Saturday, August 4, 2018

Why are Mushrooms So Cool?

Some things that are tickling me right now:

Savanna is entering "middle school" has her own cell phone (you should see the finny texts and gifs she sends me) and is attending her first concert soon (Imagine Dragons). 

The amount of gray hairs that are cropping up on my head. I dream of being the long silver curly headed lady one day.

The family of four Sandhill cranes that come to the backyard to feed two or three times a day, those guys are fearless.

Mushrooms. In real life. On my new cell phone case. On my tee shirts. As jewelry. In my belly. As hot cocoa. Made out of ceramics. On coffee mugs.

A weird thing happened to me the other night. I fell asleep around 10pm after starting a new book, Greenglass House in case you were wondering, then began having a dream. I believe I was a customer at a store and two men behind the counter started verbally assaulting me after I was asking about something. I began crying. In my dream. But I was crying so hard that I woke up and found that I was crying in earnest in real life. It took me a decent chunk of time to calm myself down enough to try and get back to sleep. And it was only 11:30. I cannot recall ever having cried in my dream to wake up crying just as hard. Have you done that?

I know these seem obvious and "feel good" memes get posted often but this one is one I needed right now. Especially as school starts. I had a student gift me the sweetest book that told me a few things she enjoyed about having me as a teacher and some were things like when I smiled it made her happy and when I was having a good time she was too. It is so hard to brush off the bad moods and nagging things that can make me blue but I know it means the world to my students when I approach them with joy or at the very least, small happiness and a smile. I am also ready to make healthier choices more frequently. I am ready to be more active. I am ready to embrace the friends I have instead of pining for the ones I do not. I have a lot or reframing that needs to be done in my mind and heart. Same old song and dance I know but I am a cyclical being and my weaknesses and what they are.

I would love to do another Fall Fun Series type of gig this year. Does any one want to join me? Any bloggers or IG bloggers interested? Fall is creeping up and I would like to celebrate with friends. 


  1. Hello lovely,
    It is such a pleasure to have 3 of your posts to catch up on as I sip my morning coffee, can't wait to feast on the wax goods. But first, that dream sounds disturbing (have you been re-watching The Handmaid's Tale, I am for the first time, yikes it's making me hyper paranoid@_@)
    Whenever I see mushroom goodies, I think of you, lots of pretty ones here to view.
    My husband isn't feeling much joy about the upcoming school year after the forced change, I will try to plant some of your teacher appreciation thoughts in his mind. At least he has a few more weeks, you Floridians get such a short sumer break!

    I am trying to tune into a more appreciative attitude toward my patrons at work, not always easy as the library is the last bastion of socialist ideals and free services an whoo mama, do we get some nastiness dumped upon us occasionally. Something I read which stuck with me the other day is 'treat each customer like a long lost friend'. It's a breeze with some ppl who I am friendly with and are happy to see me, it's been lightening my attitude and I can do it with all customers except one so far :/

    Anyways, I'm excited for our SMT Summit and have another mini-proposal for you, I will send you an email today or tomorrow. I know Sandra wants to collaborate somehow-maybe we can cook some different version of fun up for fall?
    I wish you a refreshing first week back <3

    1. Hello there!

      Yes, it was a disturbing dream. It doesn't sound bad when laid out, but when I woke up and recalled it immediately as I was crying it felt awful. I don't know what was going on. Something I had to get out of my system I guess.

      I am so sorry he isn't looking forward to the school year. I find that the adults in the system tend to take the joy out of teaching, the kids are fabulous! I have to reroute my focus every now and then and remember that the kids are why I enjoy teaching and to lavish my attention on them. We do go back early. The farther south you go the earlier we head back to school and the earlier we get out.

      I bet you do get some doozies at the library. But I am sure you give your best and are super helpful. And that one customer... geez. Head to the bathroom when you see them coming LOL! Duck behind the reference desk. Put on those funny disguise glasses with the nose and mustache and see what they do.

      I am so very excited for our post today! I am thinking of you and praying for you and yours today. <3 Let me know if I can do anything to help you... guest post or whatever while you take some time.

  2. Hello Julie, I know it has been awhile since I've last popped in on here but I still think of you often and wonder how you are doing <3 As cheesy as it may sound you know if you ever need to talk I am here. For the rough patches and of course the fun times too!

    Imagine Dragons! Lucky Gal, that will be such a wonderful memory for her very first concert. An incredible band.
    I wish you all the very best with your upcoming school year. I'm rooting for you to have a wonderful year. Enjoy your first week back!

    1. Hey Jessica!!! I need to make my blog rounds again. I saw you have posted some things. Thank you for your friendship and I am here for you too if you ever need anything. Or just want to swap or something for fun!

      I KNOW! I would love to go and I had always thought I would be taking her to her first concert but I waited too long and now she is going with a friend. But she would have more fun that way anyway. Thank you! I think it will be a great year. Lots of fun things planned and new things to teach. I take on science and history this year along with writing. It will be fun! Hope you are doing well. How is your painting going?

  3. I'm in, of course! I'll have lots of nattering about Disney in the Fall/Disney at Halloween to, uh, natter about, and it looks like I might actually have some Fall/Halloween wax IN my house, actually available to seasonally melt, so there's something. I love working with you; let's blog 'er up! :)

    Also, if you're looking for tales of nocturnal weirdness, look no further than yours truly. Five, six years ago I went through a six month period of night terrors that were just horrible for both Will and I. I kept having these dreams (?) that there were tentacled things crawling all over our ceiling. Will says night after night I'd sit bolt upright in bed shouting about creatures trying to kill us, or I'd leap out of bed in a fight stance. Once I came to (it's hard to explain; night terrors aren't quite sleepwalking, although they're similar) to find myself furiously staring at my front door, fists up for a fight. Apparently I'm quite violent when I'm being attacked by tentacled creatures on my ceiling in the dead of the night! Then after six months they just disappeared, although once or twice a year I'll have a little (always terrifying) episode.

    But I've always had a very, very vivid dreamscape, if you will. I've woken up more than once or twice screaming my bloody head off, even without the night terrors. So I know how unpleasant that feeling can be when you're still trapped somewhere between sleep and wakefulness, upset over something your brain quite inconsiderately conjured up out of nowhere. No fun, but man, have I been there. It sort of feels like you got no sleep at all, right? Gosh, our brains are weird, weird things.

    Imagine Dragons is such a fantastic first concert band! So excited for her, I hope she has a great time. What was the first concert you ever went to? I went to my first real concert with my dad at this summer carnival that used to roll through town every year - Bryan Adams, a local punk act I went on to worship as a teenager called Furnaceface, Extreme (!), Steve Earle...what a weird lineup! But if we're talking me solo (or, more accurately, with a friend who took one look at them and passed right the heck out) my first concert was the New Kids! Sigh, Donnie was the jam. :)

    1. YAY!! Happy you are willing to collaborate for another Fall Festivities round.

      My sister had/has night terrors and I vividly recall her screaming and crying while walking down the hallway at night but she was not awake yet her eyes were open. It was bizarre and a little frightening. She still tells funny/weird stories about her waking up at night and doing strange things. I am sorry you had such an awful half year of tentacled terror. Hoping that doesn't happen again.

      My first concert was the Beach Boys when I was 8, my stepdad took me. I still love them. Your concerts sound much more cooler though. More hip. :-) I guess I was born an old lady.