Monday, August 27, 2018

HagRoot Perfume

The spiraling, sucking vortex of Facebook sent me into one of those cascading searches of perfume houses about a month ago. Someone asked for perfume house recommendations and HagRoot was mentioned. I popped over and immediately became interested in quite a few blends and the price point was very reasonable for sampling. I ended up bringing home a full bottle and a 1/2 dram sample.

The perfumes are affordable and come shipped in thoughtful packaging. 

I rather do enjoy details like this in the treats I buy.

The perfumes arrived in a jewelry box, tied with twine and the full sized perfume was wrapped in a page from a book. The labels are creative with handwritten scent names which is a nice touch as well.

Ancient Forest- Notes: Cedar, birch, myrrh, cypress, spruce, moss and juniper berries. $16.50
Sweet spruce sap and golden oakmoss that feels like a vintage chypre on the skin. Bare feet break the discarded bones of evergreen and the papery curls of birch bark, releasing their perfume like a ghost from captive flesh. Sticky sap and sticky juniper berry tears cling to the fingers that sought them out as they dwelled on bark and branch. This is the heart of the forest. Deeper into the gathering of trees the scent of incense, sweet wooden myrrh, meaders like a winding trail between the serene trunks. Who was here? Are they still? 
This scent is a simply beautiful rustic oakmoss and evergreen scent with a drydown on myrrh. The base of the scent has a papery tone that is light and nondescript after a few hours but I would probably reapply or apply a new scent after that.

Crow Woman- Notes: Tobacco, musk, cinnamon, carnation, sandalwood, patchouli, pinon wood, hay, basil, tonka beans, amber, leather, cedar, clove and frankincense. $7 for a 1/2 dram
This collection of notes both mystified and intrigued me. How would they all mesh together? Which ones stand out? Let me tell you about this changeling. In the dram it smells of spiced cherry wood. Once on the skin a collection of note vie for attention, like chocolatey tobacco and floral spice. Old wooden cupboards brimming with a motley apothecary of goods. The musty corners send hay and earthen motes into the air. Sugar, cinnamon, clove line up in clouded glass jars ready to bring life and comfort to the taste buds. As each jar is uncapped their effluvia warms the senses. The cupboard's treasures are uncovered one by one and a strange black leather encased bottle is spied in the back. The embossed leather holds mysterious symbols in relief within its aged skin.
Crow Woman is a brilliant autumnal scent. It starts as a dark tobacco and earth then heats up with cinnamon. Slowly the leather pulls through. It is wildly multi-faceted, much like the feather of a crow that gleams with an oil slick of hues, shards of rainbow in a shadow of black. Again, I get that same papery scent in the final dry down of the scent that I picked up in Ancient Forest.

Overall, I am pleased with these scents and will wear them happily. They are unique to my collection and priced affordably. They wear fairly quickly, about 3-4 hours but I am alright with that. I don't really care for the final stage of the scents but it is innocuous and won't stop me from wearing them as it is very light at that point.

Have you ever heard of or tried HagRoot? I am really looking forward to putting out my fall decorations on Labor Day. When are you putting yours out or are they already?

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