Thursday, October 4, 2018

Obscurus: Greater Secrets Fall 2018 Perfumes

These perfumes were sent gratis from Obscurus for photographs. All opinions my own.

The Greater Secrets Fall collection from Obscurus continues to follow inspiration from the Tarot as did the wax tarts. These perfume oils run $14.50 in US dollars. They come in 5ml green bottles with a rollerball applicator and housed in a tidy black box. 

The Star- Notes: Caramel, vanilla, cognac, pineapple, peach, apricot, nutmeg, fig and autumn spices.

Amber gilded fruits emerge wet on the skin. These fruits glow in the sunset hues of mango and pineapple. The cognac adds that suggestion of amber with its golden liquid silk. The fruits melt into the brandy leaving only the purple velvet skin of the fig and caramel musk. Star is a scent to bask in, warm and glowy. 

The Chariot- Notes: Patchouli, Indian lotus, agarwood, teak, violet, musk and myrrh.

Mineral laden patchouli blooms alongside the watery orchids. Soon the patch drifts into the background and powdery violets and woods lift up. Sunning beside the river Nile like a desert lizard, the lotus blossoms float by and the papery Papyrus reeds scratch against each other. This translates into a sun-warmed skin scent, a touch powdery and musky with a hint of incense and woods.

The Empress- Notes: Creamy vanilla, tobacco leaf, fig, a hint of tropical coconut, lively autumn spices, patchouli and clove leaf.

Spooky spice, dark with damp and fecund soil, arises from the skin when freshly applied. The earthiness soon breaks down into brown coconut husk and slivers of green tobacco leaves, raw and freshly plucked, there is almost a vetiver hue to the scent. This is a soft lovely perfume that leans into a barely sweetened earthy musk.

The Madman- Notes: Dark and light chocolate, vanilla and autumnal spice.

Boozy dark chocolate filled with intoxicating spiced liqueur melts on the tongue. It is almost naughty in its indulgence. I pick up an almost animalic darkness in the sinful truffle. The chocolates swirl into bourbon vanilla, keeping the peppering of spice within it until it finally fades into solid bourbon vanilla cream. Normally I am a hard sell on chocolate scents but this one is very well executed. I will be holding onto this one.

The Lovers- Notes: Juicy apricot nectar, raspberry, chocolate, amber, spices and Egyptian musk.

Earthy chocolate and something a touch sharp, perhaps unsweet tangy fruit, first greets the senses. Soon the sour flavor dissipates and leaves musky chocolate behind. There is still an earthen aspect, almost like patchouli or vetiver, that hovers around the edges. For some reason this bings to mind the god Dionysus. I imagine him smelling thus. Fingers stained with aged fruits and cocoa beans while his bare feet crush earthen grasses and soil between this toes. God of the bounty. 


Grasses and trees and plants of green still dominate the landscape, halved with brilliant blue skies. I think the autumn skies in Florida are some of my favorite. Deep azure with cloudless days and feathery breezes.

My wardrobe takes on mustard and burgundy, browns and oranges, come fall. I love trying to coordinate with the seasons when I can. 

What colors do you gravitates towards or see in abundance around you?

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