Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The Bathing Garden: Small Clammie Haul

I bought some clammies.

Belladonna Tincture is a dupe for Lush's Lord of Misrule. Shannon gave me a sample in an order a little while back and it had such a great throw. I am excited to have picked up more before she took down the fall offerings.

Winter Woodland is a past favorite of mine. The evergreens have a teeny tiny touch of musk and white floral that makes it a lovely fragrance and unique.

Ever Night is a restock for me. I bought and used up a whole clamshell recently and the throw was marvelous. Ever Night is another Lush dupe but for Twilight. A soothing sweet musky lavender. Top shelf.

What? More Lush dupes? Why yes, please. This one is Magic Green Soup, that copies Jungle. Green is apt. Hazy greenery, lush flowers, deep patchouli and musk with added vanilla tones. A similar structure as Olive Branch.

Mummy Mademoiselle, sweet as candy. Rose Jam filled candy bubblegum treats. It is boarder line too sweet, but the roses set off the sugar nicely. 

Free Samples!

Candy Carousel- Delicious! Vanilla musk. Why am I getting so much musk?! I do not know but I love it. I really love it.

Circus Cake- Berries, white cake, and maybe a touch of cotton candy fluff. Yummy.

Raspberry Stockings- Soft raspberry, a figgy tone and candies. Delicate and feminine.

I hate melting these beauties and seeing their beauty vanish into a pool, but I love their smell more than I love their looks (and that is saying a lot). DO you enjoy Lush dupes? The Bathing Garden? Pretty tarts?


  1. Oh my, that is a gorgeous haul! I love pretty things but my issue is I don't want to melt/use said pretties... because they're too pretty LOL :)
    I love Lush dupes! Lush was my first excursion into the world of bath and body products and it will always hold a special place in my heart, even if they're expensive :)
    Please please please let me know how Raspberry Stockings does. It sounds like an awesome scent!

    1. I get that way sometimes too Liz! Cute shapes and pretty decorations make it so hard to melt! I am a Lushie fan too despite the price. But I mainly buy as a splurge three or four times a year. I will save it for you when you are settled and ready for your first care package ;-) Don't worry... I will be bugging you for your new address in no time!

  2. Pretty indeed! That blue sparkly swirly one is beautiful!

    Lush is something I always want to get into but the prices scare me away. I need to learn how to treat myself once in a while.


    1. The blue swirl one is pretty cool looking... in fact, I have never seen a tart in this shape.
      Maybe we can drag you to a Lush store one day. But it IS a little overwhelming the first time. I must have walked in a Lush store my first three times without buying anything just because I didn't even know where to start lol! I eventually landed on the bath bombs and never looked back. Treat yourself woman.

    2. There used to be a Lush store in Macy's in Minneapolis, just a few blocks from our hotel that we stay at when we go to Vikings games. I went in one year just to see what all the fuss was about. Went in the next year to buy a Christmas gift for someone else. And then the third year, when I'd decided I was going to get something for was gone. I haven't checked lately but I don't think there are any Lush stores even remotely close to me. I have ordered online once though.