Thursday, December 24, 2015

Haus of Gloi: Reverie Release

Merry Christmas Eve! Haus of Gloi Reverie order arrived, festive and hilarious!

So yeah, Mr. Toki's Christmas Yule Logs made me cackle like a lunatic when I opened them. For $5.00 I got 2 ounces of a yummy marshmallow and cocoa foaming buttery bath. The chocolate scent was the scent of a perfect hot cocoa. No funky fake Tootsie Rolls here folks. 

Seriously, how funny are those?! 

Less poop-tacular and more lovely, I did order a ton of butterbombs while they had them restocked. These bad boys fly off the virtual shelves during releases. The butterbombs range from $2.50 to $3.00 each and are good for one indulgent bath.

Sleepytime- An herbal, realistic lavender with a touch of chamomile, herbs and sweetness.

Yule Mums- Fresh cut white flowers. narcotic and heavy. I get a touch of citrus and musk. This will create one gloriously beautiful bath. 

Holiday Citrus, though bright and sweet, has a touch of powered candy tartness, or even a similarity to Tang. Still a fun scent though.

Silver Fir is the one I waited for with baited breath. My friend Lynda gifted me one for my birthday and I laughed with joy to see it in the bag. When I saw it restocked I knew I wanted two more. The forest of fir trees has a touch of shimmering eucalyptus and camphor tones and there really is a beautiful metallic sliver edge present. This is a Christmas Eve bath. I am so excited to use it tonight (or rather the birthday one).

Winter Divinity pumpkin butter touts notes of peppermint and vanilla, though I do detect a jolt of chocolate, or maybe it is the rich cocoa butter that gives it a chocolaty texture. I love the cooling sensation of the mint, very refreshing and relaxing. Haus of Gloi pumpkin butters are still my ultimate body cremes. A 6 ounce tub is $10.00. The 2 ounce minis are $5.00. 

Even though the minis are not the best buy, I still like to buy them for trying out a scent I am testing for the first time. Snow Wolf features three fir trees, frankincense, vanilla and blood cedar. Cedar stands out on my skin the most. It is a dry, deep cedar note, more like a chest than pencil shavings. I love it.

The free sample of perfume oil is in Sweet Potato Treat, very marshmallowy at first but then immediately caramelizing over the base of thick whipped sweet potatoes. The treat here is more amber than foodie and that is what saves it for me. A perfect fragrance to wear at Thanksgiving.

Have you ordered from Haus of Gloi recently? Any stand outs? What are your favorite winter scents from the Haus? 

Any plans today? I woke up and decided to straighten my hair, first time in like two years. Still in my pajamas, added egg nog to my coffee, and about to start prepping the sausage, egg and cheese casserole for tomorrow morning. I decided to make hot beef cheddar subs tonight for when my mom and sisters come over. Other than that, not much going on. Might blog. Will read (The Handmaid's Tale). May try to watch a Christmas movie.

Merry Christmas Eve!


  1. I did order from HoG recently, but was saddened to find out the pumpkin butter and whipped soap don't seem to agree with my skin right now. Such a bummer because I do remember liking their pumpkin butter in the past.

    No big plans here today. Probably just going to hang out, play some games, and wait for Santa to come tonight. =)


    1. Sorry for the huge delay in responding. I wonder if their formula changed? Hopefully it will work in the summer for you. At least the smell is still good for you!

  2. Merry Christmas Julie!

    Would love to see a photo of your straight hair :)
    Today I am making a couple pies (walnut and pumpkin), along with some homemade chili with chicken/zucchini/beans to take to my fathers tomorrow.

    Loving your HoG haul! I've tried Snow Wolf in the past but it was too sharp for me (I'm guessing the blood cedar). This year I purchased my two favorites from last year.. Rosy Cheeked (pumpkin butter, bar soap) and Fancy Bread (pumpkin butter, whipped soap). New to me was Winter Divinity (pumpkin butter). I'm also picking up a lot of chocolate in the scent, which kind of ruined for me. It makes sense that it would be from the cocoa butter, but I've never picked that up from their other pumpkin butters.

    1. Merry Christmas Lynda! I am sorry for the delay in responding. I had one pic taken I might put it on FB :-) Your homemade chili sounds incredible. And walnut pie?! Yum!

      The cedar is strong in Snow Wolf. Rosy Cheeked will go on my list for next year. The chocolate is a bit much isn't it? I was really hoping for a straight vanilla mint.

  3. Someday I am going to try a butter bomb! They always look so delightful when you post them!

    1. They are super moisturizing. And after using Lush huge bombs for so long I kept thinking "how is this tiny thing gonna do ANYTHING?!" And it blows me away.