Monday, October 29, 2018

Mermaid Treasure: Dida Metals Jack O'Lantern Earrings

Rachel, the maker at Dida Metals (Dee-Duh- Savanna enjoys and follows Dida Metals on IG and owns a pair of her Pokemon earrings and we were chatting one day about her awesome jewelry and Savanna called it Dee-Duh and I said Die-Duh and then I needed to ask Rachel). The past few years Rachel has used some really cool handmade ceramic cabochons to make Halloween jewelry with. 

I added these adorable Jack O'Lantern studs to my earring collection to wear during fall festivities. 

Rachel has some candy corn rings and batty cool pieces left in her store. She is also a wax vendor lover and fellow fragrance and bookworm. Go check out her store for the holidays. Her handcrafted silver jewelry would make wonderful gifts.

Have you done any holiday shopping yet? I have been so bad. I normally have started by now but I have bought nothing so far.


  1. How CUuuuuute are these earrings! Would it be acceptable to wear them year around?!
    I have started Christmas shopping, making and wrapping! I really want to put up my tree Nov. 1st as crazy as that sounds... only because I have that mind set that it I am wrapping presents then I need a place to put and display them. I am going to try to hold off on the tree for a little longer though but I am wrapping as I make and buy keeping a list of everything.
    I still have your package I need to send out when I have the chance, It may be a little behind as it does have a few Halloween things but still cute all the same!

    1. Thanks!!! Rachel has an eye for hygge style. I would totally wear them year 'round! And I just may. <3

      How exciting!!!! You inspired me! When I read your comment I decided to spend my lunch break looking around and found some stocking stuffers and goodies. Thanks for the kick in the pants. Aw heck! Make Christmas as long as you can! I would totally put up a tree if I could right now. But a real tree would look like a brown skeleton by the time Santa arrives LOL! I am making your package still. I was waiting on an order that ended up arriving today. I will be mailing it out this week. <3

  2. These are sweet, you can't go wrong with a classic jack o' lantern, or Radhel's skull or cat pieces for that matter. I had the best intentions with early holiday shopping but I've fizzled, too much else going on. Guess I'll be doing the last minute shuffle with you.

    1. Aren't they cute? Very teacher and librarian friendly. I wanted to start early too and even had the money ready but the actual shopping slipped through my fingers. I hope we can find just the special and heart warming tokens for our loved ones that we wish. (And time to finish the quilt that needs to get done).