Friday, April 7, 2017

Melting Basket 91

Whoa... Melting Basket 91. That is something. This is also post number 919 that has been published on this blog. Creeping up on Melting Basket 100, post 1,000, and 3 year anniversary blogging soon here. That is mind boggling to me. My enthusiasm for blogging does wax and wan subtly but I try to keep on trucking. I know once I shut off something, it is usually long term. Momentum keeps me going when the creativity lacks sometimes and then by the time I itch to do it again I am back in a groove. I did go to bed last night thinking just how tired I was. Tired at work, tired cooking dinner, tired in the mornings and tired of IG/blogging/posting. I thought of the time it would free up. I remembered the friends that first encouraged me that no longer really talk much. And I was bummed. But my mind plays devil's advocate all the time. And a part of me flipped over mentally and physically as I tossed and turned and thought about the encouragement I still receive and the people I have met and continue to have relationships with and the excitement of writing and photography and the constant challenge of stretching that creativity. So on I go though I be tired or unsure, on I keep posting until the next wave of contentment laps at my heart. 

Great wax from the last basket: Glitterati Pink Marshmallow Fireside (that was my last chunk- if I ever get on the custom list again I will order more), MooScents Bohemian Velvet, TBG Frolic, Rosegirls Cold Winter's Day, CFTKR Woodland Foliage, White Cedar Forest and Merlin's Forest.

CFTKR- Spearmint
CFTKR- Balance & Glow
CFTKR- Mediterranean Garden Spa
CFTKR- Lavender Berry Fluff
Lasting Scent Candles- Blackberry Ren Ten
Lasting Scent Candles- Plum Sugar Tea Party
The Bathing Garden- Faded Opulence
Vintage Chic Scents- An Affair to Remember <3 gift
MooScents- Peach Paradise
MooScents- Candied Strawberries & Liquor Filled Dreams
MooScents- Blueberry Black Tea
Sniff My Tarts- Pink Peppermint
Super Tarts- Treebeard
Super Tarts- Sam's Shire

If you would like to see a review on any of these, please let me know.

So... that was weird. I did my ramble before the wax. Ah. Well. So yeah. Big things to celebrate coming up soon. What type of giveaway would you like to see on here?

I do have a metric ton of wax and fragrance oils. You see, I had a dream last year of starting my own wax business. I tested about 30 different formulas and made hundreds and hundreds of scent shots over the span of several months but it never quite turned out how I desired. Certainly not good enough to sell. But I would like to use some of it since I invested so much money into it. I was kicking around the idea of making a bunch and mailing them out as a gift to anyone interested in just having them to melt. But who really wants to melt just mediocre wax? Sometimes paths just aren't meant to be taken. And I am alright coming to terms with that right now. With my new job this year and my travel plans laid out, I need to focus on that and my family in this season of my life. If it pops up again in any meaningful manner then I will keep my mind open to it. 

But for now I am just snapping photos, melting wax, splashing on fragrances and dreaming dreams. 

How should I celebrate my bloggy milestones?


  1. I pick up such un-certainty and sadness in this post my dear friend. I hope you get the rest you deserve once summer comes and can really relax your mind and body from it all.
    I think I speak for all of us that we want what is best for you, whatever that is we will be supportive and there for you!! <3 <3

    Oh, how great! I had no idea you wanted to make wax of your own. I would have loved to know some of the scent blends you came up with and had the chance to try some of them. No doubt they would be better than just "mediocre" as you refer to them.
    What would you have called your company if you ever did decide to go into the wax making business? I know it would have been creative! (You can DM me if you would rather not say here)

    I believe your melting basket post are what drew me in when I first came to your blog. Ugh, they are just beautiful along with all of your other many many gorgeous pictures. You just have a way with posing things. You would think you work for advertising.

    Happy Early Blogiversary girly!! What an awesome milestone/achievement!!

    1. Yeah... sometimes it hits me the wrong way during certain phases of the moon or feminine cycles. I think I am in ones of those valleys. It will pass I know. Meeting you and the fellow FFS bloggers was a big help at a time when some others were fading into other things. Summer is definitely my recharging period. Lots of vitamin D and reading and relaxing. Thank you for your friendship. It is appreciated so very much. <3

      It was a big desire there for a long time. It was going to be The Redolent Mermaid and operate out of this domain but a different page or maybe Etsy. I have about a dozen releases planned out with names and scent notes. I have labels that I hand drew (mermaids of course) and molds and embeds and decorations and baggies too. The whole she-bang. But not the formula. Ah well. I tried all sorts of soy and paraffin and mixtures, cotton wax and coconut wax and palm wax so on. It was a fun challenge but it never quite got there.

      Thanks! The Melting Basket ones are my favorite just because I get a good excuse to post any photos I have been working on and ramble on about thoughts or have conversations with you. I am SO happy to hear you can find something good in them too.

      Thanks! I am excited to get in a celebratory mood for it!

