cork-board.

Forbidden Forest Elixir tea sprouted from the box. This rooibos based tea contains rose hips, hibiscus, apple pieces, vanilla, raspberries, strawberries, blueberries and forest berries and is decaffeinated which makes it perfect for evening sipping. I love two things about this bag already: the adorable artwork with mushrooms and the fact it is SEALED.  Can I tell you what a pet peeve it is becoming when I order handcrafted items that come in these bags and they aren't even sealed? All they have to do it run a flat iron over it. I have had mushroom cocoa spill everywhere, bath powders dump out and all sorts of messes in my orders because these bags weren't sealed at the top. So thank you Juli and Joe. Thank you.  

The enamel pin is very cute. I spy some spell-o-tape, a broken sad wand and perhaps some Adhaesus' Extra Sticky Wand Glue. This will be fun to put on my classroom cork-board too.

Three bewitching tins came in the box. The tiniest tin features Molly's Miniature Marshmallows from The Auror Junior Scouts that add a mother's touch to any tea time. These are the tiny crunchy dehydrated marshmallows you find in instant hot cocoa pouches and can buy by the jar full in a grocery store. So once this tin is emptied I can happily restock it on my own. I love the tin. 

Two larger tins contain teas. The first up is Shacklebolt S'Mores which is a black tea and oolong tea blend with added cinnamon bark, ginger root, vanilla, gingerbread, cocoa nibs, orange peels and chocolate. It tastes amazing. The black tea is smooth and flavorful. It has a touch of spice and the chocolate gives it more of a wooden tone rather than a hot cocoa vibe. There is a clarity to this tea that makes it taste as if it has been steeped in spring water. A brilliant tea for fall fireside enjoyment. A black spiced tea with a touch of dark woodsy chocolate.

Barty's Bonfire Blend is a father and son tradition and merges black tea with lapsang souchong along with cloves, ginger root, cardamom, caramel and cinnamon bark. Lapsang souchong is a favorite tea blend of mine and this one is fabulous. This version has less pine and a softer smoke. The gentle smokiness is set off nicely by the warmth of the clove which comes in whole buds in the tea. Clove buds make me weak in the knees. The tea has a nice overall tannic mineral quality that makes it a pleasant rustic experience. An apt bonfire blend to be sure. 

I am beyond thrilled with this experience and will be back for more. If the summer box was this good I can only imagine how fabulous the autumn box will be. I am off to read Jay's blog and probably fall in love again with the dark side. 

Have you had any cool Harry Potter box experiences? Please share!


  1. This box is so darn cute! I need the tin with the mini marshmallows, and that artwork on the postcard is beautiful. Those teas are a great way to bring in the fall. I am already burning fireside marshmallow �� Thank you for sharing the box. Now I absolutely must pop over to Jay's and read about the deatheater box. Love you!

    1. It is super cute! I have already hung up the post card and had a few students comment on how cool it was. I heartily agree.

      I have thrown a few Marshmallow Fireside wax tarts into my melting basket. I am loving that scent right now. It is so delicious and cozy.

      Love you too!

  2. This is so cute, great job you guys. :) Enjoy your teas and your Potter, you devoted fangirl!

    1. P.S. The font on the postcard looks a bit like the Star Wars main titles font - the S, T and R in particular. At least that's the vibe I'm getting off it.

    2. Thanks! I have been enjoying them for certain. About to brew a cup right now.

      Ah! Maybe that is what I am seeing. It keeps catching my eye.

  3. I love this. And knowing that my love for the Potterverse will never cease, I'm happy it's something we can share with others who love it too. Speaking of, RTS embraces the theme and infuses it with artistry and imagination like no other. The way she extends the potter world through products is truly a joyful experience, yay for everything being a hit! This forest box seems made for you, even Lapsang souchong, that'a a box first:)

    I doublechecked my Death eater box and it was $30 with $7 shipping, was this really 7 more? If so, that's taken it to the good guys. I hope for a forest theme for my fall version, I love camping so much and that marshmallow tin is too charming. Thank you friend, I hope the box and review brought you the cheering up it did me. You know I'm game for future collabs:)

    1. I am in the same boat. Potter Forever and not one bit ashamed. Honestly, I had every intention of buying a Deatheater box until I saw the forest trees on the Auror box. I was sold at tree. And I am very happy I picked this one up (although I know I would be tickled pink with the Deatheater one too). I love the foresty vibe and the darker teas.

      I was going back and checking my order via Etsy when I was looking up the price and I saw $37 on my order so you are probably right? I didn't know if that had included the shipping or not. It didn't itemize it. I will just leave it for now and if someone does get interested and wants to buy it, they will see the prices once they come in stock. I am very excited to see what RTS picked up at the HP conventions they have been attending. I bet they are getting all kinds of inspiration. <3

      Thank you again for thinking about me. I had fun!

  4. These are adorable and so clever!

    1. Thanks! I think so too!! Most times I am slightly ambivalent about "boxes" because either I get things I wouldn't always use or enjoy. But this one... this one will be picked up again. It was great fun.