Saturday, August 25, 2018

Fortune Cookie Soap: Wax Tarts

Fortune Cookie Soap had a 40% off sale not too long ago and I used it as an opportunity to grab some bath bombs, deodorants for my girls and wax tarts. I am not going to blog about the bath bombs (I just want to enjoy them) and the girls are already using the deodorants and liking them. I do want to show you the wax though. These clamshells are normally $4.45 each but these were about $2.70 each during the sale. 

PJP is the cult favorite Poly Juice Potion that Deb told me about years and years ago. I finally have it on hand! And it is great! PJP blends fresh oranges, grapefruit, strawberries, ripe melon, peaches and kiwi sprinkled with a touch of sugar. The fruits vibrate with sweet and sour flavors and swirl about like a mouth puckering mixed fruit sorbet. This reminds me of the rainbow sherbet scent but much more electric and flavorful. 

These are soy wax tarts and can crumble easily so I didn't take them out. They are all beautifully colored and have copious amounts of shimmer and mica. PJP features green wax with golden sparkles.

Unicorn Farts! Doh! The name. Ah well. Tis just a name. The flatulence of this magical majestic creature is a bouquet of purple chrysanthemums, cotton candy and pink pixie dust. The cotton candy has fruit sweetness and the florals are soft and floaty. It smells like a teenage princess's bedroom. Quite fun. Two cubes melted medium-strong in the large kitchen and living area.

The marbled pink and purple wax with silvery aqua shimmer is lovely.

Evenstar brims with rain dappled petals, dark ivy, Rivendell cedarwood, jasmine and muguet. I have this an a hand sanitizer and I love it. Muguet is lily of the valley and it is candied and magical in this blend. The woods are cottony soft and the greenery is ethereal. This is a wonderful bedroom aroma, two cubes threw medium on the nightstand.

The light blue and teal wax has the prettiest aqua micro glitter. 

The Fortune Cookie Soap wax tarts are nice and I would repurchase them again during a sale and maybe one or two at regular price if the scent tempted me. The bath bombs, conditioner, shampoo and hand sanitizer will have me coming back often though so maybe some tarts will slip in then too. 

Have you tried their candles? Are they nice?


  1. Yeah, you know what I'm going to say. Don't care which mythical creature is the one doing the tooting - I just don't need that image, you know?! :)