Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Melting Basket 93

Just a good old iPhone picture today, because I am a little tired after work (still testing) and Scarlette was up coughing at 3am and I am feeling the laziness. I hope you guys don't mind too much. I promise my camera has been getting quite the workout on some things that have been arriving at the door. Some I am still burning and trying and others are just waiting their turn. 

Wax from the last basket I would buy again include: SMT Blueberry Noel/VBN/Marshmallow Noel, LSC Bliss, Winter White Cake, and ButterMint Candies, TBG Nights at the Circus and Vintage Circus, CFTKR Three Wishes Tea and Serendipity Marshmallow Delight. 

TBG Vintage Circus melted at a medium throw in my bedroom and held more of the blue raspberry cotton candy in it than in the past. Ages ago it used to be the Winter Candy Apple was the strongest but now I pick up more of the sweet candy. I like it and would spring for the full clamshell next time. The apples are cute too though. 

TBG Night at the Circus threw strong. Real strong. One wee applette (yes I am making up words now) was enough to scent my home from the kitchen to the living room and more. This one was all about that good old BBW Winter Candy Apple with a spoonful of caramel on top. Very yummy and repurchase. 

Wax in this basket:

LSC- Winter White Cake (yes again)
LSC- Lemon Custard Cookies
LSC- Sweet Kisses
LSC- Mint Mallow Creme
TBG- Blackberry Fudge
TBG- The Golden Egg
TBG- Breaking Violet
TBG- Frolic
TBG- Blueberry Lavender Sugar Cake
MooScents- Candied Strawberries and Liquor Filled Dreams
MooScents- Bohemian Velvet
Rosegirls- Alice in Slumberland
CFTKR- Molasses Cookies
TDC- Lavender Sage
TDC- Bleeding Heart
SMT- Buttercream Sprinkles and Sugared Violets
VCS- Bluebird Cafe <3 gift
House of Usher Wax Museum- I Put A Spell On You <3 gift

If you would like a review on any of these scents please let me know and it would be my pleasure. 

One of our favorite family activities in the spring is blueberry picking. Adam enjoys it just as much as the girls. 

Our normal farm wasn't open this season but there are several within a few mile radius of where we live so it was easy to find another. 

The sun warmed us while the mild spring breeze cooled us. The berries were ripening by degrees but there were some robust indigo ones to be found, and eaten, with a little hunting.

The lizards and bugs were in abundance too. Bees, spiders, caterpillars, moths, stink bugs and a plethora of arthropods buzzed and hummed and crept about the bushes. So of course, the lizards weren't too far away. 

Which means the girls weren't too far away from the lizards. 

This color changing virescent anole is for you, Kate. <3 

Even though this was only last week or so the bounty of our labors is long ago consumed. I think we may need to head back out and pick some more. 

Do you enjoy u-picks? Any outdoor activities going on in your world?


  1. Strawberry picking for us! Though I need to add Blueberry picking to the list. Such amazing photos as always. I would like to hear your thoughts unless you have already shared previously (I sure do not remember) on Alice & Slumberland.

    1. Yes! I love strawberry picking too! I did melt Alice in Slumberland when I posted it on the RG haul post. I liked it. I mostly got honeydew and soft sweet Snuggle lavender at a good throw. Not sure if I would order a whole pie in it but if it ever came out in muffins or something smaller I would buy it. <3

  2. Have you done TBG Frolic and Breaking Violet yet? Also interested on hearing the TDC whenever you can.
    Sure setting us up with a 'lazy' camera phone pic (welcome to my world) then slaying with the berries and the lizards shots. I ♡ that your girls like lizards, I remember trying to catch one in Orlando ages ago and failing:/

    1. I have not reviewed those yet! I will be happy to!

      Hey now. Your photos look amazing! I love your set ups and the creativity with props. I hope my girls always have a passion for nature. Lizards are fast! Once in a blue moon I get lucky and can snatch one but more often than not I fail. I swear they are lizard whisperers.

  3. There are a couple very popular strawberry picking places in my area but we've never gone and done it. Even when we go to the apple/pumpkin place in the fall, we just buy the apples that are already picked and bagged. We suck at this, I know. LOL


    1. LOL! Hey! You know what you like and that is a freshly picked bag of apples that you didn't have to labor for. :-)

      I would love to go somewhere to pick apples. Maybe one day. I remember pole pean and black eyed pea picking with my mom when I was little. There is peach picking around here but I have not gotten around to that.

  4. Blueberry picking! I have not gone blueberry picking since I was a kid in Gaspe, Quebec. Blueberries alllll over the place there. Also lots of bears also enjoying the blueberries!

    Eek, the little candy apples are so darn cute - thanks for reviewing them. I'm glad you like the scents more than you remember; I love it when that happens. ;) It's like finding an unexpected fiver in your pocket.

    1. Bears and blueberries! How cool!

      They are super cute and I was thrilled with the performance of Night at the Circus. It blew me away. It is nice to have that happen. More often I get stuck with a scent that doesn't do as well as it used to in the past. Your analogy hit the nail on the head. A fiver in the pocket is always a welcome surprise.