Sunday, April 23, 2017

DSH Perfumes: Gekkou Hanami, Foxy & Become the Shaman

These were sent free from DSH Perfumes for an honest review. 

Gekkou Hanami- Notes: Exotic yuzu infused sake, sakura blossoms, neroli, and soft woody incense.

"Star gazing in the moonlight"

Grapefruit blossoms floating on a crystalline surface of sake welling from a bamboo cup. The heart of Gekkou Hanami delves even deeper into the bamboo, jade and plush, pierced with sakura blossoms that smell of magnolias on warm breezes. The base rises from the flesh as emerald scaled cedar leaves and lemony golden incense musk. A delight for the senses. 

Foxy- Notes: Fur accord, spiced boozy top and rich ambery dry down.

My skin pulls the spice to cardamom with spiked aldehydes and gin soaked leather. The fur accord is no joke. Shockingly realistic. Animalic pelts, castoreum and again, the leather hide underneath. After some time the leather does take on a rotted wood mustiness but then the amber breaks through, resinous and gilded. This is a sly one. Wild and untamed. Not for the feint of heart.  

Become the Shaman- Notes: Palo santo, copal, tobacco, sappy milkweed.

I have come to realize I adore palo santo. This is the second fragrance in a row that I have worn (Blood Moon Botanica Coconut Silk) that contains it and I adore that coconut mint and woods scent that wafts up from palo santo. Combined with smooth tanned and leathery tobacco leaves and the creamy lilac scent of milkweed sap, this scent is good medicine indeed. The dry down pulls a little resinous with fronds of incense smoke curling into itself. Love this magical brew.

Pricing of these hand crafted creations of Dawn's range from $6 samples to anywhere about $160 to $240 full bottles depending on the ingredients and scent chosen. She offers many concentrations of scent at many sizes and price points. Of these three I am considering adding Become the Shaman and Gekkou Hanami to my collections. I still need to pick up Matsu and Voices of the Trees. 

Have you tried DSH perfumes yet? She has quite the catalog of scents to choose from. 

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