Saturday, August 18, 2018

Nocturne Alchemy: Patchouli Bats

Last summer Nocturne Alchemy released a collection of three Patchouli Bat perfumes. There was Amethystine Bat, Halcyon Bat and Sienna Bat. I bought Halcyon Bat at the time and ended up picking Amethystine Bat in the NAVA Marketplace on Facebook. 

Amethystine Bat- Notes: California Redwood, Japanese Hinoki wood, NA black patchouli absolute, cedar essential oil, VA Cemetery Musk accord.

Inky, almost turpentine laced, patchouli and woods seep from the bottle. I love this gummy resinous darkness. Like black fumes. Perched on the skin, the patchouli starts out much like the aroma from the bottle but a few minutes on the skin and the sweet redwood comes out to mellow the patch with its subtle fruitiness. It moves into airy cedar, black rolling musk and patchouli with just a hint of graveyard soil. It fades into a soft woody patchouli that is quite lovely.

Halcyon Bat- Notes: Vanilla bean, Crystalline, Kobalt, NA black patchouli absolute, cotton candy, sugar, cream soda, Bastet's amber, a drop of Bastet's ice cream and bergamot essential oil.

From the bottle lifts up a fizzy vanilla patchouli that is coated in sweetness. Dripped onto the flesh the sugared patchouli and cotton candy vanilla take on a bubbly buttered rum tone that must be from the cream soda. I love it. Soon the sugar melts into the background and the drydown features a soft vanilla patchouli that leans more on the herb than the pod. The vanilla is the chill gauzy vanilla of Bastet's ice cream. 

I adore patchouli and these are two great patchoulis to have in my collection. I hope they come back some day so I can pick up Sienna and perhaps some new bats will fly along too? Do you like patchouli? Or is it a "death" note for you?


  1. I love the labels on these. Somebody passed me in the grocery store the other day wearing a lovely vanilla patch and I wandered around in circles trying to figure out who it was so I could ask what they were wearing. Pretty sure everyone thought I was bonkers :D

    1. I think they are cool too. The art deco font and design with the stained glass bat wings are appealing. Ooooooo.... I love experiences like that. Knowing folks are wearing something beautiful and unique. I do have a bit of a weakness for vanilla and patchouli. You sold me on Coromandel which might be the most exquisite version of that I have encountered yet.

      I wouldn't think you were bonkers. <3