Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Sniff My Tarts: Scent Summit

With the anticipation of an imminent Sniff My Tarts opening (hey! it only happens twice a year!), the scent blending fervor is kicked into over drive. The list above shows some of my favorite blends I have made over the past 4 years or so. Some will be revisited for this opening and, of course, I still enjoy tinkering around with new blends. Check out my latest Sniff My Tarts post to see what I plan on ordering, here

Jay and Sandra are featuring their favorite Sniff My Tarts blends today too. I highly recommend you go check them out! They have great taste. 

Sandra at Finger Candy

Catch the opening on Saturday the 11th from 9am-10am EST and then from 7pm-8pm EST. Their website is open for creating blends and adding to your cart 30 minutes before the openings. As long as you keep the tab open you will be able to check out as soon as the cart button is added.

Will you be joining in on the fun? Keep in mind the six month TAT if you do plan on ordering. What blends are you most looking forward to trying?


  1. Heh, I like how we're all preaching the SIX MONTHS' TURNAROUND TIME thing. I noticed that SMT also has mentioned it a time or two in their posts - really don't want that one to be a surprise, I guess.

    Thanks so much for joining along in this little round-up - thought it might be fun to get our ducks in order and help out those in, uh, need (?) Hey, I guess not knowing what scent blends you'd like qualifies as a need, right? Trying not to go too ham on my order because I'm just not of that spendy-spendy mind any more, but I'm trying to remember that it might be half a year before I get this stuff, so I'd better move now.

    I'm super excited for that Apple Cider Latte blend - think I sent you a pie slice that you *may* be hoarding for the fall (or maybe you've already melted clear through him; wouldn't blame you, it was delicious.) Also looking forward to a re-do on that Mango/Coconut/Waffle Cone blend I like - turns out the last time I ordered it, in a half pie, I goofed on the scent order and mixed up the Waffle Cone and Coconut Cream Pie (it should be Mango, Vanilla Waffle Cone, and then Coconut Cream Pie.) I THOUGHT it smelled a little different - still nice, but just different. I shall right that massive oversight this time! What are you most looking forward to?

    1. Yeah.... six months is a lot to wait if you aren't expecting it or prepared for it. But if you know and are cool with it then it is worth it.

      Thank you so much for organizing this and working so hard to put it together for Jay and me. I have been working balls to the wall all week trying to prep for the school year so today I am going to spend catching up on blogs and checking out the Summit posts.

      I am certainly still hoarding my apple cider pie slice for fall. I think it will be in my first fall melting basket.

      I am looking forward to blue sugar blends, peppermint blends, using clove for the first time, trying out their elderberry and using warm and cozy. I love Warm and Cozy.

  2. I love the simplicity of the Pine Forest/Marshmallow Fireside blend. Yours influenced me to tweak one of mine and do MF/Sugared Spruce/Cookie Bread--should be smoky and sweet. All of your Pink Sugar combos sound excellent. I'm very excited and a bit apprehensive about the butterbrickle brittle:{
    This was a fun, easy collab. I enjoyed it and hope we all get great stuff.

    1. Thank you! I was really happy with how that blend melted. I love your twist to it. I bet it will make it extra sweet and creamy. I hope you like your butter brickle.

      Looking forward to collaborating on more fun things. <3