Saturday, October 20, 2018

Nocturne Alchemy: Gothic

Nocturne Alchemy Gothic- Notes: Black clove, sweet smoking tobacco, patchouli incense, frankincense and myrrh resinoid, vanilla skin musk. $22

I picked this mysterious beauty up several months ago and aging has made it deepen and ripen into a resonating sweet experience. In the bottle the vanilla skin musk emerges as most prevalent and it is backed by a sweetness that I now know is sourced from the tobacco. Nocturne Alchemy's tobacco is a unique take on it. It has a puttied roundness to it that is unexpected. On the skin the pliant tobacco blends with vanilla musk and a sweet candied clove that is mild and smooth. The clove never comes across as spicy or hot, or even warm. Overall, Gothic wears like a dark sweet syrupy vanilla scent with a soft incense and tobacco underbelly. Sweet blackish purple lips that curve into a full lipped smirk and glossed with vanilla scented shimmer. The breath just behind this gothic pout tinged with the smoke from a clove cigarette covered up with a sweet hard candy. 


I like bats. I think they are super cute. I have a bat necklace and bat shoes I like to sport. I love visiting bat houses and hearing them chitter and chirp their way inside. I actually looked into getting a bat house for our backyard but I knew we would be moving eventually so I am going to wait. 

Do you like bats?

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