Monday, April 17, 2017

Perfectly Posh Bath and Body Care

These products were provided free for an honest review from a Perfectly Posh consultant, the link included directs you to her specific webstore.

Perfectly Posh is an MLM company that produces and sells bath and body products that use high quality vegan components that incorporate essential oils and trendy natural ingredients, all while being made in America. When browsing the catalog of personal care items, this Beach Blanket honey, sea salt and sugar body scrub jumped out at me. It touts a citrusy vanilla coconut scent and that seemed just like what I have been craving lately. The scrub is in a glycerin base with coconut shell powder as part of the exfoliant. Other ingredients: sugar, sea salt, honey, coconut oil, SLS, silica, coconut powder, jojoba seed oil, fragrance, panthenol, polysorbate-20, citric acid, tocopheryl acetate. 

It does smell reminiscent of the beach. Juicy oranges and fresh cracked coconut greet the senses. The texture feels viscous. The scrubbing power is high. The coconut shells do not disintegrate like sea salt or sugar scrubs so you can keep scrubbing and scrubbing as long as desired. It is on the rough side so caution might be needed if you tend to be rough and tumble in your scrubbing habits. Great for the feet. It did lather up in a foamy manner and rinsed clean, leaving behind softened skin. A nine ounce tub is $24.

Face Masks:

Cackle Spackle- A charcoal based mask, heavy with spearmint (which smelled amazing) but I think the magnesium in it was a little much, as it lent it a slight burning sensation. I only kept it on for about 3 minutes, it recommended 5-10. I rinsed it, the charcoal being a wonderful exfoliant, and it left a smooth tightened skin surface on my face. No irritation or redness was detected. Two ounce squeeze bottle is $19.

 Pineapple Pick Me Up- A jelly-like glycerin and pineapple based face mask that is meant to be worn 5-10 minutes. The glycerin seems strange for a mask, maybe it is meant to be more of a cleaning mask? There are fruit enzymes that act as acids breaking down the dead skin layers. The scent was pure sweet pineapple and quite refreshing. There was a soft numbing sensation while being worn (the enzymes perhaps?). It dried clear and a little tight and rinsed well. The enzymes left my skin soft. Two ounce squeeze tube is $19.

Lotions and Hand Cremes:

Beach Blanket-  This is a hand creme but I admit that I used this on my legs after using the Beach Blanket scrub. The scent was more mellow and less juicy and clear in this lotion than the scrub. A nice lighter consistency than the body butters, more like a summer lotion texture that feels more aquatic than buttery. It absorbed easily into the skin without any greasiness. A 3 oz tube of creme is $9.

IndiGo Girl- A whipped body butter scented in sweet violet and plumberry. The scent was pleasant if a little light and generically sweet. The texture felt nicely thick and moisturizing, similar to a body butter from Bath & Body Works. Great for a post-shave treat on the skin. An 8 ounce tub is $22.

Snuggle Buddy- An amber vanilla floral body butter that is very thick, with a waxy lean and nicely moisturizing. The scent is a light and pleasant warm musk scent. I could see myself getting more of this one for winter time slathering. An 8 oz tub is $20.

Overall, I enjoyed my Posh pampering experience. I do find the prices to be on the higher end of the spectrum but for the body butters and the scrub, I would splurge on one every now and again. They would be nice for gift giving sets as well. The branding is vivid and youthful and the scents are crowd pleasing.

Have you tried Perfectly Posh? What has your experience been? Any favorite products? 

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