Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Mermaid Treasure: Little Sister Designs (LSD) Jewellery

I featured one of my new favorite rings from LSD Jewellery a little while back and I must say, that ring wasn't the only thing I picked up that day. Inside this sleek black box with a snapping lid and silver embossing lies a trio of hand crafted silver pins that my make Harry Potter loving heart go pitter pat as if I was in the Shrieking Shack.

>points wand at box<
"Reveal your secrets."

A Deathly Hallows pin made of bones that delights me.

A skeleton of a rat's paw pinching a faceted moonstone aptly named The Demented Pin.

A Seer Pin, which is a casting of a finch's claw grasping a faceted labradorite. With the blue hue of the stone and the bird claw I tend to think of this one as an homage to Ravenclaw.

The Demented and Deathly Hallows pins are currently available for $70 to $75 each. There is a coupon code right now for 25% off until October 17th using: HALLOWEEN18


I have enjoyed wearing these lapel pins on a black cardigan sweater of mine. As you know from my fall fashion post, cardigans are my preferred sweater but I do have a couple geeky pull on sweaters that I love and this one I picked up on Etsy last year from Black Bird Supply:

I don't look nearly as cute in it but I like how soft it is. 

Please share your favorite place to get sweaters. Do you have any Harry Potter lapel pins? Where did you get them?


  1. That moon sweatshirt is sexy, what a stunning image. I'm pretty well ride-or-die with my fun enamel pins which typically run $12, but I still consider them little works of art. These silver bones and bejeweled claws though, brooches with a capital B. I hope you wear them cascading down a cardigan shawl collar or clustered on a pocket. I'm also the cardigan lady, although I haven't bought any in awhile except for a bejewled cropped one that makes me feel like a fancy librarian:)

    1. I wish I looked a sexy in it as this chick but I will do. Keeps my curves warm. I love the enamel pins they are so fun. I have a bunch on a jacket I like to wear. I just keep them on it.

      I did wear my pins today on a black cardigan with stars on it in a little cluster. The trio makes it nice.

      How fun!!! I am shameless about liking my flashy bling. Enjoy your new sweater! I bet you are the cutest librarian there. <3