Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Ten Digit Creations

WhoooHoooo! Look what came in the mail. My first Ten Digit Creations haul in many a moon. Amber teased some new scents that were arriving around April 1st and she also mentioned an Easter egg giveaway in her Facebook group. The eggs would be laid in the first so many orders and contain various coupon codes. Mine was a generous 20% off and I am looking forward to using it on some of my very favorite scents. Anyway, back to this order. I did mostly single scent shots with two in doubles. There were three free samples included. This order was placed March 31st and delivered on April 6th. Awesome TAT. One ounce cups are $1.00 while 2 ounces cups are $1.65. I find this is a great way to sample scents. 

These two scents were part of TDC's new zodiac line and they are what spurred me on to order when I did. 

Sagittarius- Broken Wings (sandalwood, amber, citrus, vanilla, woods), vanilla sandalwood and cashmere musk.
A soft musk filled scent that reminds me vaguely of Victoria Secret's Amber Romance but more creamy and mellow and sandalwood filled. I love it and as my "sign" it is fitting. These one ounce tarts were melted in my kitchen and living room area and threw medium-strong, a lovely sweet cashmere musk aura. Repurchase any time.

Virgo- Lavender patchouli, lavender sandalwood, and Ozark forest.
A bracing herbal lavender backed with woods and resinous evergreen bark. This does possess an airy clean air vibe. I am looking forward to using this on days I do laundry or clean. It gave me that kick to make the house look as beautiful as this smells, and at a strong throw too. 

Patchouli Passion- Patchouli leaves, neroli, sandalwood, agave nectar, orange blossoms.
Ahhhhh... one of my old faves back in my home again. It is just as lovely as I remembered. Powdery sweet and full of soft fragrant patchouli and velvety sandalwood. This is no headshop or earthy scent but a sophisticated and polished scent. Definitely getting more of this in a larger amount.

Lavender Patchouli- Earthy patchouli, herbaceous lavender, sheer musk.
The same herbal, clean and fresh lavender found in Virgo is in this one paired with a musky haze of breezy patchouli. This is a silken scent. It melted with a strong throw in my bedroom. The lavender remained fresh and clean like lavender scented sheets. The patchouli filtered through more as an herb than anything earthy or dark. I enjoyed it and foresee using this in the house for when guests are over or I want it to smell, if not look, tidy.

Winter Patchouli- Warm patchouli, spicy clove, and musk with citrus and exotic florals.
Oh wow. This one... hey. In case you didn't know. Winter Patchouli is my middle name. Or something cheesy like that, that expresses my genuine love for this aroma. Herbal and earthy patchouli leaves crushed with clove buds and Dragon's Blood type florals. I know what I am using my coupon code on.

This Old House- Baked apples, spicy ginger cookies, and fresh cinnamon rolls.
This is a unique spin on the classic spicy cozy home fragrance. The baked apples are perfection and the ginger cookies are delicately spiced and sweet. The apple aspect really leads this scent. They smell almost like apple juice or cider. I can't say that the cinnamon rolls are evident in a bakery fashion but maybe in the cinnamon way. Loving this.

Cabin in the Smokies- Fallen leaves, wood smoke and evergreen trees.
Another fast favorite. But I suspected that based on the name alone. You guys know how I love my Smoky Mountains. In fact, headed there again in July. So back to the scent, I pick up sweet crunchy leaves, not those dreaded dry and bitter leaves like in Autumn Day. The wood smoke is perfectly subtle and leans a little cedarwood. Dulcet pine and evergreen resins lie in silhouette in the background and it creates mountain woods perfection. I can never get enough of these types of scents.

Blue Ridge Sunrise- Fresh mountain air, dew drops suspended from tree leaves, and the rising sun in the distance.
Yes, fresh and clean and as breezy as a tranquil morning. A classic fresh type scent. Perfect for the bathroom in my home. 

Sultans of Swing- Dried apricots and bergamot with whispers of currants (Lush Sultana).
I like the more fruity vibe of this Sultana dupe.

Bleeding Heart- Wine and roses, cotton candy and Nag Champa.
These notes were so surprising I had to try it. At first it smells like tart candy but then the roses can be picked out and a touch of earthy Nag Champa floating in a musky cloud. 

Dragon's Blood- Amber, vanilla, sandalwood, musk and Asian florals.
Yes ma'am. Classic Dragon's Blood. A little floral, redolent of carnations, and a lot earthy with the rough cut sandalwood and aged amber. A slight edge of spice. Love.

Sandalwood Marshmallow- Sandalwood, Indian sandalwood, and marshmallow.
Yum. At first I was thinking that it needed just a touch more marshmallow but as I continue to sniff it, it really is a nice balance. One sandalwood smells a little more floral and gauzy while the other is a touch more raw and pure and add in vanilla marshmallows and I am in seventh heaven. It gave off the most beautiful sandalwood scent at about a medium-strong throw, which is fantastic for vanilla sandalwood scents.

Blackberry Frankincense- Rich blackberries and frankincense, with amber and citrus.
Where has this scent been all my life? Succulent blackberries on the edge of spiciness mingling with deep incense. I could roll in this. Is this Julie cat nip? I think this is Julie cat nip.

