Sunday, April 30, 2017

Ebb & Flow: April

Serge Lutens Nuit de Cellophane

The Bathing Garden Ooh La La

Blood Moon Botanica Sacred Rose Butter

Lancome Visionnaire Crescendo Skin Peel

Sheet Mask: 
NOHJ Calming Intracell Sleeping Mask

Urban Decay Naked 2 palette shade in YDK as an all over eyewash.

The Bathing Garden Magician's Bonfire has been hitting the spot.

Timberwick Ember

Muscat grapes

Water, or trying to drink more I should say.

Wormwood by G.P. Taylor

"The Birkin Tree" by Old Blind Dogs

"13 Reasons"- I finished it and I am really struggling with the idea of some kids watching this without parents to talk about it while viewing. Two 6th graders told me about this show. Such tender things to watch such visceral things. Still pondering over it. 

My 3 Year Blogiversary Giveaway!!! Seriously guys, I am so stinking excited. It is a My Favorite Things giveaway; I have worked with several vendors and I will be hand making some things for it too. 

The crazy hot Florida days that are already beginning to take place. Sweltering, sweating, cars like human ovens, brown brittle grass and A/C bills sky high... it's summer y'all.

Urban Mysticism's R&R Sleep/Rest/Relaxation spray, the lavender peppermint is so soothing and cooling.

Starbuck's Unicorn Frappuccino 

My uterus. I know, I know. I complain about it all the time but this last month was the worst so far. It was an irate uterus. I will spare you the details but let's say it was horrific and I had to leave work early, there was a bio-hazard and quite possibly the most embarrassing event in my life to date. I also made a doctor's appointment and had some bloodwork to check my thyroid and iron and I have an ultrasound lined up. Hoping for some answers and solutions. 

I got a renewed contract to teach next year and a raise! Woo! So that is comforting and exciting at the same time. Adam and I also had a much needed date night last night. I really love spending time with him. 

What was your April like? Highs? Lows? What are you reading, watching and listening to? 


  1. Congrats on your work news! And looking forward to the giveaway!

    Ugh, I was sweltering yesterday, the A/C in my building hasn't been turned on yet. I have a window unit in my closet that I never got set up, it may be time to make that happen. I am on the 12th floor and have been nervous about attempting by myself in the past.

    My obgyn does in-office procedures for heavy, painful periods. I hope you can find something that helps, I don't know how many doctors offer the service, I feel like I should have mentioned this sooner!

    1. Oh and I need some lavender peppermint in my life, I had a soap with it once and know what you mean, it is so good!!

    2. Thanks! This year flew by so fast. I have a feeling next year will too.

      I simply cannot imagine not having A/C 24/7. There are about 7 days during the year we use heat and about 3 days we use nothing. The rest is chilly air blasting all the time. Can you get a handyman to help with the unit? I would feel nervous hanging out a 12 story window with a heavy A/C unit myself.

      Thank you so much for that! She is talking about putting me back on birth control is the bloodwork and ultrasound come back normal but I really don't want to get back on that stuff. I was on it for 7 years and I want to be done with it.

      Yes! I will send you an extra bottle I have of it next time I send you a box. I love that combo. It is the bee's knees.

    3. I see now that there are a few options available. good luck with this xoxoxo

    4. Thank you, Jean! I will definitely discuss these options with my doctor. Waiting to see what the ultrasound sounds and then taking it from there. Good to know there are other things i can do than just birth control again.

  2. Many congratulations on your successes at work! That's wonderful news, and no doubt well deserved. :) That's got to give you a great little (or big) boost.

    Oh, 13 Reasons...I haven't watched it, and I think I might have talked to Jay about this, but I read the book years ago and just LOATHED it. I have never despised a voice (hers) more than any other I've encountered in literature. Obviously not for my age bracket, but I question whether it's for ANYONE'S age bracket, and I'm throwing huge side-eye at the show for apparently showing her long, protracted suicide (which doesn't happen in the book.) Let's put it this way - I believe that books, printed books, are kind of sacred and I've never thrown one out. I always donate them or pass them on. After skimming through to the end of 13 Reasons, I tore off the cover, ripped the book in half, ripped each of those halves in half and threw the thing in the garbage. It INFURIATED me. I can't even imagine trying to talk to my kids (or someone else's) about the skewed "lessons" it's attempting to impart. Okay, rage over!

    And I'm awfully sorry to hear about your lady issues. If you'd ever like to vent about your bio-hazard, I have a story of my own that will shock you to your CORE - it, too, happened at work and involved me hiding out in a bathroom stall for two hours while everyone left the office. Hit me up on FB. ;)

    1. Thanks! It does feel good to know where I will be the following school year. Plus raise?! Heck yes! My last job told me there would not ever be any raises, so this was a wonderful surprise! Huge boost.

      You know. I can totally see why you feel the way you do. I don't have any desire to read the book but the whole premise of the show really made me feel confused. It is good to have dialogue with kids about depression and suicidal thoughts but I am really struggling with how this show portrays mental illness. Yes, we have a duty to help those we love and treat others with kindness but where is the line of responsibility? I don't feel like I have the power to prevent anyone I love from performing such an act if they choose to do so. And if I don't then I am held responsible and labeled guilty all my life? I don't know. I just don't know. I don't plan on letting my kids watch it anytime soon or if at all.

      Oh no!!!! Moon's blood issues are the worst. Glad to know I am not the only one I know who was brought low by their betraying uterine lining. I may need that story soon. I got some blood work back which was normal so now we are headed into ultrasound territory.

