Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Rescue Beauty Lounge: The Very Last Order

Yes. It is over. Rescue Beauty Lounge is no more. My absolute favorite indie nail polish vendor. But she went out with a bang and so did I. I scooped up any polish I ever wanted but did not wish to pull the $20 trigger to obtain. Most of these were $6. A completely sane price, and a steal for such great quality. 

I bought, L to R: Wild Raspberries Grow, Small Dim Summer Stars, As Sweet Companions, Ah Oui, Morning Light, Manicurator, Vixen by Sassy Shelly, Refined and Polished, Coquette, Bicicletta, and Ethereal. 

Did you take advantage of the liquidation? What did you get? Who is your favorite indie polish? I need a new top favorite as RBL and Cult Nails are fin. 


  1. I wanted to buy some RBL so bad, but it was hard when I already knew I was going to have to leave 90% of my polishes behind when we moved. I just have to live vicariously through others :)
    I love Refined and Polished!
    Dollish Polish was a favorite of mine back when she started up. Her YouTube channel was what got me into nail art to begin with so that might have something to do with it.
    Some day I'll pick up a Lynnderella. Her polishes are gorgeous but oh my goodness that price tag has forever kept me away.

    1. Oh man. 90%?! Hopefully they will be somewhere you can get them back when y'all return.

      Lynnderella.... Talk about the golden egg! And most people probably think $20 is ridiculous then $40 must be laughable!!! But do I want one??? Yes. Yes I do. Probably won't spring for one though. I remember buying an OPI DS in Publix one day and the cashier said "uh uh, I would NEVER spend $7 on a nail polish!" As she rang me up. Boy howdy, did I button my lips and thought "giiiiirl.... If you only knew!"

  2. what pretty colors!!! I haven't purchased anything lately... my stash is at a good size... big enough for variety, but small enough to be squirreled away from the pesky movers! :-P
    but I'll fess up now... if a Star Wars line comes out... all bets are off! lol

    1. A good stash size is nice! :-) I culled a lot of ones I had not reached for in years to make room for these bad boys. I am limited in space too. Whatever fits in my nail polish rack is what I can keep.

      Star Wars! I BET there will be some cool indie polishes coming out for that release!