Monday, October 22, 2018

Sniff My Tarts: August Custom Order

Amy and Donna opened up Sniff My Tarts for custom order around mid-August. My order came pretty fast this time, after about two months. I was near the end of the previous opening last time so this was nice. I didn't go as crazy blending and ordering as I normally do but I am still excited about what I got. 

Dragon's Blood/Butterbrickle/Celtic Moonspice/Clove in chunks. I am thrilled with this blend. The Dragon's Blood is earthen and deep and with the added warm cinnamon and rich tasty caramelized butterbrickle it makes for a divine scent. 

Peppermint/Blue Sugar/Campfire Marshmallows/Fireside is my favorite blend of the bunch. Extra icy mint paired with sweet and musky marshmallows and Blue Sugar. This smells cool and calming and will be perfect for nocturnal melting. I love the marshmallow shapes in this bunch. 

Marshmallow Fireside/Fireside/Camp Fire Marshmallows/Vanilla Sandalwood is one that Amy and Donna whipped up and sent to me a while back. I fell hard for it and had to order it again since I melted all that I had. This is like Marshmallow Fireside kicked up a notch. A little more smoky, a little more sweet, a little more rich with woods. It throws nicely. 

Banana Nutmeg Bread Pudding/Love/Pumpkin Sugared Donuts/Apple Toffee Crunch was a wild card for me. Banana blends can be iffy for me and on cold I wasn't sure about it. The banana leans a little Laffy Taffy but once melted some of that candy melts off and it becomes a warm and inviting banana bread with mild spice and caramel apple strudel. The throw is medium-strong and makes for a comforting kitchen scent, especially in fall.

I picked up a few frosted cookies.

Enchanted Forest/Frasier Fir/Vanilla Snowflakes is my second favorite blend that I made this go 'round. I wasn't sure about the Vanilla Snowflakes but it is brilliantly minty and plays well with the evergreens and spruce and pine. 

Blue Sugar/Frostbite/Fireside was one I wanted to play with Frostbite and Blue Sugar with. It is nice but the Fireside is too muted. It is mostly Blue Sugar with a hint of minty pine. Still very nice but some more smoke would have been clutch. I will definitely be happy melting this as a bedtime treat.

Pink Noel/Marshmallow Noel & Candy/Marshmallow Fireside takes me back to why I fell in love with Sniff My Tarts in the first place... their yummy Pink Sugar blends. Here Pink Sugar and soft fluffy mints meld with the musk of warm wood and embers that lightly float about. 

Cider Lane/Apple Cinnamon/Warm and Cozy is deeeeeelish. The caramel and nectar from Cider Lane round out the spice but the apples from all three of the blends combine to make this a stellar juicy apple scent.

I picked up three single scent macarons:

Marshmallow and Caramel is a little light and has a strange bitter edge to it on cold. I melted it in my kitchen and living room warmers and it smoothed out more and became a rich vanilla. The throw was medium.

Vanilla Custard is a papery but rich vanilla scent. It will probably morph once melted too. I am saving it for a nice cold day.

Elderberry piqued my interest as I do love to drink elderberry drinks. It is sweet and tart and straddles the line between grape and huckleberry and blueberry. It is juicy and vibrant and will be one I blend with in the future for sure. 

Free samples!!

I gifted the spruce scent to a reader but the stone one I kept. 

Vanilla Sandalwood/Blue Sugar/Leather/Vanilla Oak is a great Blue Sugar blend. It smells like Blue Sugar on steroids. Extra vanillic and a touch more rugged with the leather. Normally leather overtakes all the other scents but it plays wonderfully nice in this blend. 

Overall I am very happy with my Sniff My Tarts order. There are currently mystery boxes for sale on the website, here. I look forward to melting these. Did you place a Sniff My Tarts custom order? What blend are most anticipating?

Candy Corn and Football

Yes, I like candy corn. Especially chopped up and mixed with Rice Crispy Treats. I also eat my "Devil's Toenails" by pouring a small handful, eating the fat yellow part first from each one, then the orange middle section then leaving the tiny white tips last of all. 

Football is not something I keep up with any longer. I used to root for the Gators and attend games growing up and in college but that kinda faded away. Adam attended the Bucs vs. Browns game Sunday and he said he had fun, but they did lose. Poor fella has not attended a game yet where they won. 

Candy corn? Football? Yay? Nay?


  1. Yay, thar she is! How nice that your order was up at bat so quickly this time - you must have really warmed up those lightning fingers for this one. :) Glad your goodies are making you happy.

    1. It was nice to get it earlier than expected. And I will definitely be comfy cozy and happy as a bug in a rug melting these yummies. <3

  2. Why does every combination sound like perfection? (except for that banana bread:p) Must be because I'm eagerly anticipating my fall/winter blends. I hope to be on next month's list, Sandra's keeping an eye out for me. I've been craving coziness like a fiend lately Marshmallow Fireside/Fireside/Camp Fire Marshmallows/Vanilla Sandalwood would hit the spot, the Blue Sugars too. I'll add those to my next line-up. Here I am already planning new blends with two open customs.
    Oh, poor Adam, at least the Browns are showing a little fight this year.

    1. The sweet firesides are truly hitting the spot for me. It is officially time to get cozy season. I hope your order comes up soon and you enjoy all your blends. I liked how the banana turned out but I will probably gift some away. I only need very tiny amounts of scents that rich. They satisfy an itch and then I am good for a while.

      Yeah... he said the refs weren't very cool when it came to the Browns. But at least he was able to wear his Browns shirt with pride. <3

  3. As much as I enjoy October (though October has really flew by this time around), the winter months are really my favorite and I must admit that there is true excitement on this end to see the Christmas stuff start peeping up in stores. Love this time of year. October-December is just a great time. So most of these scents sound perfect with their warm and cozy scent descriptions!
    Ah, there she is.. the Pink Peppermint. I knew it would be blended in there somewhere as it is your favorite :)
    Enjoy your goodies!! Hope you are well

    1. It really did fly by. But I am definitely ok with the cooler weather rolling through and winter time approaching. The holiday atmosphere in Bath & Body Works this weekend really excited me.

      I can't resist grabbing a pink peppermint at a Sniff My Tarts opening. <3 It is law or something by now.

      I have an upper respiratory and ear infection but went to the doc and got on some meds so should be healing soon. <3 How are you?