Amber Tobacco Rose- Warm amber, rose petals and tobacco flower.
Smoking hot. A sultry and seductive blend of mature maroon rose petals and boozy tobacco and suede like amber. This is a sexy time room scent >insert eyebrow wiggle<.

Pink Peppermint- Pink Sugar and peppermint. 
Ok, I think... how different can Pink Peppermint be? Answer? Very different. I am very much enjoying Amber's version. It possesses a sweet clarity that I have not smelled before. Like there is a dram of clear vanilla extract added into the Pink Peppermint mix. The mint is present but less concentrated than the Pink Sugar portion. It melted medium-strong in my bedroom and made a wonderful new bedtime scent. Excellent blend.

Free samples! Always grateful for free samples.

Cassanova- Haunted Soul (myrrh, lavender, patchouli, musk, clove), leather, and peppercorn.
Leather. At first. But then sniffing around the tart like a dog meeting a new friend, I discover that iconic clove and patchouli. I bet this one will reveal even more of its secrets as it melts. Looking forward to inhaling its whispers.

Lavender Sage- Fresh lavender and herbal sage.
Potent, herbal and green like a tincture brewed from the freshest of velvety lavender leaves and Lamb's ear sage. 

Green Thumb- Leafy greens, herbs and wildflowers.
Green for sure with aloe and bamboo suggestions. 

Have you ordered from Ten Digit Creations lately? I am plotting my next order using my coupon code sometime in May I think. What are your current TDC favorites?


  1. Ha! I received my TDC order this week as well and again, I see we have many similar scent preferences. I ordered 10 1 oz. fragrances and a sampler of earthy/woodsy scents. I've melted two fully cured samples, Professor Plum and Burgundy Forest, both sporting rich, deep, complex fragrances with outstanding throw. I've yet to discover another wax retailer featuring so many earthy, sexy scents and a wide range of great products.

    1. Oh fun!! How have you been Kevin? An earthy/woody sampler?? How did I miss that? I need to really look around the website. It has so many nooks and crannies I think I am missing some stuff. Professor Plum and Burgundy Forest both sound amazing based on name alone and if you recommend them then I know I will enjoy them. You are correct. Amber does have the best earthy/woodsy/amber/resinous scents in the biz. <3 Are you looking forward to summer? Any plans?

    2. My big plan for this summer: see if I can segue from Special Ed. PreK/Kinder to high school!! I'm looking into a position where I'd be in charge of transitioning high school Special Ed. grads into a job/group home. Teaching basic life skills (laundry, cleaning, shopping, etc.)sounds like something I'd enjoy. We'll see!

    3. That would be so cool. Kevin, you will make such a huge difference in the lives of those kids turning into adults. I hope you can make the move and it proves to be fulfilling to you!! <3

  2. Hey TDC is nice to see:) I've had this review open in a tab all day trying to find time to comment. Sagittarius sounds promising, I think I like Amber Romance-gonna have to pick it up sometime, as it's my hub's sign.
    When I ordered in Jan, I received similar scents, but not quite the same. It was strange that one of the scents I didn't like was Sandalwood Red Currant. It was probably the currant note, but it made me shy on some of the sandalwood blends. The amber was hit/miss too, love it w/Rosewood but not with Oakmoss. I haven't melted too many bc I mostly got fall/winter but I think Cabin in the Smokies is pretty on cold. I believe it has the same fallen leaves note present in Autumn Sunset. Winter's Eve is a unique one that I can't tell if I like or not. Gonna have to melt to find out.
    But patchouli, upon patchouli and Julie catnip? Sounds like a winner.

    1. It IS nice to see! And even better to smell!! Sagittarius is really such a beautiful scent. I am going back for more now that I melted all mine. I do need to sit through and organize my wax drawers so I can see how much room I have.

      Red Currant... yes currant and I are very hit or miss. It is crazy tart but somehow brittle and bitter at times. Try the Sandalwood Marshmallow and you will know if you like sandalwood or not. I have a friend who hates the stuff so we all know how noses are... different! Yes!!! I adore amber and I swoon over her Rosewood & Amber. It is my top scent ever. But I think I have had the oakmoss and amber and didn't really care for it either. Sometimes it is just the FO. Like I love tobacco and caramel. But there is a Caramel Tobacco FO that is awful. Green and sharp and kinda bitter. Just funky.

      Isn't Cabin dreamy?!?! I think I may melt it tonight. I need to sniff Autumn Sunset or get a dupe of it somewhere. I like the leaves in this one. I will order Winter's Eve so we can dish about it.

      Yezzzzz.... gimme all dat patch!!!! Mmmmmmmm. So.... Amber blended three of my favorite scents for poops and giggles and teased about it.... Blackberry Frankincense, Rosewood Amber and Winter Patchouli.... DEAD. Want to smell. Have a good rest of week and up coming weekend. <3

  3. They stopped using those annoying to peel cupcake liners?! Well, this almost makes me want to order...even though their scents run more to your tastes than mine. lol


    1. LOL!! Oh my gosh Deb!!! I almost forgot about those!! Too funny. Yes. No more Reese's Wax. But she does have some great fruity and bakery scents too. I just don't buy them since her other scents are more unique to me. Her prices are great though. :-)

  4. American Cream mixed with Toasted Marshmallow is amazing! Just FYI :)