Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Earth & Honey: Candle and Wax Tarts

These items were sent free for reviewing purposes from Earth & Honey. All opinions my own.

Earth & Honey is an Ohio based indie candle and wax company. Eric contacted me and wanted to send some scents over for me to try out. The wax is 100% soy and the scents seem to be single note fragrance oils. The fragrances come in clamshells for $4 each or candles. I couldn't find any information on the size of candles on the website but I was sent a 5 ounce candle. If this is the "small" size then it is $8, but if it is the "large" size then it is $10. The items came packaged securely and in good condition.

Campfire S'mores is all about the chocolate note. Unfortunately chocolate is not a scent that melts well in this house but I know it will make a nice gift for someone. I love how the wax is layered to look just like s'mores, the white marshmallow, the tan graham crackers and dark chocolate layers. Very cool! 

Forest Meditation was definitely up my scent alley! It is a nicely done oakmoss aroma. Two cubes threw medium-strong in the kitchen and living area. As usual, the 100% soy wax formula can be a bit crumbly and frosted, but I don't mind.

A glass candle in Egyptian Amber was in the box too. The wax is a rich golden honey color and it burns wonderfully. The wick is strong and it made an even wax pool. The scent is a liquid amber musk with a touch of sweetness. The throw is medium-light in the bedroom on my nightstand.

-100% soy for better health
- Simple yet appealing branding
- Nice selection of scents (about 50 on the website) which span multiple scent genres
- Well burning candles
- Affordable prices

- Website could use a bit more information about product (sizes and photos)
- No scent description really, no notes listed
- Not sure if there are any house blends but it didn't look like it

Overall, I think Earth & Honey has nice candles and tarts. I am looking to buy Wild Mint, Tobacco or Sandalwood in a candle. The 5 ounce candle is just right for the bath tub ledge. 

Have you tried Earth & Honey? Are you gearing up for candle season?


  1. Get outta here, lol. We are truly on the same blog page lately. Good for Eric, he is a thoughtful young man with a big passion for his product. I've encouraged him to make his own blends and add photos too, perhaps this will provide the push he needs.
    It's funny, when I sniffed Forest Meditation, I thought of you <3
    I do like the Sandalwood and am thinking of a custom blend candle from him using it in the next few months.
    Although, I have only 1 new fall candle and I'm okay with that.

    1. I was excited when he contacted me because I remembered seeing his goodies on your site. I enjoy his branding and style and his candles are really nice.

      Forest Meditation was a wonderful surprise. I am thrilled with it. Oooooo custom candles?! How exciting. I would love to blend pathcouli, tobacco and sandalwood. I have some fallish candles I picked up at Wick & Fable that I need to light and review. But that is about it. I do have the Outlander one you gifted that I have been saving too that I want to burn and blog.

  2. Candles have been a nice bit of comfort for me recently. I'm going to have to pick up more though, I only have a few left from the winter $8 sale from BBW last year. Not really ready to melt pine and snowflake scents yet. I've really enjoyed this brand that is available at Kroger by the name of Candle-Lite Company.
    I bet you would enjoy their Mahogany Teak.

    1. I agree. Candles are super comforting to me too. In fact... pausing to light one.... there. Perfect. I wish we had a Kroger. I enjoyed shopping at the one in Tennessee. I probably would LOVE Mahogany Teak. I also LOVE your Oogie Boogie man drawing. <3