Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The Bathing Garden: Christmas Order

The Bathing Garden. Jumbo tarts. I bought several to gift for various family gift swaps and such this Christmas and they do not disappoint. Shannon packaged them beautifully in these gift boxes with tissue and lovely labels. I did tell her these were all going to be Christmas gifts (except for one Plum Ballet and one Mr. Cratchit's Cider). She sent one additional in Winter Mint Cake and some other tarts as well. Generous as always. 

These waxy works of art are $12.50 each and although her site says they are 8.5 ounces, all of these weighed in around 10.8 ounces. Plum Ballet boasts deep purple juicy berries and tart citrus backnotes. My mouth waters just inhaling the fragrance. There is a slight floral hue, making this a sophisticated dark plummy aroma. The two toned mint green and mauve dusted with gold is absolutely lovely. 

Winter Mint Cake brings to mind the satisfying ending to all Olive Garden meals... a tormentingly creamy Andes thin chocolate mint rectangle dissolving on your tongue. A rich minty delight.

Mr. Cratchit's Cider is a melange of spiced sweet apple cider and evergreen. The combination creates a most festive scent for holiday celebrations. 

Free Samples include:

 Winter Mint Cake jumbo tart (I told you I ordered a metric ton.... but gifts! Pinky promise!)

Rosemary Mint, a true-to-life herbal mint leaf and rosemary aroma. Excellent.

Yuletide Trimmings, spiced apples and peaches, extra spice. Adore.

Pumpkin Masquerade with pumpkin, praline, butter and cream. Butterscotch bakery goodness.

Cranberry Fig with juicy citrus fruits. Bright and cheery, not perfumy at all.

I do find the bitty samples work best for me in my small wall plug-in in the bathroom. They are just too small for regular warmers for my home. The Bathing Garden currently has a Winter and Holiday release up. There are some splendid scents listed. There's a rosewood scrub beckoning to me. Have you ordered from Shannon lately? Color me thrilled that she is open all the time. No rush. A simple newsletter. No social media frenzy to see what is going on. Tastefully whimsical branding and creative scents. 


  1. I haven't ordered from The Bathing Garden in ages because I've never had much luck with her stuff. But wow! Those jumbo tarts are GORGEOUS!!!!! They're like beautiful soaps that you don't want to use, but set out for display and scent. These scents all sound so interesting too, but I keep reminding myself that her stuff doesn't work for me. =(


    1. I remember that. Funny how different vendors work differently for folks. I did have a light thrower in Hoarfrost Tonic but Ever Night and Belladonna Tincture and Poisoned Apothecary threw so well I decided to do these for gifts this year. They are SO gorgeous! I sent you a sample. So you can tell me if still no luck. Though it is a little guy. Sending out a box today for you at lunch. <3