Thursday, August 23, 2018

Sixteen92: Halloween 2018

The second part of The Circle offerings that arrived from Sixteen92 feature the 2018 Halloween release. The Halloween 2018 perfumes are inspired by witches in filmography. So far there hasn't been an exact date listed for the Halloween release but the end of September is the estimated timeframe. 

We Are The Weirdos, Mister (The Craft)- Notes: Dragon's blood resin, cleansing white sage, snuffed-out candles, spell books, metal and ash, dusty tarot cards.
Fresh on the skin the dragon's blood churns up to the nose in white lacy strips of incense smoke. Glints of caramel scented lipgloss and twitching smudge stained fingers flit about layers of black clothing as they gather in a circle around the incense offering. Young hearts and the cracked pale leather of an old book, power in the tension between the two. I love this dragon's blood and soft leather scent. The sage smooths out the two and binds them together wonderfully.

Welcome to Burkittsville (The Blair Witch Project)- Notes: Ancient stone, raven feather, forest floor, tangled roots, dark water, pitch-black musk.
The first damp steps into the fragrance push up peat moss and black loamy soil. Soon a steely musk sinks into the scent like a blade, then turns to dark obsidian. Tarry night, inky shadows and strange shapes in the trees. 

Formula 86 (The Witches)- Notes: Rice powder, sugar cane, warm caramel, heliotrope, tonka bean, dark chocolate.
A slinky gourmand that nuzzles the skin like a chocolate warmed exhale. It hovers in a delicate powdery nimbus then thickens into a lush molasses and tobacco elixir. A drop of chocolate liqueur. It turns as furry and soft and warm as a sable pelted mouse. 

Really Most Sincerely Dead (The Wizard of Oz)- Notes: Breadseed poppy, warm coconut milk, honeyed benzoin, black licorice.
Sugared mounds of almond cakes speckled with dark anise and crunchy poppy seeds sit so temptingly in a windowsill to cool. A glaze of honeyed coconut icing shines on the fluffy peaks of the gently spiced cakes. A bready richness pervades the cakes and a touch of narcotic darkness, like opium and dusky tonka, forebodes sinister intentions. Are these lures to unsuspecting innocents? 

I Be The Witch Of The Wood (The VVitch)- Notes: Wheat and straw, dark forest, poisoned apple, chimney smoke, fur, blood.
Winter crab apples with a hint of green menthol and camphor astringency hang from dreary limbs. Straw from the black goat's bedding, musty and dank swirl about the melancholy orchard lifted by a chill breeze. Quickly the barn scent turns upon the wind and an ever so slightly sweet smoke from the hearth shifts to the senses. A ghost of vanilla flanking the woods where an earthen cottage hides. 

All of these scents are really well executed and make incredibly evocative scents for Halloween. Welcome to Burkittsville, I Be The Witch Of The Wood (just watched this movie last night... bad idea when all alone- freaky) and We Are The Weirdos, Mister are probably full bottles for me. I will enjoy wearing Formula 86 and may even pick it up eventually. Oz will probably find a home where decadent gourmands are more appreciated. 

Have you watched any of these movies? Which Halloween scent would you pick? Did the roach friend gross you out? Not a fan of roaches, but when taking photos on rotten logs, things tend to get a little wild. I think I smoked him out with the incense I was burning inside the log. That or he was just curious.

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