Tuesday, December 8, 2015

2016 Bucket List

My new journal for 2016 has a 100 Things Bucket List and I finally filled it out and thought we could all share some things we want to do in 2016. Some things I have done before but not in ages, while others are first-time events. Like a goose I already have done one or two items intended for 2016, but that just means I am trying to get ahead right? Those are marked with a *

- Learn to knit
- Read 50 books
- Make Mom's quilt
- Universal Studios Diagon Alley
- Homemade pasta
- Continue to blog
- Run another 5K
- Make French macarons
- Go to the Silver Moon Drive-In
- Play with perfumery
- Montale bottle
- St. Augustine
- Get healthier (read: drop 50 pounds)
- Plan New Orleans trip
- IKEA couches
- See a shooting star
- Sunset on Anna Maria Island
- Pearl earrings
- Finish the Bible through
- Surprise Adam with a mini getaway
- Cire Trudon candle
- Plant a garden
- Pendant light above bath tub
- Read The Hobbit to Savanna
- Camping
- Alderman Ford Park hike
- Plan NYC sister trip
- Mountains
- Wild flower bouquet
- Explore a National Park
- Make bath salts
- Play in the snow
- Make soap
- Take Scarlette for a pedicure
- Visit a planetarium
- Send a care package
- New carpet
- Pray
- Marinara from scratch
- Oxford Exchange with sisters
- Eat at Pearl in the Grove
- Visit Bok Tower
- Try Indian cuisine *
- RAOK with coffee
- Homemade ice cream
- Meet up with bloggy friends
- Send flowers for no reason
- Buy a hand thrown pottery mug
- Fragrant by Mandy Aftel
- Take girls to Nutcracker or any play
- Send a card for no reason
- Bring someone dinner
- Visit a garden
- See an apple tree
- Ice skate with girls
- Make a tincture
- L'Artisan amber ball
- Refinish girls' furniture
- Redecorate girls' rooms
- Bake madelines
-Plant lavender
- New fall wreaths
- Cook chili
- Knit a cashmere scarf
- Make Mom's seashell clock
- Sewing camp for girls
- Bungalow 360 bag
- Fille en Aiguilles
- Discovery Cove
- Renaissance Festival
- Watch The Help with sisters
- Glass blowing
- Sew flannel quilt
-Take a writing risk *
- Paint art on a canvas
-Re-paint bedroom
- Visit Cleveland, OH
- Start girls an ornament box
- Re-paint hallway mural
- Watch Breakfast at Tiffany's
- Cat earrings
- Vintage ornaments
- Floss every day
- Go to garage sales
- Get a massage
- Eggnog from scratch
- Do a photoshoot with girls
- Make blueberry cheesecake for Adam
- Watch Casablanca
- Visit an Amish market
- Make scones
- Lord of the Rings quilt
- Get Savanna's hair layered
- Discount Kate Spade purse (Nordstrom Rack preferably)
- Homemade salted caramels
- Horseback riding with girls
- Visit grand parents every other month
- Attend a concert
- Yoga at least once a week
- Order fish for dinner

Please share some things you would like to try and do next year. This list is a dream list and I will be doing well to cross off a quarter of it, but it will sure a heck be fun trying. 


  1. Love your list! I love that you have both simple and bigger goals. We have some 2016 goals in common: Learn to knit, Visit Diagon Alley, run a 5K and homemade salted caramels! I've never sat down and written an actual list, I think I will do that. They say you are more likely to accomplish the things you write down. I have lots of goals floating around in my head involving real estate investing, our own home, celebrating my 30th birthday, things to learn and travel. But the number one thing on my list for 2016 is: BABY. Maybe if I write it down it will actually happen this year!

    1. JACQUI!!! I literally said "AWWWWWWW" out loud reading that last part! Praying the desire of your heart comes to fruition next year. It will be the best thing you do all year <3

      Let's cheer each other on in our mutual goals. I am debating on going to a knitting class, watching YouTube or learning from a book (I picked up the Stitchin' Bitch How to Knit book). We are going to Diagon Alley in Februaey for Savanna's 9th birthday. When you come let me know!

    2. I swear I can spell February. I was excited :-)

  2. I love your list!!! I have been contemplating a 30 things list.. since I hit the big 3-0 soon!! (eeeek!! j/k, I'm excited! :-P )
    I have things like: finish all my unfinished projects, HP quilt for baby, teaching piano lessons for David (& Hubby... possibly), walking everyday, monthly trips to somewhere new, getting healthy ...
    I also want to do that New Years jar idea.. where you spend the year filling it with memories.

    p.s. -- I want to see lots of photos from Diagon Alley!!!

    1. Yes! A 30 by 30 list would be fun! I had a 40 by 40 list and lost it :-(

      A Harry Potter baby quilt would be magical! I like your walking, monthly trips and healthy goals too. Plus 2016 brings a huge new addition! :-D

      Of course! I am tossing around the idea of blogging it since you mentioned blogging EPCOT. I love that idea!

  3. Hi Julie, that's a cool list! I had only a few items on my list before I turned 40 and they were to pay up my housing loan and visit Paris! Managed to tick them off and this year I visited Tokyo and Mt Fuji, which was another item off my list! Next I hope to visit New York before I turn 45! :)

    1. Thank you Shelnmum! It is a bit all over the place but it would make for a fun year. Congrats on paying off your home! What a HUGE accomplishment! Mmmmm Paris. Paris is on my by 40 wish list. NYC was amazing. My friend and I went last November and I was star struck by that town. I already made plans to go again in a couple years. Do you have any must-see/do/eats for Paris?

  4. We did the usual touristy stuff like Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Catheral, Arc de Triomphe and The Lourve and of course shopping! It was a free and easy trip for us so we just stopped by any cafes/ restaurants that looked nice to us. I did a day trip to London by the Eurostar and went to the Lush Store at Convent Garden. It was like a pilgrimage for Lush fans like us! Actually I stopped by Lush stores when I went on holidays like you too! So far I went to Covent Garden in London, a few stores in Melbourne Australia and Tokyo and Osaka!
    - Esther

    1. Sounds like it was a lovely laid-back trip. Is the Convent Garden Lush, the one with the beautiful doors?? Glad to know I am in good company with my Lush wanderlust. :-)

  5. I really enjoyed reading this!! You get to know a person better seeing what is on their bucket list! I will have to work on my 40 by 40 now.

    I just saw a book in my online library catalog on knitting using your arms instead of needles...how funny! It reminded me of playing the cat's cradle string game. https://www.youtube.com/user/SimplyMaggieblog

    1. Thank you Jean! I guess shucker list does open a door into that person's desires and dreams. <3 arm knitting! That looks fun! I am just dying to knit a soft snugly scarf. I would love to know what you put on your 40 by 40 list! I really need to re-do mine.