Monday, April 10, 2017

Beautibi: Spring Sheet Mask Kit

Referral link included where we both would earn $5 credit towards your purchase.

Beautibi released a Sweet Spring Mask Party Set that comes in a Day set or a Night set for $32.00 plus shipping. Both sets include five masks, some are the same and some vary according to Day or Night choice. I chose the Night option and added an additional mask to my order. There was also a special if you were one of the first 25 to order, a sixth mask would be added to your purchase.

Everything always comes packed immaculately from Beautibi. Cello bags, washi tape, stickers, samples, and confetti and aqua tissue paper are all hallmarks of this company. 

This second pack houses the extra mask I bought and the extra mask I earned plus even more samples. 

This L'Herboflore 2-Step Vibrant Paris Purifying sheet mask is on sale for $5.00, it features White Willow, iris and mushroom extract and palmarosa oil for refining and balancing. 

Look at these samples! I am squirreling away all my samples for when I go on my NYC trip in November. These will be great to travel with on the plane. 

Here is the actual Spring Mask set.

The only differences between the Day and Night are the last two masks. The Miss O is in the Relax formula for Day and in the Goodnight formula for Night. The KinGirls macaron mask for Day is in Grapefruit and for Night is in Lavender. 

These masks may look familiar if you read my post about the Beautibi aNew box. I am happy to have two more of these Wishing U Advanced Dried Bio Cellulose masks as they are supposed to clear out pores really well. ($8 each) I have been saving these masks for a day when I plan on being home and relaxing so I can really enjoy the pore cleaning effect.

SHURIE Intensive Anti-Wrinkle mask ($10). Saving this one too. It looks promising. Hoping it helps with some fine lines around my eyes and forehead. I will report back if anyone is interested in hearing about it. 

Uni Touch Miss O Goodnight Facial Mask ($7) was a black thicker cotton mask with a thin creamy serum that had a soft oil based texture. There was a slight generic sweet scent that dissipated quickly. It left my skin feeling cool and soft and tight. I did layer some of my Shark Sauce serum over it before I went to bed. I enjoyed this mask and would use it again. 

KinGirls Lavender Extract Invisible Face Mask ($6)

The adorable package opens up to reveal a sticky note pad and pop out bookmark. 

Under the mask and goodies lies more information on the macaron line. I love the thoughtful packaging and cute branding.

This mask had a nice thin cottony sheet that imparted a milky serum that felt soothing and nourishing. It did leave a slightly tacky finish to the skin that I covered up with an ampoule afterwards. I expected it to smell like lavender but alas it had virtually no scent. I did like using it but felt it was a slight let down after all the bells and whistles as far as scent (maybe some extra lavender EO would have livened the scent up and amped the relaxation factor.) I did like it and felt it was beneficial but I probably would not repurchase it. 

Have you tried any sheet masks or face masks that you are loving at the moment? Have you bought from Beautibi before? 

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