  2. I'm glad you decide to keep plugging along Julie. I just love the break from reality I get from reading your blog ♥ Sometimes it's my only eye candy in the middle of my work day. Whatever you decide that's best for you and your family though, I fully support. 100% I would love a review of your CFTKR scents. I think Carol has an opening coming up soon. As far as what type of giveaway you should have, I think it would be neat to see a "favorite things" type giveaway or basically whatever you want. You have the best giveaways. You are always so generous.

  3. For some reason, my name didn't publish with my above comment

    1. Thank you, Renee! I enjoy getting the chance to talk with you. I love your taste in scents and vendors. I will review those scents for sure. I forgot when Carol plans to open but I think it has been announced. I need to go back and comb through the posts. I think I am overdue for another Favorite Things giveaway. I did one (actually I think I gave away two at the same time) a couple years ago and it was so much fun. Thank you for reminding me. <3

  4. People often don't realize how much time it takes to be a blogger. And then if you add in Instagram and Facebook....ugh. It seems several bloggers are going through this phase lately.

    I miss those days of endless chats with the four of us too. I don't know what made it click for us all that time but it sure was fun. I have never gotten to be as friendly with anyone since we drifted apart. I feel like such an outside now. But I'm still here!


    1. It really does take time. And maybe since we all have been doing it a little while (and you a LONG while) some of us are approaching that critical phase where we either decide to stick with it or move on. I have decided to stick with it for a while longer. I am approaching it as my hobby so I don't feel so guilty that it does take time.

      I miss them all the time, Deb. I am very very thankful that you still put up with me. Your friendship is valuable to me and I hope we will be in contact for many years to come.


  5. Ooh, coming up on some exciting milestones! I can't tell you how much I enjoy your blog and also getting to know you and collaborating on blogging projects. I certainly share your ups and downs in desire to blog but I am glad I have tried to keep up with it myself; it has enriched my life so much. I selfishly hope you will continue blogging for a long time to come!

    Oh, and if you do decide to share your wax I would love to test some out! I'm curious what sorts of blends you came up with.

    1. Thanks! I am stoked to see how far we have all come since beginning! New layouts, new series, and new friendships. I am happy you have decided to keep on too and I hope we both can keep chugging along.

      I will be happy to send you some. Once school gets out I will start firing up the big pot and making some more wax.

  6. I echo what Deb said. Readers may not realize the effort that goes into posting. That is a testament to how good you are.

    As a fan of your photography, maybe a giveaway with postcards made of your favorite photos. Or maybe some handmade goodies from your bucket list, like marshmallows, or caramels. (if I can I add to you bucket list) :)

    1. Thank you, Jean! Have you ever thoughts of starting your blog back up? I enjoy reading yours. You are so informed about soap and you could showcase your silver and stuff too. You find the neatest bath and body products. Posting does take time. I try to do it when Adam and I are in bed watching TV (well he is watching TV) or when the girls are outside playing. Sometimes I catch up and have several posts waiting in the queue and other times I am scrambling to get even one post up.

      How sweet!!! Maybe I can look at some of my nature photos and pick one or two to print out. And yes. YES! I can make my salted caramels finally!!! Thank you!! Jean, you are brilliant. I have some lavender I want to use in desserts too. I need to brain storm. I have started the ball rolling and there are some amazing things going to be included in the giveaway. I am excited!

  7. Oh man, the "Why am I doing this?!" million dollar blogging question. I know this isn't immensely helpful, but I think we all go through it, particularly people who have been at it a while (coming up on four months at the end of the summer for me.) It's just a tremendous load of work, like everyone above has said, and the extra special Julieness of your photos and writing means it takes even longer. And for very little payoff, save a feeling of personal satisfaction. Which I think is enough for most of us MOST of the time. But ding dang if it's not nice to be recognized in a slightly more formal way, if only because it's a great motivator. Otherwise it feels a bit like blogging in a vacuum, right?

    I won't dismiss you and say it's a phase, it'll pass, but I've found in my experience at least that the pros outweigh the cons, and sometimes after I've just vented about my frustrations, I feel a lot better about things and it really does pass. Your blog's too great to close up shop, but maybe scale back a bit until you find that thing that ignites your spark again. That thing for me last year when I was lagging hard was meeting all you fine and friendly ladies through the Fall Fun Series - that opened up a whole new world of friendships and new readers and was a thoroughly necessary hoof in the blogging pants when things were starting to get dull. Maybe reach out to some blogger friends in areas you don't typically dabble in and see what shakes down?

    I love your idea for the giveaway - Julie originals! Does it matter that they're not "shop-worthy"? I bet there's more than a couple of vendors out there that didn't put seven minutes' worth of research into their product, let alone seven months.

    1. I was just looking at your archive and saw you were at about 4 years. That is awesome!! It is a load of work and a labor of love.

      The pros do outweigh it for me at the moment and that is all that matters. Thank you for reminding me of that. I am really digging the FFS friendships. They filled a hole that I had not realized opened up around my portion of the web. Reading your writing and seeing the photographs inspire me. I think I am letting my worn out body and moon cycles get the better of me.

      Thank you. I will do a giveaway of my wax during the summer when I have a chance off work to really get to work in the kitchen. It will be nice to see those multiple 20 pound bags of wax move. LOL!