Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Silver Run Ceramics: Raven Mug

Silver Run Ceramics is a pottery studio ran by Michelle and Frederick on their Kentucky farm in the Appalachian mountains. I have a wolf incense burner from Silver Run that I adore and it gets much use. I picked up some mugs months ago and gifted two of them but this particular one had to join my collection. 

This low profile mug has a nice two finger handle and a matte texture that I love. The background color is a deep dark mushroomy taupe while the raven and his hackled beard is black. He is featured in the center of a scarlet setting sun or perhaps a blood moon, with yellow and orange glazed rays that shoot off into the darkness.

The inside of the mug is glazed white. 

I love the heft and size of this mug and the handle that feels just right. I did pick up Scarlette a mug with a black snake among pink peonies that she enjoys. Recently I got Scarlette the same motif in a small trinket tray to gift her for Christmas. She wants her room to be decorated in snakes. 

You will be seeing some more mugs come through here pretty soon. I landed a Callahan mug, thanks for Jay's enabling, an Earth Erra mug and one more Elan Pottery mug. 

In my defense, two glasses broke so I had to replace them right? Mugs are more fun anyway.

Black Cats

I always had a pet cat growing up but never a black one that I can remember. Funny enough most of my cats were gray. My husband did not grow up with cats and is not a cat fan in any way, shape or form. He is not mean or rude to Toddles, and will even clean out her litter box, but he will not pet her. In fact, I have only seen him do it once in the 12 or so years we have had her. And I think it was just to confuse her. He collects the whiskers she drops but that is about the only thing about her that interests him. Oddly enough there is a pitch black neighborhood cat at his parents' house in Bonita Beach. We call the cat Captain Midnight but its real name is String Bean. Adam will pet that cat all day long. He will even call it over when we stop by and visit so that he gets a chance to hang out with the cat. He claims it is the only cat he likes or will ever like. I just asked him why that is and he said "because I don't have to feed it and stare at it in my house. I can pet it and then it can go away." Here I thought it was some deep and meaningful connection. A kindred spirit, perhaps. Nope. Not even close.

Life with my husband. <3

Do you have a black cat?


  1. Our cat has us so completely wrapped around her little paw, I can't imagine a life where there's two creatures in a house that don't interact with one another. Like, there is NO ignoring our cat; she simply won't allow it. It truly boggles when I encounter families where the cat doesn't rule the house; I honestly have no idea what that would be like! Probably pretty peaceful? Most likely you'd get to sleep longer than two hours at a time before being meowed into consciousness? :) Your kitty is so respectful - how does that even work?!

    1. Forgot to mention that I had a black cat, my girl Porky - she passed away about three years ago and I miss her horribly. She was nearly 23! She had super long, bushy fur and tortoiseshell colouring, but she was mostly black, with this adorable little fluff of orange under her chin. She was perfectly Halloween-hued. :)

    2. Hahahahaa! Toddles is pretty low key. She likes to be fed and pet and then allowed time to nap. I think maybe the girls annoyed her enough when they were toddlers that she learned to be chill and enjoy quietude. Porky sounds adorable. What a long life for a cat! So cool. And those spooky colorings must have made for some festive photos at some point I hope.

  2. That bearded raven looks like he's got something to crow about, wonder what's stuck in his craw?;)
    Cheers to more pottery enabling, I need some smaller pieces like this one, although I like ravens, I especially fancy those rays coming out of the sun, cool effect.

    1. LOL! Hopefully some tasty corn.

      Thanks! You certainly have illuminated some amazing potters and I thank you. Michelle at Silver Run is a wonderful artist. I love her style, it reminds me of primitive fables come to life.