Thursday, April 6, 2017

Band of Bloggers: Volume 16, April 2017

It's that time of year again! As the warmer weather soothes stiff joints and brushes off the last vestiges of winter, homes beg for the same fresh start everyone promised themselves at the beginning of the year. Clothes are donated, rooms are scrubbed, and yards are tended. While the fauna leave their winter dens or return from long migrations, the world blooms with new growth in vibrant splashes of color.

For April's Band of Bloggers post, we will answer a few questions about Spring and the ever-loved Spring Cleaning. Feel free to join in and answer these questions in the comments below!

Do you decorate for Spring? 

I used to have some wreaths I hung on the front door and around the house but I tossed them out when they wore down and have not replaced them. I don't think I will be doing any spring decorating this year. We celebrate Easter, but have never done the whole Easter Bunny thing. We just leave a basket out for them in the morning as a gift. And honestly. Florida really doesn't have a typical spring I don't suppose. The azaleas bloom, the oak trees bloom (pollen) and we wait for the wave of lovebugs to appear and smash their guts all over the car windshields. 

Are there any products you find yourself reaching for as the weather warms? This can be anything; food, clothing, bath and body, wax, you name it!

Flip flops, Hawaiian Tropic SPF 45 lip balm, and my Haus of Gloi Refreshers (they are cooling light sprays that offer not only heat relief but amazing fragrance as well). 

I have also repurchased a new bottle of this sleeping/relaxation mist from Urban-Mysticism on Etsy. I use this peppermint and lavender essential oil blend (in alcohol) on my pillows and the back on my neck before bed. Savanna loves it and requests it often too. 

Do you participate in the Spring Cleaning craze?

Not in any traditional sense of the word. I tend to get a wild cleaning hair up my butt once in a while and thrash about the house in a haze of dusting, Windexing and Lysol wiping of every surface I can find but not necessarily during spring. I did this back in February. I will probably do it again once school gets out and I have more time on my hands. I did reorganize my wax drawer last week. That was enjoyable. I do need to clean out the fridge and wash my makeup brushes very soon.

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  1. Lovely-looking goodies, as always. I love those cooling mists, too - it's been a long time since I've visited Florida, but I seem to recall that a product like that would have a lot of utility for Floridians! I'm not really feeling the spring thing just yet, as there's still a bit of snow on the ground and it's been pissing icy rain all over us for a week solid (not that I'm bitter about it or anything) but we'll get there eventually.

    But my real question is, what's a lovebug? Aside from a car, that is. ;)

    1. Yes, indeed these refreshers are quite enjoyable in this sultry humid heat. I can't imagine it still being winter.

      Lovebugs are these black flying insects that look a little like flying ants or flies but solid black with an orange dot of color on their head/thorax area. They mate by the male and female joining booties (abdomens really) and flying in pairs like a double headed creature. The live on the grassy sides of roads and highways where they are decomposers for half the year and they emerge from the ground to mate around September and March give or take a month depending on weather or whatever. When they fly out... splat. If you don't wash it off soon the acids eat away at paint. There is an urban legend that the University of Florida created them in a lab and released them to take care of mosquitoes but that is nonsense. First off they have not the power to create a new being and secondly they don't eat mosquitoes. But people persist in thinking it.

  2. Love your flower photo! I'm looking forward to using my HoG refreshers again too; I still have them in the fridge from last year. That Urban Mysticals mist sounds lovely too.

    1. Thank you! It was a beautiful day for taking spring time photos so I took advantage of it when we were walking trails. ooooo in the fridge?! You are a genius. I will try that come July when it is unbearable. Thanks!

  3. The oil "myst" sounds rejuvenating and I think its sweet that Savanna uses. I'll add that company to my list of Julie-certified brand products to check out;)

    Ugh, washing my makeup brushes has been pushed back for the 3rd week in a row. This weekend-it's happening!

    1. It really is. I try not to use it every night since it isn't the cheapest thing (about $15-$20 on Etsy depending on if it is the spray or oil) and I love how it smells so a tend to go crazy with it. And I only use it on Savanna and Scarlette if they are having trouble sleeping or are stressed/upset. Which thankfully is not often at all. But as Savanna grows older she is getting more moody and introspective as her body and feelings change.

      Let's pinky swear to wash those brushes this weekend!

  4. I may have to grab some of those Refreshers after the nightmare that was last summer. At one point we felt completely confined to the bedroom (smallest room with an AC and most electricity efficient way of staying cool) and I was MISERABLE. We're going to pick up a portable AC unit so I can actually hang out in the office this time around and spend some time in a room that doesn't feel like a cage.

    1. Oh man. I remember that. :-( Lots of cooling options are definitely going to be required. If they don't sell them anymore for any reason I will ship you one or two of mine I have left over. I bet some peppermint EO in an alcohol base would feel amazingly cooling on the skin too if you are in a pinch.