Saturday, October 27, 2018

Callahan Ceramics, EarthErra and Elan Pottery: Mugs Galore

Some potters that I have been eyeing up all decided to release some extremely tasty goods at about the same time. I didn't even fight it. A couple glasses broke over the weeks and I just took it as a sign. Fill the cupboard with artful drinkware. No problem. 

Jay at The Scented Library featured her birch tree Callahan mug and I was draw to it like Moth to Lamp, broother. Callahan Ceramics is run by Mr. Callahan Foose out of Colorado. The artwork and scenes are vibrant and detailed. A combination of layers, engraving and 3-D effects as well as painted art makes for a cohesive and eye catching piece. During the Halloween Collection release I knew there would be some Potter goods but I didn't count on bats. The bats in a crystal cave made its way to me. It is a nice hefty mug with a larger capacity. I can fit about 3-4 cups of coffee in this bad boy. 

The Hogwarts tumbler was the first thing I was angling for. Callahan opened up for customs a little while back and I requested a Hagrid hut mug. The owner couldn't fill it but said I would be on a waiting list which was really nice. This tumbler will hold me over until then. <3

Elan Pottery is well known to me. I have not blogged about my Elan Pottery Mug Club experience but I did do the Six Month Club last year. I gifted a couple of them as house warming gifts and whatnot. And I did feel like I had a decent collection of Leigh Anne's work although I was still kinda eyeing up her skull crystal mugs and apothecary mugs. I ended up choosing this fella over the apothecary ones and I am happy with him. I like how you can see the skull transfer under the glazing. Gives it a spooky vibe. 

The saturated blue and warm mocha brown with the skulls makes me think of Pirates of the Caribbean and I never mind thinking of that. The crystal is an aura crystal in a honeyed citrine shade. This is a smaller mug and gives me about a cup and a half or so of coffee. This one does have to be hand washed with that crystal in it.

Lastly in my Mug Shot post is my first ever purchased-myself EarthErra mug. Shiyana is the maker behind this brand. When I first learned about her she worked as Ox & Otter and then relocated and made some branding changes a couple times. I do have two used Ox & Otter mugs I purchased from a group I am in and I love them to pieces. I knew I wanted to pick up a couple more styles that I know Shiyana creates and this one popped up as one of them, a Halloweenie version of Luna. 

Thank you for attending coffee mug chat. Which of the four do you like best?

Pumpkin Carving

The girls and I did a mini pumpkin carving the first weekend of October since my sister and her husband were over visiting. They lasted all of three days before they rotted. We have plans to buy our traditional bigger pumpkins here very soon. This mushroom pumpkin was my test run to see if I could do the scraping thing. It was fun but definitely time consuming. 

Do you carve pumpkins? 


  1. Apologies for missing this post last time; I glimpsed it, got distracted and never came back to it. Boy did you gather some great stuff! I even like the bat fella (not the real ones as you know) but the iconic halloween vampire style w/o any realistic eyes or teeth, it's sweet. I love the way Callahan's designs pop out of the scene w/the 3-D effects. The Hogwarts cup is so cool, especially the soaring above the clouds/mountains angle. Sorry your custom will be delayed, I bet he will be able to do it, although I have wondered if licensing issues will catch up to him, perhaps he'll need to change the names. I wanted to hit up his halloween opening (those luminaries were wondrous) but had just ordered a custom and am saving for/plotting presents instead. Can't say I won't be tempted by Nov.'s woodland opening though.
    Elan Pottery's skulls are killer, I get more of a gothic vibe or LOTR spirit of Mordor from them, but I'm seeing LOTR in everything lately;) Let's mug chat more often<3

    1. You are absolutely right! The 3D effect is part of the charm for me too. Reminds me of a diorama a little bit. I keep watching the releases and now saw the wax tart warmers. I about dies and am sitting here patting myself on the back for not getting one right away. LOL! But hopefully he will make some more one day and I will grab one when the time is right.

      That woodland release was amazing. I wanted the mushroom luminary too.

      Leigh Anne crafts some really cool designs at Elan. When I saw she combined the skull transfers with the crystals it was my Achilles Heel. I like your perspective of the skulls. They remind me of a tumble in a catacomb. But I will cary around the LOTR reference with me now too.