    2. Lol. I was secretly hoping Julie would mention binging 13 Reasons Why so I could read Sandra's reaction, and Sandra did not disappoint. (Wasn't sure who the pronoun was there, so I avoided using one)
      Oh, ho, ho count me in on the leaving work (with the guidance counselor's sweater tied around me) to avoid a messy situation. Maybe all women have a similar story and we should bring it right out in the open!
      On a serious note, Julie, I'm sending you good vibes for an all-clear ultrasound. But if you need anything, I've experienced nearly every gynecological/uterine procedure possible so you know where to find me if needed.
      Also, Florida sounds as if its about to be extremely yucky-stay cool lady!

    3. I seriously did LOL when reading Sandra's take on 13 Reasons. I haven't read the book yet but it's been on my wishlist for some time now. I did not even know there was a show. I must say, I'm extremely curious now! lol


    4. You should! I would love to hear your take on it, Deb!

    5. Thank you, Jay. I appreciate your support and positive thoughts. Florida is getting heinously hot. But the up side is that the afternoon thunderstorms are starting up and those I love. Plus, really, I love my hot sunny beach days. It is just the day to day heat that is draining sometimes.

    6. I am nothing if not consistent in my dislikes. There was just a romanticism ascribed to her suicide that gave me the willies. And the "nyah nyah!" quality to the narration of her "vengeance" - it was deeply off-putting. Clearly. I was so annoyed I violated one of my own personal book tenants.

  3. Congrats on your raise and new contract! Sorry to hear about your physical issue; I do hope you find out the problem soon. Excitedly looking forward to your giveaway!

    1. Thank you! I am very thankful for my job.

      I hope I can find out some answers and solutions soon too. I am just about done with this nonsense.

      Yay! Me too! I have a couple more things I am waiting on to arrive and then I am going to start teasing. <3

  4. Congratulations on your new contract and raise!!! The lady plumbing issue sounds awful. I was on birth control pills for a long time due to heavy, painful periods. Hopefully the doc can find a better solution for you :(

    1. Thank you, Kate!! It was a big surprise (I had not had a raise in 3 years at my previous job and was told I would never get one) so to have one my very first year here was an awesome blessing.

      Did you hate being on them? Did you have side effects? I feel like my younger body was better equipped to be on birth control but now I worry mine is getting too old to defend itself properly against the hormones. Maybe I am being a worry wart.

  5. I was doing so good for so long in the 'life in general' department, but the end of April found me slipping back into the dark and crabby place. I haven't quite fallen fully back into it but I can feel the pull. I'm trying like crazy to not let it happen!

    April was all about Ludwig for me. I was watching AND reading about him. I'd like to continue fangirling the king in May but I'm also wanting to get back to making cards and watching other movies. I'd like to get into some outdoor things, like planting flowers and trying to start some from seed, but our dang weather is so up and down, so wet and cold.

    Hoping you get some answers about your girl parts, and get some relief with it!


    1. I am sorry, Deb. I hope it turns around before it gets too deep this time.

      Luwig!!! What a cool story and I am so thankful you shared those DVD's with me. I really enjoyed watching them. I am going to go back to your blog and see what books you read and recommend on him.

      Hopefully the spring fog and drizzle will pass soon and the sun will break through so you can hop on that mower and get some vitamin D and enjoy some sunny crafting. Any particular movies on deck?

    2. We've had two dvds from Netflix sitting here for over a week. We tried to watch Why Him? last night but I found it to be horrible and gave up about ten minutes in. The other is Nocturnal Animals, which hubby has no interest in so I gotta get going and watch the dang thing or send it back. I also have recorded episodes of White Princess and Lucifer to watch. (Lucifer just returned for a new season this week. Yay!)

      Of the two Ludwig books I've read (The Dream King, by Wilfrid Blunt, and The Mad King, by Greg King) I preferred The Mad King. It had more personal things and an easier flowing timeline.


  6. While I am a bit late, em okay, a lot late, Happy Blogversary! Of all the articles, these type are my favorites. I love reading hit/misses, like/dislikes, eating, smelling, drinking and what have you. So never stop doing these.

    I just finished watching 13 Reasons, as well. I know you probably heard they have green lighted the second season. I don't know how they will pull that off. Anywho, I enjoyed it. It is eye opening. I was suicidal as a teen. I lost my mother to murder and was having a hard time coping with life. Now that I watched 13 reasons, I see how much Hannah's death had on so many. While Hannah's worries are over, she created a life time of grief for many. Knowing I could have inflicted that on people that loved me (even though I thought no one would care), I now am keenly aware of what could've been. I would definitely not let my daughter watch it. She is 12. I just think it is too sensitive of a subject to leave in the hands of film makers and actors. Some scenes are too gruesome or mature for even 16 yr olds, but I am old school.

    I also suffered at the hand of my uterus for years. Then I had the fateful incident at work. That was the last straw. I scheduled an appointment and eviction notice was served. Several months later, the removal of the offending tenant commenced. I almost died on the operating table, but alas, I am back to my old self and no pain, no looking back.

    1. You are NOT late!! The big anniversary/giveaway is at the end of the month :-) I have just been broadcasting it in my excitement to get you guys pumped for it. The actual blog birthday is May 29th. <3

      I did hear about the 2nd season and I will be watching it. Cheryl, I am so sorry. I cannot even imagine how traumatic it was for you to go through that, especially as a teenager when feeling are magnified so intensely.

      I am old school when it comes to what my kids see too. I feel like, developmentally they are not ready to see and hear certain things. So we err on the side of caution.

      Oh my gosh!!! Cheryl!!! I am glad you made a recovery but how scary! I am happy it worked out for the best for you. I just had my ultrasound. There is probably nothing wrong but I needed to take some proactive steps and if it does come back ok, then I am starting on some supplements and what not to get the beast under some semblance of control. Otherwise my work accidents will continue and I cannot abide that.