Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Fatty's Soap Co: Wax Tarts

Remember the awesome soap samples from Fatty's Soap Co. my friend Jean gifted me a little while back? I told you I had placed an order for some wax and now I am ready to tell you about it.

Heather sells her wax tart as brittle and in 3 ounce potions for $2 a bag. The glassine pouches are labeled and folded and ready to sniff. I will probably end up putting the wax brittle in a zip top bag, but that is just because I am super messy in my wax drawers. 

Now, for me, $2 a pop on wax is pretty darn sweet. I love variety and $2 a bag allows for a lot of sampling without breaking the bank. I ended up trying out four scents this go 'round.

Kush- Notes: This smells of 60's counter culture. Spicy, dark, exotic incense in the same family as nag champa, frankincense, myrrh and opium. 

Kush is niiiiiice. It has that sticky inkiness of opium entwined with raw sandalwood and a jumble of incense sticks from the local magical crystal shop. There is a touch of skank to it that smells a bit animalic and fecund. I melted a few chunks and enjoyed its medium throw in my bedroom. Adam wasn't a fan but I can always melt it when he is away form home.

Amber Heart- Notes: Sultry notes of musk, amber and patchouli. 
A lovely sweet vanilla amber that brims with sugary musk. It is sexy and reminds me of Amber Romance by Victoria's Secret, but a more refined version than I have smelled in the past. I put a quarter of the pack in my kitchen warmer and a quarter in my living room and it threw medium for a day and a half. Very nice!

Opium Poppy capitalizes on the smoky dark woods genre and adds in a touch of tar and a single jasmine star. I love this scent. It is a little raw and smells like the black magical remains in the bottom of a cauldron. 

Dragon's Blood is one of my favorite scents ever. In perfume, wax tarts and incense. The bouquet of earthy florals and incense, resins and woods have just a touch of spice and calm sweetness. 

I saw this Peppermint poppy seed soap on clearance for $3 and scooped it up. I am a sucker for a peppermint soap. It smells creamy sweet and almost buttery, like a buttermint. 

Look how purdy she is. 

The last thing that managed to sneak into my cart was this Ruby Lip Sheen, a beeswax, cocoa butter and mango butter based tinted lip balm full of other nourishing oils and a blushing mica shimmer ($2.75). Heather was very generous and threw in Hunny which is a deep honeyed gold and Savanna promptly snagged it from me. Ruby is a beaut. She gives my lips that freshly snogged pinkness. There is a subtle beeswax scent and flavor but it dissipates quickly. My lips feel lush and healthy after applying. I will be keeping this one in my desk at work for frequent use. 

I love my goodies from Fatty's and a love how affordable yet high quality everything is. Do you have a favorite place for tinted lip balms?


  1. Can't go wrong with a good ole peppermint soap.
    The dragons blood brittle screams Halloween to me with its colors, ugh I am so ready can you tell?
    I've tried tinted lip balm in the past. Recently I've been going mostly naked faced besides base and blush as I have just been to dog-gone tired in the mornings to do anything more. A nice tinted lip balm may be a nice addition to my morning routine. Now if only I can keep it out of the abyss of my purse! >.< haha
    Very nice haul, enjoy your goodies!

    1. You really can't! I simply adore mint and tea tree soaps. That invigorating tingle is my favorite thing to feel after a nice hot shower.

      YES! I am ready too. Once Sept 1st gets here it will all come out of the attic. I have been preferring a minimal make up routine all summer too. I am hoping it will carry over into work a little bit but I tend to wear more make up at work. And the lip balms in the purse thing... YEAH! Mine always end up rolling around in the bottom somewhere.

  2. Gosh, that wax is so pretty! I'd have to be careful with my preference for edible-smelling scents or else I'd just be eating it (what, this isn't peppermint bark?!) Speaking of, that peppermint soap sounds awesome. I like peppermint soaps that back off a bit on the MINT - buttermint sounds quite nice. :)

    1. I like was brittle too. It is easy to work with if it is nice and hard. Hahahahaaa! I love peppermint bark. I need to make it this Christmas. And buttermints are some of my favorite candies. I love melty sweet mints. Mmmmmmm.... (trying not to eat soap now).

  3. Anyone wants to check her out she has a code posted for 15% off, RETURNTHANKS. Maybe it was created for repeat customers but figured it was safe to share being already posted in comments on her Facebook page. And her fragrance oil soaps are marked down to $2.50 now.

    1. Ooooooo!!! Thank you so much Jean! I didn't see that. You are the best. And $2.50 for a nice soap is insane! These would make nice stocking stuffers or a basket gift item. <3