Thursday, August 9, 2018

LSD (Little Sister Designs) Jewellery: Posiedon's Garden Ring

I have become quite enamored with the darkly Victorian creations of LSD (Little Sister Designs) Jewellery. Charlotte Burkhart is the artist behind the brand and she is based out of New Zealand. Charlotte draws her inspiration from nature, specifically "animals and their fragile mortality." She also enjoys books (like Harry Potter and Game of Thrones- you can see this in some of her work) and horror films. 

She does sell through Etsy as well. 

Recently she held what I believed was an anniversary sale. My memory fails me what the sale was specifically for but it was a sale and that was all I needed to know. I took full advantage of it. I picked up a necklace, a few lapel pins and this ring. 

The ring is named Poseidon's Garden and features a setting of antiqued flowers and leaves and vines. She cast this particular design from a vintage costume ring she found. You can choose either a blue, aqua or green faceted labradorite for the stone and it is made to order in your size. I must say that Charlotte uses incredibly flashy stones that glow with beauty. It is a nice medium sized ring that feels glamorous but could be worn casually too. 

Do you have a favorite gemstone? I always vascillate between labradorite and moonstone. I am a sucker for the flash and glow.


  1. Ooh, that is a beautiful stone - what a colour! It looks like Maggie Smith should be wearing it as she swans around Downton Abbey (I assume - never actually seen it myself.) Is tanzanite considered a gemstone? I have a really pretty pair of tanzanite studs that look like little flowers; such a pretty periwinkle colour. Moonstones are also pretty great - such variety.

    1. You are spot on. This is definitely a piece that has that Victorian or Roaring 20's look to it. Something antique. Tanzanite absolutely counts. Your earrings sound beautiful! I have some tiny tanzanite pieces that I should look into making studs with. I bought them off Jewelry TV about a decade ago LOL!