Thursday, April 13, 2017

Haus of Gloi: Spring Release

Getting the Haus of Gloi newsletter lately has proved to be quite enabling. From the Spring release I was eyeing the Selkie Bathing Dust and I knew I wanted the Milk Butter Bomb but my friend Ellisa and I were waffling over the perfume oil offerings. In the end I went with Carnation Milk since I had used that scent in a butter bomb in the past and remembered loving it. I also picked up two small pumpkin butters and two sample vials of the corresponding scents. The most recent Haus of Gloi Birthday newsletter involved a brand spanking new candle debut... but that is a post for another day. 

Selkie is an invigorating aquatic scent full of sea spray and seaweed and briny wooden goodness. I love the name too. Selkies are right up there with mermaids. The bathing dust was $14. There are a few other spring scents left in stock but not this one, sadly. These Bath Dusts create a lovely aromatic bathing experience.

The Bathing Dusts seem to sell out pretty quick so I make sure if I am interested in any that I arrive on time.  I recommend signing up for the newsletter.

Inamorato- Notes: Vanilla soaked patchouli and spiced amber.

How is this male lover (an inamorato) not in the General Catalog?! He is incredible. Flocculent mounds of vanilla darkened with swarthy patchouli and gilded with balsamic amber. I cannot stop whiffing my arm right now. 

Ploughman- Notes: Well worn leather, dirt 'n dandelions, carrot, a pinch of tobacco and a light sheen of feral skin musk. 

Whoa, cowboy. This is a virile scent that makes its living off the land. I love it. The leather smells of rawhide but the fertile, dark loamy earth and roots really stand out. Adam used this to give me a foot massage one night as it filled the whole room with its fecund scent. 

These 2 ounce pumpkin butters are $5.00 each. The same great formula that I know and love continues to glide on effortlessly and provide the hydration and supple skin I desire. 

Carnation Milk- Notes: Freshly cut carnations floating in a pool of milk.

Housed in the amber glass bottle, the perfume oil blooms and rises like the haunt of an ivory carnation. Drenched on the skin, the fresh milk pulls through the carnation to create a porcelain clawfoot tub milk bath with blushing carnations floating on the alabaster surface. It pulls a little aquatic and softly pert in the dry down, almost taking on a green coconut milk and carnation tone before it turns into a velvety clean musk. I think this will be a pretty summer scent.

These spring milk perfume oils price out at $15.00 each.

I am a big fan of Haus of Gloi butter bombs. They fragrant a whole bath tub and leave skin moist and silky smooth. The straight up Milk scent is not really milky or creamy to my nose at all but clean and full of white hazy florals and clean musk within a base of thin coconut milk. Beautiful and relaxing. Perfect for a hot bathing ritual. ($3)

I normally don't pick up sample sizes of the perfume oils but I got a while hair to sniff Ploughman and Inamorato since I grabbed the pumpkin butters in them. The samples cost $3 a piece. 

Ploughman in the glass smells like verdant dandelions from the sunny petals to the fibrous roots, once on the skin the soil pulls up moist and weighty with life. And those carrots... I get the carrots in the perfume oil, crisp and slightly sweet. As it dries on the flesh, it gets a wee bit funky like sweat soaked shirts that have been left to moulder in the laundry hamper that some ripe cowboy wore again for another day at the rodeo with his lucky pair of leather fringed chaps.

Inamorato's translucent sienna juice in the vial smells of edgy sharp patchouli. Wet on the skin that same piquant patchouli gets an underscore of wooden spice. Drying, the patchouli stays pretty strong but lets in a sliver of a shaft of vanillic amber lightness that glows until it swallows up that noir patchouli and smudges it into softness. I need this in a full bottle. I slathered on some of the pumpkin butter and doused myself in this oil before work yesterday and levitated on the cloud of my own sillage. It was amazing. And I was told I smelled great a couple times. Aw shucks. So yeah... ordering this bad boy. 

The free sample pefume vial in this order was in Honeysuckle and Lemon Curd which is a best selling General Catalog scent. Wholly electric lemon curd in the vial, that same tart lemon evolves into zest and pith and pure sunshine when drizzled on the wrist. As it soaks under the pulse point the lemons and sunlight take on a spritely bit of jasmine and honeysuckle buds. I can see why this is a GC scent because it is straight up sparkling with flavor. Love it.

Spring is being ushered in on the bath tub waves of Selkie and the scents of men ploughing fields and milky florals around here. 


  1. You know a perfume is worth writing home about when it is not only noticed when you wear it but you are told how nice you smell. Winning.
    Though I am not too sure about wearing Ploughman.. ha-ha
    Lucky lady in getting foot rubs might I add!

    Love the shapes of the butter bombs. Look like real ice cream scoops!

    1. Yes! I wear scents all the time but when someone says something that is when I know I am not just crazy and it does smell pretty special. I went ahead and about of full bottle... at $15 it really isn't hard to do.

      Ploughman is good for fun, but I wouldn't wear it all the time. I have to be in the mood for dirt scents.

      Adam has been pampering me since I have not been able to sleep at night. My cramping keeps me awake for a few hours starting around 2am. I hate it. So awful.

      They do look like the perfect icecream scoop!!! And they are strong. You could easily cut it in half and get a nice bath.

  2. Julie/ your descriptions are so beautiful- I almost smell it as your describing it. I have used all of my butterbombs, they are potent. I have the honeysuckle and lemon curd pumpkin butter, it's a strong scent that lingers. I ended up ordering a perfume oil from QuuenBee trading co. In Ambre Narguile. I have always been curious about the Hermes scent, but never tried it. On another note, if you have HBO, you must watch the 7 episode series Big Little Lies It was incredible. I will definitely be picking up the book. Hope you are having a good week, Ellisa

  3. Reading your descriptions never get old! I ended up ordering Inamorto, I'm glad it was a hit. I really do love their butter bombs, they pack quite a punch. I have the honeysuckle and lemon curd pumpkin butter, the sent is strong and sharp. Do you have HBO? I just finished watching the short series Big Little Lies- it was so good. I'm going to pick up the book. Have a wonderful weekend - Ellisa

    1. Thank you, Ellisa! I ended up ordering a full bottle of Inamorato too. I fell hard for it. I kinda want to get the larger tub of pumpkin butter in it too but I need to use up what I have first. Then maybe. I agree, the butter bombs can but cut in half and still give a great bath. I normally don't but I may with this one. I bet the honeysuckle is amazing in pumpkin butter. I may need to try that one this summer. I don't have HBO. Just basic cable, Netflix and Amazon. I do get a free HBO trial on Amazon though so I may get it and watch it there. The series is based on one book? I will read the book first then :-)You have a nice weekend too, friend! <3