Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Warmed Wax: Super Tarts, MooScents, CFTKR

CFTKR Spearmint- Throws medium-strong to strong and smells just like a sweet candied spearmint with a cool tint of mint. I enjoy it but probably would not actively repurchase it. I prefer spearmint in blends.

CFTKR Mediterranean Garden Spa- A strong throwing white floral and greenery fragrance with a subtle sweetness and musk. Elegant and never hinting at being too fresh or clean but rather refined and complex. Repurchase.

CFTKR Balance & Glow- For me, this is what Carol refers to as a small room scent. The throw was on the medium-light to light side but was nice to set a pleasant fruity floral vague atmosphere. Probably not a repurchase. 

MooScents Blueberry Tea- Strong throwing black tea sweetened with honey and lemon and a drizzle of blueberry syrup. Great. Repurchase

MooScents Peach Paradise- Medium to medium-light throw of peaches and cream with a touch of powdery golden honey. Probably not a repurchase.

Super Tarts Treebeard- Medium to medium-strong throw of yummy flat cream soda with a hint of melon and tender woods. This blend turned out to be a favorite. I love it. Repurchase.

Super Tarts Sam's Shire-  Strong throwing sweet grass and fresh watermelon, the weird lemon note went away and I enjoyed this. Repurchase once in a blue moon but probably only in spring or summer.

Carol is planning on opening up at Candles From the Keeping Room soon according to her morning posts. She has so many wonderful scents to choose from, that I often find it hard to narrow down my wish-list. This time around I am focusing on trying to grab: Apple Ale, Sun Kissed Sugarcane, Coconut Rum Cake, Yum Yum Butterrum, Apple Grove, Bogeyman and Twisted Mermaid. There may be a few others and if I need to grab randomly I am cool with that too. 

I must say I have been really happy with my Super Tarts scents performance. They are melting well and have such cool blends. Count me in on the Super Tarts fan club. For April, other than CFTKR, I am also hoping to place a Sniff My Tarts custom order and a Bathing Garden order for Alice Collection scents. But I am thinking that will be it.

What are your April wax plotting plans?


  1. Semi-large plotting plans. Go big or go home. :)

    1. Hahahaha!!! Yeah. My Bathing Garden order was pretty sizable (again) LOL! But I really want to smell those bad boys. I DID keep my CFTKR order manageable. Which is great. But now I am wondering when the SMT opening is. I was thinking April but it has been quiet over there.