Sunday, August 12, 2018

My Backyard Birds

I have been tracking birds I have spied in my backyard since the beginning of the year, some have photos and some I will mention that I wasn't able to grab pictures of. Here they are in no particular order.

- Mourning Dove

- Blue Jay

- Cardinal

- Yellow-Rumped Warbler (I think... I am sketchy on this one as he was so quick I never got a good look).

- Yellow-Throated Warbler

- Tufted Titmouse: One of my favorites, when this one flies to visit us Savanna hollers "Hey Mom! Your Mouse Tit bird is here!" and it cracks me out.

- Red-Bellied Woodpecker: We have two of these, I think one is the male (this one?) and one is the female (less red on the head I think).

- Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher

- American Robin

- House Finch: A male and a female used to visit the wreaths at our front door and chirped up a storm but lately he visits the bird feeder.

- Brown-Headed Cow Birds

- Indigo Bunting

- Sandhill Cranes: This family of two adults and two juveniles has been visiting us multiple times a day for bird seed, water from the bird bath and shade from the oak tree. I am tempted to name them. I like picking up the feathers they leave behind. 

I have seen Mockingbirds and white ibis, hawks and vultures in the backyard as well as:
-Boat-tailed Grackle
- Tyrant Flycatcher
- Black and White Warbler
- Yellow-Bellied Flycatcher
- Black Capped Chickadee

I think I will be able to spy even more this winter when all the birds fly back down south again. I will have my bird seed ready. What backyard birds are you favorite? Are there any of these you think I got wrong? Are you a bird watcher?

I love my birbs.


  1. What beauties!! You have a lot of diversity. Near my apartment it is mostly water birds, sea gulls and if I walk down to the park where it is marshy sometimes I will see herons. I like watching them hunt, they move like they have dance training.

    1. They are so very beautiful. And each has their own personality. It is fun to watch them all interact. I was surprised at the diversity when I first began to notice them. I thought all we had were Mockingbirds and vultures and wading birds. You have a lot of water birds like we do. I love watching those too. the herons are very graceful. And the long neck is so poised. You are very right. Do you like the gulls? I don't mind them but I know a lot of people grumble about them at the beach. Probably because they steal everyone's food. LOL!

  2. Aww! The Tufted Titmouse is so stinkin' cute! I don't think we get those around here. Most of the others you've captured on film we see around here. We get tons of finches at our feeders, all different colors. Okay, maybe they're not all technically finches...?...but we get red, yellow, and bluish ones. I also like when the orioles and hummingbirds are in season. We get some Bluejays but I don't often see cardinals. Oh and the cranes, we have those around here but I've never seen them come to the feeders. How crazy and fun for you guys!


    1. Isn't he?! He looks adorable but they are funny chittery birds that like to squawk at me when I am outside by the feeder. They try to shoo me away. I always love seeing photos of your colorful birds. I definitely think you get the better end of the bird deal. You get them much longer. The birds don't want to overheat down here. I would love to see an oriole. And hummingbirds. I never managed to attract any this year despite my wild flowers and hummingbird feeder. I ended up tossing it out because it got all moldy with the sugar water.

  3. I'm not a bird watcher, and I do not really have a backyard, but we live next to a salt marsh, so as we go for walks, we see a lot of birds (and some animals), and I love it.
    Enjoyed your photos!

    1. Salt marshes are beautiful ecosystems. The wading birds are quite elegant looking with their long necks and legs. We went kayaking in a salt marsh this summer and it was a wonderful experience. Thank you for stopping by! I hope you are well!

  4. How wonderful that so many of your feathered friends have visited this year. We've noticed an influx of robins since the delivery of more garden dirt and more plants this summer, but that's about it. Oh and my husband mentioned he saw a hummingbird flitting about yesterday while I was at work. Those are a rare sight. Your lovely pics made me smile.

    1. I am finding I love spotting robins. I had never seen one before until a few years ago. I am so excited your husband spotted a hummingbird! I have been trying to attract them all year. No luck yet but maybe this fall I will spy some.

  5. I love my birds too! We are up north so we get some different things, and some only in summer. My favorites are my bluebirds, but I do love the orioles too. The sand hill cranes are around but we don’t get to see them that often, those are an amazing visitor! We get a lot of cardinal, chickadee, tufted tit mouse, nuthatch, and several species of woodpecker including the pileated. Hummingbirds are summer only, along with the red winged blackbird. Believe it or not we have a lot that stay in the winter as well, including the bluebirds, goldfinches, cardinals, chickadees, and all the woodpeckers.enjoy your birds!