Monday, December 7, 2015

Serge Lutens: Water Lip Colour & Lipstick

Here's the story of a girl who buys a full bottle of Serge Lutens perfume about once or twice a year. The fragrant female is bequeathed a code for her loyalty in the form of one free full sized Serge Lutens lipstick and Moleskine journal. Why, how delightful! The lipstick alone runs $75. Not to mention a snazzy chic journal in which to draw, write or otherwise pass the time creating. The floresscent femme also is familiar with the high quality of SL lipstick through her well used 6 blister pack of samples. Girl places an order.

I, yes I, am the girl. A silly girl who took a chance on a $65 Water Lip Color. But let us pause and reflect on the ever stunning packaging. The Water Lip Color on the left is in a black glass hexagonal tube with a subtle blood red banding. The lipstick on the right is in a similar styled metal case that is refillable. 

SL Water Lip Color in shade 1 is a gem to apply. It is weightless and cool on the lips and provides the perfect shade of sultry maroon kiss bruised lips. But it feels strange, a little tacky, a little slippery. It lasts all of 15 seconds on the inner lips, leaving the outer lip ringed in color. It does stain a bit, with a nice effect but re-application about every third step in my day was annoying. There is no scent. Zero. A nice drop of Fille de Berlin would have been a luxurious touch. So why did I drop $65 on a blind lip product buy? Are you ready for #makeupaddict logic? The "free" lipstick is worth $75. So in reality I spent $65 on two lip products, and $35 is really an amount I have regularly paid with ease on a single YSL or Guerlain or Dior lip product. So really it was not that far of a fetch for me. I will still wear this. Until every drop is gone. But I would never, ever repurchase. And cannot recommend this product.

The lipstick, however, is a gem. The housing is compact metal and closes with that satisfying snick. It is also refillable. The actual lip product itself wears like a dream. The pigment rich, the moisturizing properties excellent and the quality high, as well as the price tag. Can I honestly recommend a $75 lipstick to a person? No, probably not. But if you are the type to do a random splurge, but all means, splurge away. I regret nothing when it comes to this product.

To refill the lipstick once it is consumed, pull firmly upwards and the tube removes from the base. Refills come at the slightly reduced price point of $60, almost approaching Guerlain Rouge G pricing ($53). While I love the heavy silver bullet and built-in mirror that Guerlain features, the Serge Lutens minimalist packaging feels more sleek and sophisticated. It is also travels easier in its lightness and small size. Plus the Guerlain tends to scratch easier and really needs to come with one of those velvet pouches to protect its high shine finish.

The Moleskine journal is beautiful. I am determined to learn to speak and read French one day. 

The journal features a piece of Serge Luten's artwork. There lies a hidden pocket in the back of the journal as well for bits and bobs.

More lipstick blister packs. HEAVEN. I seriously have been wearing my older sample pack for a few years. The pigment is so rich, you only need a dab to cover the lips. Other favored shades that I would contemplate getting in a full size are: Pourpre Maure (an incredibly flattering purple), Mise A Mort (perfect blue blood red), and Mauve De Swann (a pink lilac that looks dewy and youthful on the lips). 

And something like 36 different perfume solid scents. I have been working my way through them by wearing one on my left arm and one on my right. So far of a few that I have worn I love Boxeuses and Chene. 

Ultra high end cosmetics has really begun to bloom, Chrisitan Louboutin comes to mind with his $90 lipsticks. I have friends and family that would justifiably say "only if that lipstick drove me around town and paid for my dry cleaning." But I am not really here to debate whether the prices make sense. That is a highly personal choice that a person can make on their own merits without feeling shame if they choose to make a $90 lipstick purchase. 

That said, I would not buy the $65 Water Lip Color again. But I would buy another Serge Lutens lipstick in Pourpre Maure in my lifetime. Do you have any favorite high-end splurge worthy lip products? 


  1. Ahhh good old Serge. Your justification makes perfect sense to me! $35 lipstick seems much better than $65! That journal is exquisite. After 10 years of French in middle school, high school and college, all I can gather is something like "nothing is learned, there isn't a recipe, it's all just terribly spontaneous." Lol I wish my French would have stuck with me better. I absolutely love the way the French write their letters.

    1. Jacqui! You are a doll! I tried to use my google translate app to decode his entry but I guess his handwriting kept throwing it off and all I got was "terrible." I love that sentiment he wrote. His handwriting is fabulous. Thank you so much for translating!!! French lessons? <3

  2. oh lipstick.... one of those makeup products that I am forever wishing I could wear. I always feel like I'm playing dress up.. and it doesn't help that Hubby doesn't care for it. :-/
    so I'll just live vicariously through you... although I do still keep my eyes opened for that lipstick you were searching for here..
    As far as price... well, I can't say much because I'll drop $25 in a heartbeat for mascara... we all have our guilty pleasures! ;)

    1. I always think of you when I slide in a crazy bright lipstick. I don't care what you say... You ROCKED that purple UD shade.

      Adam used to hate lipstick on me too but I persisted and now he doesn't mind so much. I tell ya, there is something to be said for a great mascara! I never have much luck with drug store brands.