Saturday, December 12, 2015

Melting Basket 54

Wax from the last basket I would buy again happily include: CFTKR Glazed Cinnamon Donuts and Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies and Christmas Cabin, Beezy Apple Clove Butter, Scentsy Spiced Grapefruit, LSC Autumn Apple Moonshine. 

Rosegirls/Scoopable Tart Wax- Cranberry Lodge
Rosegirls/Scoopable Tart Wax- Citrus Spruce Swizzle Sticks
Rosegirls- Cinnamon Glazed Oranges large cookie
Rosegirls- Cinnamon Bayberry large cookie
Rosegirls- Peppermint/Vanilla Bean Noel/Christmas Past muffin
CFTKR- Balsam & Citrus
CFTKR- Cranberry Balsam
CFTKR- Main Street Christmas
CFTKR- Lingonberry Wreath
CFTKR- Orange Clove <3 gift
Lake Providence Lodge- Tree-Lined Trail
Lake Providence Lodge- Balsam Ridge
Dessa's- Aspen Winter <3 gift
Dessa's- Gingerbread House

If you would like to know how these perform in-depth, please drop me a comment. I would be happy to oblige. As you can see I tend to gravitate towards Candle From the Keeping Room for my holiday fragrance needs. I tend to find Carol does the scents extremely well and they last from one year to the next if I can't melt them all in the season.

December is almost half over already! I still have a few last minute gifts to buy and presents have not been wrapped yet. I also need to bake some more goodies to gift to neighbors. But I am trying really hard not to stress it. There is enough to fill the stress plate as it is without adding holiday whoobee whatee to the pile. 

Today we are going to EPCOT as part of my Christmas gift to my family. Scarlette was up coughing all night and Savanna woke with a headache and Adam did not sleep well (and theme parks are not his favorite) so I think we are all in for a treat. Positive thoughts welcome. What do you have planned this weekend? How is your holiday season coming along? What do you have left to do?


  1. I'd love to hear about CFTKR Cranberry Balsam! That sounds intriguing :) I agree about the longevity of Carol's wax. It's a pain trying to make it to an opening but I love her stuff when I can get it!
    Today we're going out for more Christmas shopping and maaaaybe to ransack the B&BW $2.50 handsoap sale that Deb turned me on to :)
    My parents keep asking me for a Christmas list but I don't know what I want besides more soapmaking stuff, lol. Maybe shoes? I dunno, I never thought I was getting Christmas presents this year.

    1. I would love to review that one! It is a leftover from last Christmas :-) The openings are difficult but when the stars align and prayers are answered... hold on to your biscuits! Mama's going buck wild!

      Yay! Christmas wish lists!!! Soap making and shoes sound great to me! I really could use a new pair of Converse. ;-) What kinda shoes are you looking at?

    2. Winter boots are a must for where Michael and I will be living so I need a pair or two of those. Besides that some form of sneakers/running shoes. I'm pretty hard on my feet so I have to replace my go-to comfort/athletic shoes quite often :)

  2. Epcot! My most favorite of all the Disney parks! Have so much fun!!! I am sure you will be doing some perfume browsing, yes? I still dream sometimes of the lobster bisque and croissant jambon fromage from the Boulangerie Patisserie. France is basically the best part for me lol. Please, please take so many pictures!

    Lovely melting basket! How does Citrus Sprice Swizzle Sticks compare to Citrus and Balsam?

    Tonight we are celebrating a friend's birthday at a local brewery and then going to a board games bar! Excited to get my Settlers of Catan on.

    1. It was a blast! France was full of awesomeness! I think I am going to blog it. I brought money to buy a Guerlain exclusive but in the end the sales guy made me feel awkward so I left. He kept pushing Petite Robe Noire on me and I do not like it and I came for the exclusives, Monsieur. So I am saving those funds for a Malle coffret now. >_<

      I will compare those two!

      Have fun! I adore board games! I hope you kick butt!

  3. I'm done with shopping and wrapping, and Christmas cards went out over a week ago. The only thing left on my list is to make Special K Bars, and Puppy Chow (Muddy Buddies, whatever). I'll probably wait and to those next weekend though.

    No big plans here. It's still weirdly warm. We might hit 60 degrees this weekend and have thunderstorms. Really?! Mid-December in Wisconsin?! Well, as long as we get a bit of snow around Christmas I guess I can live with these Florida-winter temps.


    1. WHOOHOO! I think I am going to make the Puppy Chow/Chex mix chocolate yumminess too this year. I just love it.

      Dog! That El Niño is really keeping things warm this year. I hope you get acquire Christmas. Meanwhile I am hoping for a Christmas in the 60's... That would be nice. Way better than 80's.